21Oct 2017

Tips on Resolving Creative Conflicts for Website Designers

Creativity is a subjective domain. An idea that may seem creative to someone may not seem as exciting to others. This becomes all the more pronounced in a corporate environment when ideas are being brainstormed for a creative output. Disagreements are rampant leading to the ruffling of egos ultimately resulting in the main idea being lost. Take a look at some of the ways in which you can tackle these tricky situations and resolve the creative conflicts.

Let us first start with the main design aspects that you need to be working on today:

1. Fonts


One of the most important things to consider when designing a site is the font that you are going to use across it. Not necessary that people will actually take the effort to read into your site if it is exhibiting kind of smaller fonts. Why do you think someone will want to strain their eyes rummaging through a site that is difficult to read? They already have a lot many options out there. Yours is just one of the sites among these.

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If yours exhibits clarity issue then, they will move on to the next one.15

Another thing that we would like to inform you is that a visitor reads through only 28% of the words on your website. So, what about the rest?

No one wants to read that! In the early days of the web, people used to keep their fonts up to 12 px which was not easy to read.

But, let us break all those stereotypes and get the font on our website that is easy to read.

So, now the average standard is 14 px, and 18 px is also a good scale to size up your font . Keep this in mind and use this when designing your site.

2. Content


There is a wrong notion that a lot of content attracts customer attention. Just as we discussed in # 2 it is not necessary that people realize what you are trying to say because they read only 28% of the content.

So, how could you ensure that you have content that attracts people.

Let us take a simple example of the site Facebook. Have you seen the site create content at any time?

But, it is a huge success. People are freaking about Facebook and you can see they are active and online almost the entire time trying to get their heads on news and updates from around the world.

Thanks to Facebook’s ideal strategies that makes it a great hit among people.

It has realized the pulse of its audience and has designed the content platform in such a way that it doesn’t create a content of it’s own but there is a space where others can share theirs.

Another example is Amazon. Ideally, the site doesn’t display much content and it doesn’t have a single brand that belongs to itself. But, people love Amazon and shopping over Amazon.

Great business tactics do not need content.

But, of course, you need some content that will convey why you are here. Just keep in mind that you are not boring down your people with a lot of it.

3. Color of your font

Color of your content

Like we discussed the size of your font, the color of your font is something that again matters.

There are sites that you might have seen use all those flashy colors and annoy visitors.

Imagine landing up on a site that has blue color in the background with yellow font.

Weird! Who will want to read the content on such a site? No one! Period!

So, no one will visit your site that has issues with the color in the background and the font.

You could follow a typical and general style that people like.

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How about black font on white background? This is the typical standard for any site and it’s design.

The combination of the background and the font that will be used across it is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when designing a site.

Just think about it from the customer perspective when you design a site.

4. Social media

Social Media

The whole world is going live over the social media. Are you there?

If not, it is high time you considered reaching out and connecting with your group of people over these online medias.

You will get to know more about what they think and how they want things to be.

People are active over all these medias.

Be open to talks. If you are ready to listen you can learn lot and hence, improvise your work and provide your people with what they actually need rather than providing them with something that they are not expecting.

Now, we can find out what are the other things that are most important for a designer from the creativity perspective.

5. Be Open to Ideas

The foremost thing that you should be able to work yourself into practicing is to be open to ideas. Discussions are not meant to castigate you on a personal level. Stay calm and realize the potential of the other ideas being propounded. It is only then that you can propound relevant points in support of your idea as well, without getting emotional and becoming a spoil sport. A healthy interaction is always the best way to work towards a successful collaboration.

6. Do Not Respond, Listen

Once you have reconciled with your own emotions, listen to what others have to say. Good listening is a quality that few people possess. It is an art, which, if you are able to master, can help you win major battles. When you listen intently, without thinking of your responses, then you will be able to get the whole story of what others are trying to communicate.

7. Organize Your Thoughts

Now that you know what others have to say, you can organize your own thoughts to proposition your idea in the best possible way.  Since you have been listening intently and have kept yourself open to new ideas, you can put forward your opinions and thoughts to use the best idea that would help further to achieve the business goals of the organization.

8. Plan Before You Talk

While voicing your opinions, draw up a plan in your mind, to make the most impact. Leverage your power of rhetoric’s to position both positives and negatives of the concept appropriately. Address your concerns clearly and offer positive options that will help in resolving the concerns effectively.

9. Seek Answers to the Right Questions

While discussing options, always ask relevant questions. Focus the attention of others as well as yourself on the main objectives. Finding answers to the most important questions will help you arrive at the solution easily. The most commonly asked questions about any scenario include:

  • Why certain things need to be done or not done?
  • How do you plan to go about executing those things?

Both these questions help to highlight the main goal of the exercise and help to identify the right messaging.

10. Provide Alternatives

In situations where your best efforts fail to convince your stakeholders and you are forced to execute their ideas, think of ways you can turn them around. While you are working on their ideas, be prepared with an alternative solution based on your own idea. If the first one goes through, you need to gulp down your pride and accept things as they come. However, just in case they realize their mistakes and start having second thoughts about their creative genius, you will still have yours to flaunt.


Conflict Resolution involves a lot of factors. The ones mentioned above are simply the tip of the iceberg and help to define how creativity can be nurtured through effective collaboration and intelligent communication.

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