27Oct 2017

Important Phases in a Web Design & Development Project

Designing and developing a website in a phase-wise process helps build the website faster and efficiently. The end product is high in quality and serves its intended purpose. There are basically 6 phases in the website development. Gathering of the requirements is the first process to be carried out followed by planning, design and development. The process does not end on development and continues with testing, delivery of the product and its maintenance.

The 6 Phases of Development

1. Gathering of requirement
2. Planning and design
3. Development
4. Testing and delivery of the end-product
5. Maintenance of the website.

Requirement Gathering

It is the most important phase of development. The choices made here are reflected in the end product. This process deals with the as much information from the intended users. The requirement gathering can also start from oneself. The requirement of the company must also be taken into consideration while developing and designing a website. A clear knowledge about the company, its goals and policies must be thorough to both the developer and the designer so that they come up with designs that reflect the company.

Stunning E-Commerce Web Design Services

Information About Below Mentioned Points is Imperative

1. Purpose of the website
2. Goals to be achieved by the website
3. The intended viewers
4. The content of the website

Planning and Designing

Based on the requirement gathered in the first phase, planning of the website is carried out. A site map is created which enlists topics and sub-topics of the website. The site map helps to understand what type of content need to be developed for the site and also how the navigational flow on the website will work. Emphasis must be laid to plan a simple user interface with important links glaringly visible. During the planning of the website, it is decided that which tools and technologies are required to be used. The designing part involves the determination of the overall look and feel of the website. Incorporation of graphics, animations, slides is thought upon. The logo of the company and the color tone to be used in the website are also decided. The interaction between the designer and developer is very crucial at this state.

1. The focus must be in an easy to use website plan.
2. Technologies to be used are decided with the help of the designer and developer.
3. The appearance of the website, including the logo, etc. is chosen.

Development of the Website

In this stage, all the blueprints of the design are used to create the website. Firstly the home page is created and then the shell for the remaining pages is created.  These shells can be filled with content as and when required. Content management systems, contact forms, etc. are implemented in this phase. The designer does not make the site live till all the incorporations are verified. The tools and the technologies used may contain HTML and CSS and content management systems like WordPress.

Testing, Delivery and Maintenance:

After the development part is over, the website is subject to various testing processes. The testing process tests the working on the website and also the validation of the code. Validation of the code ensures that the code is written according to the standards and are cross-browser compatible. After the testing, the site is made live where anyone using the internet can see the website.

1. The tested website is delivered, i.e. it is put on live server and on the web.
2. The maintenance follows, which require the designer to update or modify the website as and when the situation arises.

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