19Mar 2018

19 Web Development Trends To Pay Heed In 2018

Web technology is a rapidly developing one and has grown massively in its short lifetime since its inception. This development has helped web technology to reach a vast number of people and has also turned out to be quite helpful. One can reap benefits of technology by implementing in its early stages and not in its peak. Hence it is necessary that you pay heed to the trends of tomorrow and incorporate these into your web or web application development plan at the earliest. But what web development trend to implement is quite a difficult task. In 2017 many new web development technologies came into being and gained prominence. Here are some of the most popular web development trends that must be a part of your web development campaign and must be implemented in 2018 as it is expected to impact the web development industry.

Chatbots, AI, and machine learning

artificial intelligence

Providing a better user experience is the intended target of every website owner. Answering the user’s question and helping them in their task is equally necessary. In many cases, the organizations hire humans to provide 24*7 support to their users. In most of the cases, these compliments with the help of AI and machine learning. This can be used to make chatbots that can guide your visitors and provide them with instant support.

The communication with chatbots has been increasing day by day and has reached out to various platforms like social media websites, e-commerce websites, apps, and many more such platforms. With the passing year, the AI and machine learning has been able to become smart and can now solve even the complex problems. It can also provide better customer service to the users and also make it efficient. It guides your users to complete a transaction, answer their queries, and redirect them to the appropriate portions of the website.

Some platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. have invested heavily in the chatbots, AI, and machine learning and is expected to make significant changes in the web development industry. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and other such websites are already using these technologies.

Virtual reality and augmented reality video

The rapid growth in the internet speed access to the public has helped the users to consume content, where videos turn out to be a significant form of data consumption. In 2017, the technologies of 360 videos, 360 images, virtual reality videos, and interactive videos also came into being. Currently, it has not been able to become quite popular as it is a bit costly to design the video and implement it on the website. This can also help you to provide a better experience for the users, and even get better sales. Although, these have not become mainstream in the e-commerce websites, but can be tried in the video hosting services.

Many websites like Google, YouTube, Microsoft, etc. have been implementing it into their websites. Nowadays, you can watch interactive videos and YouTube videos on VR. This, in the not so far future, will become a mainstream form of video communication.

Internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the set of devices that are connected to the internet and help to provide better services to the people. In the dream to create smart homes, many IoT devices are used like smart light bulbs, smart cameras, etc. It enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the gadget. These can be connected to the internet and can be used to create an enjoyable experience. These websites can help you to interact with your smart devices with ease. Even though there are only a few websites and IoT devices as for today, it is expected to grow forward shortly. Its complexity is expected to increase, and its reach is also likely to reach deeper into our lives.

Progressive web apps

Nowadays mobiles devices drive a significant portion of web traffic with a share of more than 50% web traffic. The apps contribute the most to drive traffic as it is easier and faster to access websites. The mobile apps account for 89% of the total mobile time. Considering this, progressive web apps are developed. Progressive web apps are web applications that are quite similar to the mobile application but are web pages or websites in nature. These have the advantage of both the web browsers and apps and also provides a better user experience to the users. The benefits of apps like the ability to work offline, fast loading times, reliability, and push notifications are some of the benefits provided by these web apps. Unlike usual apps, these require less time to develop and can be easily maintained. Mobile apps have an oversaturated market and hence are losing their appeal. The PWAs, in turn, can prove out to be an excellent alternative.

Mobile friendly website

Responsive web design

Even if you are not planning to design a PWA for your website, one of the best thing is to make sure that the website that you design is mobile friendly. It ensures that the site looks equally go on the mobile as well. To make a mobile-friendly website, many elements need to be optimized, as images used, effects, animations, site speed, font, layout, design and many more such options. It also needs to be tested for different mobile devices so that they look the best on these.


The blockchain is a relatively new technological innovation that is expected to change the web industry. Blockchain makes use of standard data storage and helps the users to store data in different locations over thousands of computers around the world. Apart from that, no intermediaries are required between the transactions. This reduces the number of third-party and facilitates the transaction. Every transaction is verified with the help of complex algorithms carried out by hundreds of computers thereby providing safety and security of data. Various multinational banks and organizations are planning to implement Blockchain in their work.

Push Notification

Push notifications are also a new trend which is used in mobile and web applications. This notifies the users about new messages on their desktop. It can be used to send direct information to your users about certain things like sales, new blog posts, and other such notifications. To do so, the users need to enable push notifications and has helped the businesses to get the benefits of higher engagement, more visits, and better sales without any additional cost of the mobile app.

Motion UI

A smooth animation is a necessity on the website and is becoming quite popular. This is expected to grow even further in 2018. Both the GIF animation and Motion UI works in this case. Motion UI is gaining popularity, as using the same the developers can choose to animate their content without struggling with JavaScript or jQuery.

