27Oct 2017

7 Top JavaScript Framework Libraries that you should be Implementing Today

JavaScript is one of those frameworks that has been the weakness of programmers for a while now. Having worked as a programmer, I would frankly admit that I would love to implement JavaScript wherever possible.

And, to add cream to the cake, you will be astonished at the number of JavaScript libraries that is being added up to the community these days.

But, since, a number of them are being added up and the ecosystem is expanding at an unexpected pace, the most annoying factor arises in the fact that you have to find out the best one while also, ensuring that it fits in your needs.

I don’t know whether you are aware of the fact that ECMA Script 6 was updated in the gone year. And, the interesting thing is that most of the web browsers and compilers are working too hard to get it done. Also, another interesting fact about JavaScript is that it has been trying to grow stable all these years and has reached the point where it can’t keep on changing forever.

So, here I will be taking you through some of the most interesting JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries:

1. AngularJS


If you are planning to build any kind of complex web applications, then Angular JS is exactly the one that you need. It is one of the open source frameworks with back up from the giant head Google. Angular  is an extension to HTML which is how it ends up supporting web developers to build web applications that are complex. Angular 2 is written in TypeScript. Already, you know that it is open framework and is also, MVC-type framework too.

If you use AngularJS, you will be impressed by the fact of how it acts as a bridge between models and views as a data binder. If there happen a data change, the data binding brings about an automated update from both the sides. This is the reason why the popular companies such as Google, Domino’s Pizza, iTunes Connect and even PayPal Checkout have been using Angular as it facilitates the backend and frontend server communication. This formula of data binding is what helps in mending or fusing the reusable View Components.

Now a simple thing – when do you use AngularJS?

You can use it for any kinds of applications, but it would be an excellent idea to implement this particular framework for building highly complex front-end applications, though you can use it for back-end too. It is best when implemented for developing front-end applications that come with a singular modular framework.

You can download it from the website: angularjs.org

2. jQuery

One of the most popular JavaScript frameworks! I bet there is hardly anyone out there who doesn’t prefer working on jQuery. If we look at its journey, it has been tirelessly working upon ensuring that cross browser compatibility is a dream comes true. Also, it has taken the web to the position which it beholds today. If you check it’s mission, it says that it will try its best to improvise the open web ensuring that it is accessible for all, while constantly developing and supporting open source software in collaboration with the community associated to development process.

jQuery has made it possible for the manufacturers of major web browsers to accept the Web Standards and follow it alike with no qualms. Only someone who is planning to end his career in programming could think of developing an app without jQuery.

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If you ask me why should it be an integral part of your development process?

I would tell you that it would make AJAX simple and easily accessible across any browsers, even animations and DOM traversing is easy with it.

You can visit the website: jquery.com for further details on jQuery.

3. Backbone


Why the name Backbone?

Probably, because it acts a backbone! This simple framework is quite popular for the simplicity and ease of use that it offers as it simply fits into a single JavaScript file. If you are searching for something simple for your web applications then, grab Backbone. There are those smaller web applications that can be worked upon by implementing simple ones without indulging the massive ones like Ember or Angular js.

The best part of Backbone is that it follows a MVC framework structure and the models offers key value binding and events for dealing with changes in data as and when it gets updated. Your Models can be easily connected to RESTful APIs. The backbone’s framework structure comes with routing facilities, and this router is an absolute blessing as it helps in managing states and also, the URL.

What else do you need if you have plans to build just a Single Page Applications without bringing about too much of complexity to it?

You can download it here on the website

4. Babylon.js

Are you planning to develop a video game or do you know someone who is planning to build one? Then, this is the JavaScript framework that you are looking for an you cannot miss to include in your app. It runs on the most modern standards of the web across all the browsers.

You can visit the website for downloading the same.

5. Ember


Again, Ember is one of those JavaScript frameworks that you could simply include in your web app framework to ensure that you acquire a great deal of productivity from your newly developed app. If you are someone who loves experimenting and working on web applications that could highlight your skills, then Ember is for you. Trust us; you will never have to waste a minute of your precious time while implementing Ember. It provides you with opinions thereby rescuing you from the effort of making choices. And, the most exciting part of Ember is that it is an MVC framework. As and when data changes the view engine that comes with the MVC framework updates automatically.

Just like Angularjs you could use it for extending the HTML by implementing the concept of web components. The model engine and routing structure that comes along with provides all the support you need whenever you are on a tight budget or a deadline that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

You can download it over the website: emberjs.com.

6. Phantom JS

Do you know which is the JavaScript that was being implemented to help browsers such as Safari and Chrome deliver the best of results – it is none other than the Phantom JS. Interesting part is that it is no longer used by Chrome though Safari still opts for it for getting things done. As you know to test your code on browsers in real time is not an easy process – it is both CPU intensive as well as memory intense too. You can use it for simple tasks which are complicated too for running tests, monitoring the network, capturing screenshots as well as to automate page browsing via JavaScript API.

You can visit the website: phantomjs.org

7. Mocha & Chai

Have you ever felt like testing an app that implements JavaScript is a hectic process? Yes, indeed it was one of the most annoying ones of all time. Of all the things, how could we forget the code, it is the most annoying of all. But, being a developer code is a part and parcel of your life. How could you just walk away from coding? You should not and you shall not walk away from coding. So, here is how you could get rid of all this stress – Mocha and Chai. As their names indicate, these are derived from the names of tasty and steaming hot beverages, these libraries provide you with a platform wherein you can test your code as it wishes in entirely different methodologies.

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Mocha is a JavaScript test framework that makes it possible to test the code across your browser app or node modules while chai is mostly behavior driven library that you can easily pair with Mocha. It helps you to simply test it in the most accessible or understandable style.

You can download Mocha on the website: mochajs.org and Chai on the website: chaijs.com

These are some of the JavaScript frameworks and libraries that are available though there are numerous others too

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