21Oct 2017

Our 10 most popular posts of 2015

We are happily winding up another eventful year 2015 that presented Acodez IT Solutions with a history of glorious achievements again, to boast about in the future over generations to come. All thanks to our dear readers, followers and well-wishers for their valuable contributions that helped us make this one of the most successful years by so far. Also, towards the end of the year, our Social Media Manager Sreedev Sharma’s discovery of Facebook’s new Services directory got us listed across some of the best and reputed online sources increasing our fan-following across the globe. Below listed are our 10 most popular posts that were widely read by people among the 118 articles that were published during the year 2015:

10.) Role of UX Designer vs UX Architect vs UX Analyst:

This topic is something that have been generating different kinds of critic reviews, debates, and even answers for a while now. In our blog post, we examine the differences between these and how each of them contributes to enhancing the user experience. The conclusion is that all the three functions across different parameters but are correlated when it comes to generating an excellent UX.

9.) Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers:

This blog post provides an insight into the best available Google Chrome Extensions that helps to simplify the web designers job. The Chrome extensions such as Project Naptha, ColorZilla, Page Ruler, etc. have been explored in the article.

8.) 16 Reasons for Website Running Slow:

Do you think the website you have powered for a client or your business website is running slow? Then, examine this checklist of 16 different scenarios such as excessive coding, too much of images, embedded media, unclear JavaScripts and more, which can cause a website to run slow.

7.) Top 15 UX and UI Design Tools for Developers:

This guide contains the most modern and simple UX and UI Design Tools that the developers can utilize to make their work smarter and faster. These tools are really helpful when it comes to testing the design of your site before you actually start to work across the development side.

6.) 12 Tips for the perfect website layout:

It is a highly confusing task when you have to sketch a perfect layout for your website. There are certain things that need to be taken into consideration before building a website and we take you across these factors in our post on designing a perfect website layout.

5.) UX and UI Tools for Web Designers:

You do not have to brood over the lack of resources that bugs up all your time while you design. Bid goodbye to all your traditional prototypes and wireframes and embrace these UX and UI tools that will make your work a lot easier.

4.) Get Facebook Help to Locate the best Professional Services in your Local Area with this Hidden Tool:

This is the same article that got us umpteen recognitions across the online media adding a golden feather to our cap of victories. We made news when our Social Media Manager Sreedev Sharma, happened to discover Facebook’s new Services Directory that would be a useful tool to help people locate the best professional services in their Local Area. Also, this tool is a possible threat to Local Search companies such as Yelp.

3.) Facebook Cover Photos: Christmas & New Year 2016 Greetings & Quotes Free Download:

This article created a lot of buzz over the web, as we were offering some awesome greetings and quotes wishing your near and dear ones on Christmas and New Year for free download. We had one of our well-wisher’s send us a thank you note for this awesome idea of changing the FB cover photos with Christmas and New Year Greetings.

2.) 20 Free Fonts for Professional Web Design:

The fonts that you use actually highlight the type of product you intend to sell. Here is a list of free fonts that you can utilize to change the face of your web design.

1.) Web Designing in India- Scope & Future:

Every Tom, Dick & Harry needs a website for their business these days and this growing prominence of websites has led to the increase in the number of people opting for a career in web design in India. The charges of web designing in India is actually too cheap when compared to that in other countries and this is why the number of projects being outsourced to India is on a hike. This blog post explores the possibilities and importance of web designers in India.

We hope to crawl greater heights in future and to bring about excellent news updates and information from around the world of technology. So, never miss an opportunity to be with the best ux designers India who implement every minute detail of web principles in the design.

Team Acodez wishes you all a great year ahead!

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Suraja Nambiar, a post graduate in Information Technology started her career as a Software Engineer with TCS. Later on, she went on to pursue a career in content writing, following her instincts to write for the digital industry. At present she works as a Content Writer at Acodez IT solutions, providing consultation on building content marketing strategies and writing informative pieces of content that people are searching for.

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