21Oct 2017

Advantages of Using WordPress for Your Website

Every business today needs an online presence, and just any website simply won’t do! You require a professional website where you can offer a lot of features, and at the same time, managing the content and adding new pages or content should be easy. You do not want to pay a development professional every time you have to add a new article or blog, and this is why WordPress has become so popular among business owners. It is cost effective to deploy, and offers you services that will meet all your requirements.

If you are still hesitant about getting your business website made using WordPress, here are the top reasons why you should stop worrying and pick WordPress as your website development tool of choice:

1. It is flexible and a versatile platform:

WordPress offers a lot of features and is a trusted tool for website development. It is fast, it is user friendly, and has superb security tools to help keep your website safe.

2. It is free:

The WordPress tool itself is free to use. You will not have to bother with licensing or pay any special registration charges for using WordPress. You will have to pay an initial development fee for a website developer to get your initial website, but after that you only pay for hosting and domain unless you need to make some major changes. WordPress development is also cheaper than traditional development services, and is simply one of the most cost effective ways to get a great business website.

3. It is open source:

A community of developers maintains the platform, ensuring that you get frequent updates, and new features. Security loopholes are also fixed quickly and you get a robust platform for your online presence.

4. It can be used in many different ways:

WordPress is not just a blogging tool. It can be used to run an online shopping store, a portfolio, as a blog, as a membership site, or even to offer rating services for products.

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5. It is used by some of the biggest names in the market:

Do not think that WordPress is not good enough just because it is free. Companies like BBC America, TechCrunch, Sony Music, Google Ventures, and Reuters Blog use it for their websites.

6. It is easy to use:

The entire website structure can easily be controlled from a central admin panel. You can add new pages, modify or remove existing ones, change the theme, add new features and so much more. Most of this can be learned by any lay person, and you will not have to pay for website maintenance.

7. Add new features or get a new look easily:

With over 2600 free themes, and 31000 plugins, you can add virtually any feature to your website, or get a fresh look for no cost at all.

8. Search Engine Friendly:

Search engine optimization is easy on WordPress. The tool uses high quality code that makes it easy for search engines to analyze and list your website.

9. Frequent and easy updates:

There are new updates for the service on frequent intervals, and you get notified immediately via the admin panel. Updating is very simple as well.

10. Use any media type:

Write text blogs, add image, sounds or videos, embed graphics and tweets and so much more.

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