17Apr 2023

Top Node.js Frameworks Worth Using

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that can be used to execute JavaScript server side codes. It is built on Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. While the PHP or ASP needs to open a file on the server and then return the content to the client, Node.js simply sends the task to the computer’s file system and returns the content to the client without the need to go back to the server. This makes the web experience faster and better as it eliminates the waiting times.

While in the earlier days, the JavaScript codes used to be used in the client side, nowadays the JavaScript can be used in the server side to produce dynamic web page content and send it to the user’s browsers. It intends to unify JavaScript as a single programming language rather than use different languages on the server side and the client side. Node.js makes use of event-driven architecture and is also capable of asynchronous I/O. The package manager NPM makes it quite easy for the programmers to publish and share the source code of Node.js libraries and also simplifies the installation, updation and uninstallation of libraries. Even various corporate companies like Walmart, Yahoo, PayPal, LinkedIn, Microsoft and various other companies use Node.js use it.

These make it easier to develop the real-time web applications and optimize its throughput and scalability. With the help of Node.js you can quite easily develop web and mobile applications.

There are a number of Node.js frameworks that make the development of web and mobile apps easier and faster. It provides a number of benefits to its users which makes it the best choice for users. Here are some of the best and most used Node.js frameworks available. Go through these before you choose a Node.js framework for your own.



Express.js is a Node.js, web development India  framework  that can be used to design web and mobile applications and APIs as it features a myriad of HTTPutility methods and middleware. This, in turn, makes it quick and easy to develop web apps. It has quite a minimalistic framework. It forms the backend part of the MEAN stack along with the MongoDB database and AngularJS frontend framework. With ExpressJS, you need not worry about low-level protocols, processes, etc. There are numerous modules available on NPM that can be directly plugged into Express to enhance its functionality.

Express also makes it possible with the help of certain features like robust routing, provide high performance, high test coverage, HTTP helpers, content negotiation, and template engines. In order to use it, you need to have a knowledge of HTML, Javascript and how the client-servers work. Some of the websites like MySpace, Geekli.st, Klout, Segment.io, Yummly makes use of Express.js. Express.js offer various features, like template engines, simplified multiple routing, database integration and more. It is quite popular which can be known from the fact that it has 217 contributors and 35022 stars on GitHub.



Meteor is also one of the most used frameworks for Node.js. Using this as well, you can develop web and mobile applications. There are a large number of developers available who provide the packages and resources to make sure that learning the Meteor and developing web and mobile apps with the same are easier and faster. It is an open-source project based on model-view-controller (MVC) framework. Using this you can write both client and server parts of the application in JavaScript. The set of pre-written, self-contained modules makes writing application codes far much easier. It is also based on the reactive programming model that helps in creating applications using less JavaScript code. It would require only 10 lines of code which would otherwise require 1000 owing to the integrated JavaScript stack thereby extending it from the database to the user’s screen.

It can also be used to build real-time applications with ease. It can be used with either the Blaze templating engine or with an Angular framework or React library. It’s integration with MongoDB, Distributed Data Protocol and publish-subscribe pattern make it easy to propagate the data changes to clients without the need to write any synchronization code.

While developing the apps for Android, iOS, web, or desktop you can quite easily add new features without the approval of the app store or to update the app.

There are a number of applications that are built using Meteor but the most popular amongst these are Respondly, Blonk, etc.



Koa is a web framework designed by the team behind Express intended to offer a smaller, expressive, and robust foundation for web applications and APIs development. With the help of leveraging generators, Koa allows you to ditch callbacks thereby providing better error-handling. Without any middleware within the core, it provides an elegant suite to make the servers scripting fast and easier. Koa applications contain an array of middleware functions and are composed and executed in a stack-like manner which is similar to Ruby’s Rack, Connect, etc. Koa’s middleware stack follows the stack-like manner thereby helping you to perform actions downstream and then filter and manipulate the response upstream. Some common tasks like content-negotiation, cache freshness, proxy support, and redirection along with others are properly handled.

