24Feb 2018

Top Web Application Development Trends in 2017

Web application development is no longer the same old school things. It is evolving every day and with each day, it is getting better. In fact, this change is an impeccable part of the modern business development process, which cannot be driven forward unless you are ready to make it unique. The changing market and the evolving needs of the consumer makes it necessary that you bring about a change to all this web application development process that you are part of.

The world of web application development has never experienced such a surge in its technologies and methodologies owing to:

The evolving trends in the world of online business:

As we have already discussed, the web application development needs to be accessed along a different frontier as the business is moving on across a different sphere dragged by the thread of growing requirements and new trends.
Your competitors are playing it high, so if you need to be in the competition, your presence on the web must be advanced and unique. If you have nothing new to offer, you are digging a grave for your business.

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The organizations that stay up-to-date and include all the latest trends while implementing their web application for the people are the only ones that will stay while the rest will fade into the dark forever.

Change is inevitable:

As every other industry, change is an inevitable part of the web application development. If you are ready to bring about visible changes, it is clearly visible that you are ready to embrace the change. This is something that paves your way to success in the ever-evolving industry of change. There are new tools, libraries and technologies, which you need to be aware of and you should ensure that these are an inseparable part of your web-based business, if you want it to succeed in the long run.

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Power changes everything:

Now you are evolving while embracing the mother of all necessities, that is, change. Therefore, when you are changing, you are launching “power” that will change the lives of your people forever. Yes, in fact, we utilize a number of web apps on a daily basis and no one can neglect that these have an unimpeachable influence on our lives. All thanks to the excellent team of web app developers and the technology that is available to make it happen.
Can we think about a day without using any of these meticulously designed, technology-driven miracles from the web?

No. People are tech savvies and it is not easy for any of us to live without these miraculously life changing web apps.
For instance, take your Facebook app. We are all part of the Facebook world and it is really difficult to stay cut off from Facebook or for a matter of fact, any of those web apps that have been influencing us all this time.

And, thanks to the web app researchers and analyzers who strategize new ideas, helping the team of web app developers to come up with newer techniques every time.

So, what could be the emerging trends in the world of web app development? Let’s take a look at these:

1. Help yourself:

Owing to the growing needs of businesses, the IT department sphere is slowing down and finding it difficult to help them with all that they need.

This could be anything starting from self-service development, citizen development to low-code development. IT department might not be able to power these as and when required, so they are ultimately failing and displaying themselves as weak service providers, which might lead to a transition that is happening from the IT to business units.

Why this transition

It could be because:

  • Things happen at an unprecedented speed here:
    We are craving for speed. The users are in need of fast and instantly available solutions. But, when IT departments fail to deliver these at an undisputable speed, the transition happens.
    No customer is going to wait for your IT department to think, research, strategize, develop and deliver great ideas, which will happen after ages.
  • Growth in third-party solutions:
    If the solutions are not available at the desired time, businesses are getting these licensed by themselves, using Shadow-IT services.

These are reducing businesses’ inclination toward IT, which brings in the need for self-service. A user-driven development platform is the result of such an inclination of the businesses, which gives IT the control over data while users have the liberty to create the applications of their choice.

2. Shortage of skills:

The existing application developers have been working and developing same kind of applications for a long time now. This makes them used to the trends on which they have been working until recently. But, these can’t stop you from getting new ones developed.

There were days when we were developing apps for just one single device or single screen. However, now needs are changing. People want it developed for multiple devices and multiple screens.

So, to accommodate the shortage of skills we need newer and technical experts to take up the platform and implement magical solutions.

3. The relation between the speed of applications and HTTP/2:

Yeah, as you know, the pages that have a higher loading speed than the ones with lower or average loading speed are bound to do better than all others.

This is because people want only those apps that are faster and suffice their needs.

The speed of the application: the time it takes to load, to respond, to interact and help perform a particular action, all needs to be taken into consideration when building your applications; as these are the factors that will determine how longer people will stay on your app.

4. Is your application vulnerable to security risks?

Yes this is one of those questions that you need to be asking yourself often when developing your apps. A lot of modern day applications are vulnerable to security breaches.

Many a time, it happens that people fail to work on the security part as the other areas of the application and this kind of ends up creating discrepancies in the application.

Once, the application is found to have loop holes, no one would want to use it again.

Be careful when you are developing an app because you are people want it free from all kinds of security concerns.

5. It should evolve every day:

You have developed a web app that is hit amidst your people and has even posed serious threat to your competitors. But, if you stick on to the same thing without changing or revolutionizing it for better, do you think your people are going to stick around?

Your competitors would take a page from your book and develop their app further incorporating newer and fresh ideas, which will ultimately turn all heads toward them.

It is necessary to utilize the power of progressive apps to create developing, engaging and reliable applications for all the mobile, desktop and web users alike.

So, what do you think is missing in your web app development process, which is preventing it from creating history?

Not sure what it is?

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