14Jul 2023

10 Top Tried-and-Proven Tips to run a WooCommerce site successfully

You use WordPress to sell products or services and you need a tool that makes your customers experience and your own work blissful?

But you want to run your website effortlessly, plus you want something that eases all your e-commerce jobs without much hassle, and you want your shoppers to come back again.

Woocommerce for WordPress is the answer for all the above.

For the ones who are yet to be initiated woocommerce is the new age tool to edit your wordpress website accurately and easily, whenever you like.

It’s an open source e-commerce plugin for small and large merchants that use wordpress sites.

Simple tool that does great work and the best part – it’s free. (for now)

It also has an added advantage of having some awesome woocommerce wordpress themes.

Start off with ThemeForest, and some of the best woocommerce plugins on CodeCanyon.

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Woocomerce and its popularity:

Woocomerce has had quite a brush with success and popularity. The statistics only prove its power and usefulness.

Look at graph below to know how the youngest e-commerce tool has beaten major players like Bigcommerce etc.

e-commerce tool trends

Now, you know a thing or two about woocommerce especially if you are using WordPress.

When one is looking to launch a self-owned online store; WooCommerce is a great choice to go with.

Now let us see actually why you should use this tool to ease up work for the customer and yourself.

You can sell all your products or services in the way you intend, using woocommerce alongside WordPress, since it’s:

  • Powerful and flexible
  • Widely supported
  • Full-featured
  • An Extendable plugin
  • Free as mentioned earlier
  • Got great themes

Users experience has to be the top priority if you need to convert the website into something useful.

Easy and brainy ideas to make shopping a complete pleasure for your customer.

(Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.’s gorgeous and easy-to-use site runs WooCommerce.)

#1. Photos are the gateway to purchases:

Today photos sell like hot cakes! Once you get great pictures you can woo customers with them for sure.

  • Get your products to pose in the best angles.
  • Make them trendy for the style part.
  • Perfect setting too.
  • Click them in best lighting like the one example above.
  • Only great pictures shall bring customers forward to buy them!
  • Get professional help and source good shots.
  • Arrange your products so it has a wow factor.
  • Study the finesse and elements of each product.
  • Action photos improve the quality.

(Aether Apparel uses great product and action photos)

  • User wants to see the product before buying so give it to them.
  • Large images please.
  • Different angles of each product.
  • Use a lightbox plugin to allow zooming option for individual images.
  • Give as much pictures so the customer gets authority.
  • All the above helps customers to analyze the products accurately.
  • Let them choose what they like!

#2. Copywriting means business:

Your brand must showcase its story and personality written in the best tone possible.

Everything must follow that brand formula – meaning your products descriptions and even the complementary sections like blogs.

Remember – This is not a mere ‘about page’ but the main deciding factor about you making money.

It must always answer the question – ‘’Why is your brand distinct?’’

Tip about Branding:

Remember that your brand is the only bridge that connects directly to your customer.

Check out jam3s stunning and sophisticated About page.

jam2 about page

  • Content about products
  • Only what is needed.
  • No deep analysis.(Saves customers from running away)
  • Concentrate on the benefits your customers would get.
  • Solve any riddles before hand.
  • Do not keep any mysteries they deter potential customers.

#3. Content should have Use

  • Always remember to share only the best content on your website and distinctness is of prime importance.
  • Customers must be engaged.
  • High quality products only.
  • Learn about their needs.
  • Brand identity is crucial here.
  • Your foundation on your blog can be all the elements of your business.
  • Brand goals, customers’ needs and what is special about your products.
  • Create connection that is above the business.

(For instance check this blog of Home Depot’s The Apron Blog – awesome content for the customers. It regularly posts DIY projects for homes, trends in interior design, and tips in enhancing gardens and rooms. )

It connects with every customer in the best way, giving best suggestions to improve their living spaces.

The blog must have good rapport with their customers.

#4. Send Newsletters regularly

  • Send newsletters via Emails.
  • Create engaging and relevant email newsletters to tell customers about new products and offers
  • Add latest information about your store and give goodies in the form of offers.
  • This maintains the dialogue with your customers active and that’s vital.
  • It’s the easiest way to continue your relationship with the customers and share useful content.
  • You must also respond to the replies from the customers in a timely manner this also gives you an idea about your customer, their needs and opinions.
  • Check on the links they have clicked other details like why the want to unsubscribe and when.
  • It is seen that the rapid response technique could boost your sales since you now know their needs better.
  • These tips could help you get better responses from each customer.

#5.  SEO gets more views

  • Your site must be easily available which means it must get more views.
  • Search engines use keywords to identify a particular topic in this case your products or services.
  • So get busy optimizing your website content by using all the right keywords effectively.
  • Boost your rank by helping search engines to accurately index your website.
  • The more it pops up in searches the more eyes get to see it.
  • Improve your site ranking in search results.
  • Just add an SEO plugin to help you with the above.
  • Try an all-inclusive SEO plugin.

Benefits of using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast:

  • It’s free.
  • Add Meta descriptions, keywords, optimized permalinks helps search engines get to your contents.

#6. Help your customers:

Customer support is everything

Make them comfortable and ease their tensed nerves. Here’s how:

Many people have wrong ideas about support, and that it is only about payment issues and shipping etc.

You would be surprised, that the first step is actually helping buyers find the damn product.

