Feb 2 2016

Infographics: Google Ranking Factors by Backlinko

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Google Ranking Factors - 2016 by Backlinko

Google’s game of Algorithm updates is no longer a surprise now. Every now and then, Google comes up with one or the other new add-ons or updates. SEO experts and webmasters need to keep their battalion ever ready. Because the updates often arrive unannounced.

All that you will find is a sudden drift in your site’s position on the search engines. It is not that you are not working hard or failing to boost your SEO process. But, there are some of the Google’s ranking factors that most of us are ignorant of.

Brian Dean of Backlinko analyzed around 1 Million Google Search Results. And, indeed, it is not a small number. His inferences come from many factors such as the backlinks, content, site speed, etc.etc…

Brian was helped by the big heads such as ClickStream, SEMRush. Ahrefs, MarketMuse and SimilarWeb in his study.

Based on Brian’s findings, we have come up with an awesome piece of Infographics. This will help you to identify your weak points. And, also, you can work towards improvising and enhancing what you have been doing.

Maybe, the points are something that you already know. But, our Infographics will keep it etched in your mind. So, that the next time you don’t commit a carelessness and annoy Google.

Anyways, guys, go ahead and enjoy reading!!!

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Infographics: Google Ranking Factors by Backlinko

Content courtesy: Brain Dean of Backlinko 

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3 thoughts on “Infographics: Google Ranking Factors by Backlinko

  1. Ron

    Great information shown in graphical way. I have read that post from backlinko, it’s really good for any website owner. You posted some great fact’s. Ranking can be surely increased in Google when some research is done, and applied to blog based on the results obtained.


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