05Oct 2017

Top 10 UX Designs Tips for Travel Websites

Let it be a fresh start for the users

The first step is to provide your users with a place to start. It is generally the homepage which receives most of the clicks. This is not because it is the entrance to the website but, when the users reach it via the search engines, the next click automatically goes to the homepage.

This means that your Homepage must have an impressive layout with an engaging content if you really want your visitors to stay on your website.

Design User Experience Give A Place To Begin To Your Users

For an instance if you take the homepage of booking.com, you will find that their content addresses the customer needs. Fabulous isn’t that? Let us make it simple, while you are on a travel site what is it that you are looking for? You either know the destination where you want to go but you are looking for directions and the rest of the information or you have the least idea of where you want to go and need directions for the same. Booking.com directly takes you across an overall search form on the left hand side of the homepage which means you need not waste your time crawling across irrelevant content.

1. Make the navigation prominent

Best User Experience Design Make The Navigation Prominent

If you want your users to hover for a longer time on your website then you need to offer them with a clear and easy to use navigation.

The navigation of TimeOut.com is one amongst the best. It comes to the visitors help exactly when they need it and is never an annoyance. This navigation system is accompanied by 4 elements:

  • A huge and swiftly recognizable search tab
  • A main menu having well defined categories that includes city guide, film, music, art and culture, food and drink, etc.
  • A breadcrumbs bar that is well-defined
  • And a sidebar that enlists the most popular cities.

Timeout has designed the navigation-system in an intuitive manner which offers the visitors with a number of other reasons to explore the website.

2. Highly impactive images

Design For User Experience Highly Impactive Images

Remember that stocking photos does not leave a good impression on the users. They bore the visitors and also do not motivate them for moving forward.

The substitute of stocking photos is high impact imagery which provokes powerful emotions in users. We are all aware of the fact that an increased number of emotions helps to gain a higher customer loyalty.

The travel websites generally use high-quality images.

3. The formula lies in keeping it simple

Web User Interface Design The Formula Lies In Keeping It Simple

Less is more and that is why it is always good to keep things sweet and simple and concentrate on just the information which is relevant. The world has a lot of distractions which the visitors would definitely be grateful in case you save them from the unnecessary things.

4. Implement action verbs

User Interface Design Implement Action Verbs

You must be familiar with the terms “action verbs” found mostly on career websites. The action verbs not just engage the recruiters in scanning through the resumes but also with the visitors who happen to browse through the webpages.

The action verbs are actively involved in moving the users from a sleeping state to an active one. Positive user experiences are a spark of the activities contributed from the users front.

5. Streamlining the forms

Best Ui Design Streamlining The Forms

It is a strange but well-known fact that all the complicated forms are abandoned in the end. You can address this complication with a smart approach by streamlining forms on your website with a high degree of efficiency. This also helps to enhance the user experience.

You can refer the Homepage of the website Priceline.com and check their universal form that has been streamlined to provide a great user experience.

6. Weave personalized stories to create an impact

User Experience Designs Weave Personalized Stories To Create An Impact

You can efficiently enhance the user-engagement by taking your people across a vintage of personalized stories from your personal experienced as well. This has been skillfully depicted on the website of GoBackpacking.com.

The adventures and experiences of people always excite the readers. The visitors do not want to read the same cliché things as on the other websites. Anyone can generate these kind of similar information that has no impact on the readers other than repelling them off.

The ratings, reviews, moderated and directed documents, blogs, status, stories, etc. add a personal touch to the website. Thus, introducing high quality info helps the users to connect emotionally.

GoBackpacking has made its homepage colorful and attractive by weaving in the personalized stories of its visitors. This lures in the visitors to the website and they want to know more.

7. Product Description

Tips For Web Design Product Description

If you have observed you might have witnessed all the big E-Commerce names utilizing the recommended, related and famous products widgets to reach out to their customers. Influenced by their customer turnover, travel websites are also implementing the same strategy for their websites.

The website HotelTravel.com takes a different and smart approach to sort out the tasks.

The designers of the website HotelTravel.com have gone a step ahead in aligning the related products into a proper synchronization which further helps the users in grouping the recommendations into 4 different categories that includes best services, best values, best room standards, and best locations.

In order to bring about an excellent visual experience about the widgets, the components such asthe price, the rating, small thumbnails and short quotes from latest reviews are included for giving maximum assistance to the visitors and they can choose for themselves the accommodation that fits best into their requirements.

8. Point out the benefits

User Experience Designs Point Out The Benefits

Generate a friendly approach by taking your visitors across the advantages rather than boring them with the dull and dingy facts.

As we have already discussed, the homepage of booking.com exhibits the smartest utilization of the UX design principle. If you have observed, you might have noticed a section on “why use booking.com”  towards the right hand side of your screen as it lists out the 6 benefits that adds value to the information that travelers are searching for.

Definitely these values have been drafted in a very user engaging way and comes with links where the prospective users move on. The widget “why use booking.com” is an enhanced version of the generally used features section.

The components such as the highlighted links, colorful icons and the user-specific data, makes the visitors believe that they’re visiting a professionally built website which they can completely trust. You can find a showcase of the famous locations from Dublin to Sydney on the left hand side as well as the small widget of the 3rd party Review Center, all together helps to gain the trust of the users.

9. Providing social proofs

How To Improve User Experience On Website Providing Social Proofs

Talking about the social proofs, they generally signify social-media widgets such as Like Box and Facebook which is a powerful element of well-designed UX. But, the homepage of TripAdvisor offers a wonderful example of how the other forms of social proofs work.

The whole concept of social proofs is based on the psychological rule which says that people would definitely do something if they see other people around them doing it. External validation is a huge motivation for most of the people. Thus, wise website designers embed social proofs into their websites in such a way that it encourages the visitors to follow suit of their previous visitors.

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