It also provides you with HTTP middleware framework for node.js thereby helping you to write web applications and APIs with ease. Koa on GitHub has 18223 stars and 141 contributors.



Socket.io is another JavaScript library that can be used to build real-time web applications. It can work on any platform thereby providing reliability and speed to the users. It enables real-time, bidirectional communication between web clients and servers with the help of its two parts i.e. a client-side library running in the browser and server-side library for Node.js. Both of its components feature an identical API and is event-driven like Node.js.

Socket.io can be used for the implementation of document collaboration, real-time analytics, binary streaming, asynchronous input/ output (I/O) processing, instant messaging, and much more such features. Push data of the clients can get represented as real-time counters, charts or logs. Socket.io makes use of WebSocket protocol with polling as fallback thereby providing a similar interface to each user. Socket.io can be installed with NPM tool. It also provides some amazing features like broadcasting to multiple sockets, storing data associated with each client, and asynchronous I/O and can be used as simply a wrapper for WebSocket.

Socket.io cannot communicate with a non-Socket.io based WebSocket or Long Polling Comet server. Hence Socket.io libraries are necessary both on the client and server side.

Various websites like Microsoft Office, Trello, Yammer, Zendesk, hackathon winners, etc. make use of Socket.io. It is quite popular which can be known from the fact that on GitHub it has 37131 stars and 147 contributors.



Sails.js is a free and open-source Model-View-Controller (MVC) Node.js web application framework. It can be used to make custom, enterprise level Node.js web applications, and APIs. It can be used to build applications with JavaScript which may include different types of models, views, controllers, configuration files, and adapters. Various packages like REST APIS, WebSockets and its compatibility features like AngularJS, React.js, Android, iOS, make it quite helpful and feature rich. It can be used for full-stack development and REST APIs.

With its Object-relational mapping interface with the help of Waterline.js it can abstract the database interaction. It provides a uniform API to the web application in spite of the database that you are using. Sails.js is compatible with various Grunt modules like LESS, Stylus, CoffeeScript, Dust, etc. Any front-end applications like Angular, Backbone, iOS/ObjC, Android/Java can also be used with Sails.js.

Sails.js can be used with any front-end framework like Angular, React, etc. to develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, browser-based applications, etc. It can also be used to build real-time chat applications, dashboards and multiplayer games with the features like object-relational mapping and database solutions.



Derby is a Node.js framework based on the model-view-controller which can be used to develop both the client-side and server-side applications. It can help you to create real-time mobile and web applications.

With the help of real-time data synchronization engine for Node.js also known as Derby’s Racer, you can create multi-site with real-time concurrency and data synchronization across clients and servers. You can also make use of the real-time editing feature within the application and the server rendering feature of Derby allows faster page loads, support for search engine and HTML templates. This, in turn, helps to render in the browser and on the server.



Mojito is a JavaScript framework which can be used to develop web and mobile applications. It is based on Yahoo Cocktails which is the mobile application development platform developed by Yahoo Developer Network. Both the client and server components are written in JavaScript. It is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework providing a number of features, like Convenient data fetching, Integrated unit testing, and library for simplifying internationalization and localization. It also provides some other tools like built-in support for unit testing, and syntax and coding convention checks. While running application on the client side you can perform the operations like Local storage/Cache access, JSON based /URL based loader and Mojito Core. Mojito core provides certain features like Mojit Registry, Dispatcher, Front controller, Resource store, and Mojit container. A mojito application contains mojito as the basic entity. Various components of the web applications like model, view, and controller are clustered together in the mojit. Each of the Mojits are illustrated by directory structures and can have multiple mojits with it.



