27Nov 2020

Design Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Website’s SEO

We all know the complexity of designing a website. While going along with the design process, there are few things to consider such as website usability, responsive design, better user experience, styling and so on. Most designers and developers almost forget about the website SEO while trying to create a top notch website. Even if the website is designed for a coffee shop or for computer hardware accessories, it should perform well in search engines to be a successful website.

Do not Forget these SEO Web Design Tips

It is because most designers forget SEO while expressing their artistic abilities in a website. Things would be easy if they progress their development and designing following SEO best practices. When search engine spiders crawl a website, they will check and validate certain SEO practices followed while design and development. We are listing some of the common design mistakes and tips to avoid that error or at least minimize the impact of that mistake in a website’s SEO.

Not Using Header Tag

Header tags have greater importance in SEO representing the importance of content sections in a web page. The h1 tag in a web page tells Google spider (or any other search engine spider) that the text within h1 tag is the most important content which overlays the basic idea of the entire web page. So it is important to include a main keyword within the h1 tag.

Similarly, h2 tag describes the search engine that this is the sub section of h1 tag. And h3 tag as the subsection of h2’s. This is one of the simple and easy to avoid mistake that happens while web design.

Improper Usage of Image

Do not think that “Image > Content” even if you are coming with a coolest image that’s catchy. We are not saying that texts are everything but take specific care while using image. Using the text over image technique with CSS is good for SEO. This makes both designer and SEOs happy.

Things such as using proper name, alt tags, and captions for images are also highly important in SEO. Make a research on image optimization which will definitely benefit you.

Using Image Instead Of Content

Do you still use big images instead of quality contents? Well, that is a BAD IDEA bro. We have already discussed about the proper usage of images. Now you should rethink about using images instead of content too. Cool graphics may look awesome, but it will definitely hurt your SEO. Content is the king in SEO, so if you want a better Google rank, you should follow best practices on that too.

Being Responsive

This might be least made mistake by the designers. Because the responsive trend in web design will surely boost SEO. A website adaptive in all environments with the same URL will be a sweet treat for the search engines and thus it will maximize the chances that your websites will achieve favorable rankings. So designing a responsive website is a good idea rather than going along with contemporary design methods.

Internal Link Structure

There is a huge impact of ranking factor considering how you link your website internally. What you need to follow is a good navigation structure than listing links in random. A good navigation structure helps the search engines understand the page hierarchy of your website. But you should maintain equilibrium in link equity to other subpages.

So, you have designed a splash page or home page just with cool graphics; well then do not forget to include an internal link cloud by creating links to other sub pages. In the same case, putting unnecessary links may lead you to the dark side of SEO, which will a bitter one if Google finds you.

Remember all the SEO web design tips stated above? Note the image here then, know other similar tips at our web design tip’s blog posts.

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Vipin Nayar

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