First get all the information that the customer needs, yeah, you guessed it right – in the form of an FAQ.

Use the contact form for heaven’s sake. Don’t let me repeat it again!

Common FAQ Topics:

  • Shipping policies
  • Price
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Guarantee

Tip: Implement live chat to get into the nitty-gritty of the customers needs.

ow-likely-are-you-to-buy if you are offered a discount.

This picture from Kissmetrics shows how a discount changes your e-commerce websites conversion rates.

The picture above shows that 72% of people in age group of 25 to 34 are very likely to buy more products if a discount is offered!


  • Has a discreet tab to the bottom of your site window to allow customers talk to you when you are free.
  • You can see the page a customer is browsing.
  • Saves chat conversations.
  • Generates accurate reports and analytics to offer a better overview of your customers’ support needs.
  • Simple steps to install on any WooCommerce site.
  • Affordable.
  • Has a free option.

#7. Users must be involved

  • Users are the kings if you want some business to actually happen.
  • They love to share their views and suggestions especially on social media.
  • This smells like something is there for you here. Doesn’t it?
  • For instance you can help them submit ratings and reviews of your products so future customers can find which products sell more or are liked more.

Tweak settings in the WooCommerce to do just that!

Offer discounts and other goodies to maintain the number of your customers intact, at least try!

Again, WooCommerce extension will help you with that.

Secret of Reviews:

Reviews can change the way you work. Most companies that use reviews will never tell to you about it’s secret potential.

You would be surprised to know that customers review do the job for you, by adding fresh content they also place keywords which makes search engines happy.

Reviews that are not positive can help you ease up the customer support work.

Remember to be nice to customers, respond fast if you plan to stay in business.

(Survey shows that 63% of online shoppers will trust and buy from websites with positive reviews.)

Get Testimonials:

  • Have you got customers that absolutely adore you, then don’t think twice. Just connect with them and request their valuable testimonials.
  • Use WooThemes free plugin to highlight the best testimonials that match your website’s style, from fans.
  • You can always inform about products that relate to the customers.
  • Give them live chat to support their shopping process.


Picture above shows how product reviews reflect on your sales conversion.

#8. Give more to special Buyers

‘Give more to get more.’

Now, thanks to your own ‘new’ efforts and added knowledge base, you may get new customers.

Perhaps there is boost in sales and that crucial time the best objective would be to get more of them. Two good tips would be:

  •  Yes, make the buying process really enjoyable!

Some easy tips for that:

Power of Wishlists:

  1. While customers drop in at your website you get information regarding their previous wishlists.
  2. Allow customers to make and share new wishlists.
  3. This helps them to remind them of their initial choices as they go about the shopping.
  4. Just like a shopping cart – gather the ones you liked and leave the ones that are not important.

Well, now you need a way for that. Don’t you?

Quit thinking too much, the WooCommerce has a Wishlists extension to help you with this!

Relax! You may also fine tune it according to your customers!

Power, Credits, Vouchers and Coupons.

Give power to your users as mentioned earlier by being flexible to their spending, this gives more sales for they get more power.


  • Apart from easy buying also give them the chance to choose gift vouchers for their family or friends.
  • Most customers get too busy and have no time to think about what to give.
  • Discounts are a great way to entice new and existing customers
  • Make new offers, send them through mails as mentioned above or place ads on Facebook, Twitter.
  • This is crucial for getting more sales and customers.
  • Buying process itself must be easy for the customer, do this by placing store credit system. (Isn’t this way better than your current checkout system?)
  • Two benefits here are that they buy per their capacity.
  • Moreover, this is one logical way to ‘create instant trust’ which is the other obvious advantage that you gain.

Use Woocommerce:

  • Use Woocommerce ‘Smart Coupons extension.’
  • This makes all the above jobs easier for you, where you decide how you play.
  • Also makes it easy to special seasonal, holiday and event-based sales.
  • You may also choose to make your offers available on deals listing websites.

Some tips:

Everything must be in order since you are in middle of some chaos. Improve your approach to work.

Tips to enhance your system:

#9. Backup Your Site

  • Remember to keep a backup of all your files and content.
  • There will come a time when your system has issues or needs to be updated or there is a security mishap and you want to transport it to a new server or web host.
  • Back ups help speedy recovery – simple!
  • And do it regularly to enable tackling any issues with downtime.

Tip for security:

You may try products similar to VaultPress to ensure the safety of your content and website every time.

Benefits of VaultPress

  • Real-time backups
  • Automated restoration
  • Full back up archive
  • Grants optional security scanning too!
  • From the creators of WordPress themselves.

#10. CDN Fires up your website:

  • Take advantage of CDNs or Content Delivery Network service where you plug your site in.
  • It helps sending heavier files like CSS sheets and images.
  • Take on the task of delivering heavy files like images and CSS sheets from one server that is geographically closest to your users and speed optimized — and Increase the site speed by phenomenally  reducing page load times.
  • Faster sites also enables your site get a better rank during search results on Google, heightens satisfaction among your users and decrease the rate of the bounce, increase customer satisfaction, and also help sites rank better on Google search results.
  • To start off you could use tough CDNs like MaxCDN, which is quite  simple and also cheap.

Final Word and Verdict :

I really hope that you benefit from all these suggestions in the long run.

Use it wisely to connect with the customers and to create new buyers.

Try to keep them busy and most importantly remember about quality content and products like how I have mentioned above.

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