Total.js is the most modern and modular Node.js frameworks based on model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. It is written in vanilla JavaScript and is similar to PHP’s Laravel, Python’s Django, and ASP.NET. It is compatible with various client-side frameworks like Angular.js, Polymer, Backbone.js, Bootstrap and is extensible and asynchronous. Total.js is compatible on its own to compress JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Along with the same, it has NoSQL embedded database helps array and other prototypes. This full-featured Node.js framework works effectively and improves the important aspects of the project during its lifetime. It is a collection of libraries, packages and completed products that enables Super fast development, with low maintenance costs thereby providing rock-solid stability, incredible performance, and easy scaling.

MEAN Stack Development:

MEAN Stack Development

Mean stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. Mean.js is a full-fledged JavaScript framework that can be used to build web applications using NoSQL database, MongoDB, Angular.js for the development of front-end and Express.js/Node.js for the server. Grunt tool can also be used to enable automated testing. Mean stack consists of both Mean.js and Mean.io. It can be used to develop dynamic web applications.

MERN Stack Development:

MERN stack development

MERN stack development makes use of MongoDB, React.js, express.js over Node.js to build full-stack apps. It can be used to develop end to end hybrid application that works on both on the phone as well as on web browsers. It minimizes the setup time and helps to speed up the process using proven technologies. MERN with the help of Webpack provides bundling modules that can be used for making the development process easier and faster.


Though it took some time for people to accept Compound.js, these days, it is considered to be one of the most dependable MVC frameworks. With this, the developers can build apps that will reach the top within no time and this helps in having a complete idea of the framework. Both the new and old developers get a lot of help from this as the community has an extensive documentation library. With this, you can build apps that are scalable. This can be easily implemented with Ruby on Rails (thanks to the framework that offers like-kind of a way of thinking and logical expressions). Also, you can refer a number of tutorials that will help in building full-fledged compound.js apps. There are a number of projects, e.g., the Amazon AWS, that has been build by integrating the Node.js and Compound.js.


Another MVC framework for Nodejs that helps with all the foundation functionalities. The concept is borrowed from popular PHP frameworks, Laravel which helps in creating scalable apps. You can leverage the power of Javascript ES6 to make this code maintainable and expressive. You can know further about this framework through its documentation that is highly informative, well structured. This node.js is easily and entirely compatible with Javascript ES6. So this could be the starting point that will help in building a sustainable modern app.


Catberry is one of those frameworks that you can use for isomorphic development. Isomorphic helps in using the same code base to run from the server-side and client-side environment. Anyone who wants to expand their expertise in Isomorphic should try Catberry and experience its awesomeness. You don’t even have to take the struggle to write a code many times – since Catberry helps you to write it only once and you can easily use it just once. Customize and use it either way that would suit the requirements of your project. Catberry would help you with template engines such as Handlebars, Jade and Dust. You can also work on a single page app with this.

Action Hero

You would be astonished at the fact that Node.js is one of the biggest platforms for API servers. So, if you want a great API framework, then this is the best choice you have. With this, you can create scalable, reusable and fast Node.js API servers for any of your app projects. In fact this toolkit will help you in building API servers, which can be integrated with your existing apps and platforms. More than thousands of users have already been using this. It will help you with the appropriate insights for your projects.


Though Noodle can’t be counted as a framework, but still it has functionalities more or less like one. With this, you can easily extract data from web documents. It also provides you with the provision to use cross-domain document queries with which you can abstract data from these files. This ranges from everything including RSS. Atom, JSON, XML and HTML. Also, you have the ease to query using POST, JSONP and JSON, providing you with the ability to work on a multitude of queries simultaneously.

These are some of the best Node.js framework used for the web development process. These can help you to develop web apps and mobile apps that are quite simple and easy to use. With this, even the most complex web and mobile app development are easier and better. Choose any of these Node.js frameworks as per your requirement, your preference of the framework and the features that suits you the best.


These are some of the best Node.js framework used for the web development process. These can help you to develop web apps and mobile apps that are quite simple and easy to use. With this, even the most complex web and mobile app development are easier and better. Choose any of these Node.js frameworks as per your requirement, your preference of the framework and the features that suits you the best.

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