Voice user interface

Voice user interface

Voice assistant is quite popular nowadays as it has now become accessible on mobile, PCs, and many other platforms as well. Nowadays, there are numerous voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Alexan, and many other third-party apps as well. Hence it becomes necessary that you cash out this technology, else you will lose a significant portion of your users. Nowadays voice user interfaces can understand and act on complex voice commands as well. Voice user interface coupled with machine learning can predict your user needs and provide them with the results. Hence it becomes necessary that your website content is conversational and answers the user’s questions.

Single-Page Websites

Single page websites have become a trend nowadays. In this case, the different parts of the site are placed on a single long page. In this, the users can scroll or use links to navigate to various sections of the website. It offers the benefit of simplicity as there is an absence of complex and deep menu and is mobile friendly as the users can quite easily scroll with the touch of a finger. This style also works on touchscreen desktops and laptops and in turn, provides better performance and decreases the time required for web development.

Concentration on images

Images are quite relevant in today’s world as the pictures get a far better response than textual content. It is because the images convey the information faster and in a more accessible way as compared to the text-based content. It is due to this reason that there has been a rapid increase in the number of images that are used in a site. A right image helps attract new customers and also increase the sales. Different forms of images are used in the websites like the infographic, cover image, and other such images. It is necessary that you use unique pictures on your site that are individual and convey information in an easy to understand format.


Security of the website is quite essential as there are a large number of attacks that have been taking place. Various web browsers warn the users about any lousy site. Apart from these, the secure websites get a better ranking on search engines as compared to the ones that are insecure.

Giving up flash

Apart from implementing new technologies, it is also necessary to drop out the older technologies. One such technique is the flash websites. Flash websites were quite popular in the earlier days as it allowed animation into the sites. But, now the flash has become outdated and is not supported by various browsers and platforms. Adobe also announced that it would not be updated or distributed after 2020. In case you have one such website that is developed in Flash, it is wise to redesign the website in HTML5 and reach out to the vast number of users.

Responsive Web Design

User experience through RWD has been around for some time and is only going to evolve in terms of usability and architecture. It is not just a must have feature but rather a feature that drives user interaction by offering versatility throughout devices and browsers. With RWD, no separate website needs to be designed for different platforms that the viewers might use as the adaptable design presents contents of a website interactively.  Though, it may not work for web apps as much as it works for websites, designers can make use of distinct frameworks to target desktop, mobile and tablet users.


Relationship between AI and UI

Google Map Integration

Incorporating Google Maps on a website is a no brainer and has been around for significant time to get noticed. But the trend is not dying anytime soon and with the choice of designs available for web developers, the visual style is evolving. The Google Maps API offers variety of tools and optimum space to accommodate dynamic visual and personalized ideas for the maps so that every web developer can create a customized, styled map from scratch to suit the ambiance of their website design.

Minimalist design with big text

Plain solid backgrounds or high quality images with large size with brief content placed in the middle makes for attractive composition and minimal aesthetic approach that never fails to impress. Most brands have been wooing their viewer base with this minimal style approach that doesn’t need too many tabs or even excess content. Plain and simple content with some power images aligned carefully on right, left and center to bring out the overall design through vertical and horizontal scrolling actually offers a distinctive web design. An alternative favorite, this style is something that netizens will surely be seeing more throughout the year.

Galleries and Slideshows

Slideshows and galleries have sustained the criticism for all the right reasons: they are storytelling devices. Surely, there are some people who abuse the purpose of a slideshow, but there are still some that make fantastic use of the design. The whole point of a gallery is to engage the user into viewing the whole album and it does bring an old school vibe to the images or contents. Breaking down an otherwise well written article or blog into a slideshow is absolutely lame but presenting intricate or innate details of a photo-essay through a slide show or putting up engaging photos for a story via gallery does attract users.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons were a big deal in 2014 and still are in the year 2018. IOS 7, Bootstrap along with Hollywood FX teams have been major contributors to its rise. Minimal and elegant in appearance, Ghost buttons probably appear as thin surrounding lines hindering the distractions that otherwise full display buttons or tabs would’ve caused. A major benefit is that any web developer can create interactive Ghost buttons with illustrator without needing to invest hours and then integrate easily into any basic element without worrying about customizing the visual theme. Even though Ghost buttons are intrinsically easy to develop and incorporate into designs but they bring an aura of their own by adding substance to the design instead of creating another space for their separate design.

Image Sharing

Pinterest and Instagram are everywhere and such is the appeal of the visuals that those who don’t actively seek Twitter or Facebook engagement prefer photos-based platforms more. Instagram, like several other photo sharing platforms, is creative, fascinating, easy, social and fun to manage. It is instant, offers a multitude of ways of presenting your image to the world and is wildly popular among people of all ages. This trend will stay forever.


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As web development is continuously changing, it is necessary that you remain updated with the latest trends. This can be done by checking the most recent blogs for web development and looking at different websites and choose which technologies need to be implemented for the benefit of your users. The better ideas must be performed at the earliest.

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