22May 2018

How To Develop A Successful Android App Project

Android app project is the most inevitable part of any project these days. Some people are of the opinion that the app development process is quite complicated, while there are others who just love to create seamless apps. In fact, a lot of people have been searching Google on why Android development seems to be so complicated. But the truth is just like any other app development, android app development is easy and uncomplicated.

Here we will take you through some interesting ideas to make your Android app development process easy and simple:

Analyzing The App Development Idea – First Step

There are many aspects of android app development that need to be taken into consideration before you proceed. No matter whether you are developing the app for your own business or for a client, analyzing the idea forms the crux of the story. You need to have a clear idea on who your customers are and how do you plan to approach them. The next thing that you should be seriously thinking about is the value proposition; also, don’t forget to work on what would be the key functionalities. Another important aspect would be the revenue channel – how you plan to generate your revenue.

Apart from these, the most important aspect of an app development that you should be considering is whether the end users will find it useful. Will your app be potential enough to solve their concerns? So before you set out to spend money, time and effort into creating an app, ensure that you have a clear picture on what your app is capable of doing. You can always run a scoping session to find out more about the scope of your project or use the business model canvas to know better.            

Technology matters

Technology Matters

Choose the technology wisely. Once you know whom you will be targeting and whether your app will help in solving their concerns, you have more to think about as you have decided to proceed with the app development process. The technology or the technical side of the app development process. We have been using Java for developing native android apps. Even RxJava is yet another interesting technology that you must be proficient in when setting out to develop android apps. We need observable sequences, and combining it with Java and RxJava, we can easily develop event-based programs, which is what Android apps are all about.

Apart from Java, if you want to try something new, you can always go for Google’s official Android app development programming language – Kotlin.

System Versions

Just like we chose the technology, choosing the system versions for support is the next important step. This affects the project development on a large scale and also, please do keep in mind that it will become a tedious task in case you want to change it at a later point of time. The Android app project and its related industry is into splits. So, it is not a fair idea if you choose to provide your people with all those latest and sophisticated features while projecting device support simultaneously. With the increase in number of platforms, the development time gets extended. In fact, you need to understand that there would be those features that you would have to code separately depending upon the version. Now the developer’s job becomes more tedious as they have to explain the differences between these versions and to work on structuring the app perfectly for these versions.  

Choosing APIs and Other Services

Choosing APIs and other services

The data that would be loaded onto your app is the next important thing now. Think of where you will get this data from. Users want these android devices to be responsive and moreover, these mobile devices are developing and evolving every time. It is always recommended to not process the complexity of logic within the Android system. Rather, the backend should be preferred. Once the backend application processes the data, the mobile app is set to keep the data up to be migrated over the API calls.

The development process can be fastened – to speed up this, it is ideal to choose external services. But, when choosing these external services, keep the ‘mobile side’ in mind. There are easy and simple to use and integrate libraries can be incorporated within the app to create awesome solutions. Now you have a list of the services that you want to integrate. So, next step is to calculate the time that will be consumed when setting up all these services appropriately. It is indeed not a surprise that developers spend a whole lot of time while preparing a variety of authenticated solutions. All these key solutions contribute to setting up the production stage, also building a number of configuration files and finally recording or saving the data during user testing across devices and platforms.

How do we ensure that the project management moves efficiently and smoothly?

Now you have your app idea analyzed, the platforms across which you want the mobile app should be set up, along with the services and APIs to be integrated. So now the next step is to think about managing your project and how you are going to handle this. The development process as well as the project management process are equally important. The best strategy is to break down your project into smaller and easily manageable parts or jobs, which will help you to further get the project up. Also once the project is split into many parts, it is easy to track down the phase it is moving through and find out what is remaining and how you would be dealing with concerns that arise out of the blue. You need to have a responsible developer or project manager who will keep a track on the progress of the project and effectively coordinate all parts well. Ensure that all the different parts of your project are saved in one place so that you access it as and when required. JIRA is one of the recommended tools for project management.

So how do these JIRA tickets help in Project Management?

The agility that these JIRA tickets offer is something that no developer can resist. The division between ‘logical’ and tasks that can be viewed is something very dear to Android developers.  But ensure that this portion is very clear to the people apart from the developers involved in the project. This can be divided into controlling the development rate that is easier and view tasks that are unblocked. Since the layers are interrelated, bugs can be detected at an early stage. This is the easiest way to review the code as the logic and view are separated from one another. The XML layout files are heavy. With a significant quantity of Java code, you can work on the layout and the basic navigation features. When compared with the web’s front-end, the code developed for mobile is more interconnected. This will help to separate the data layer and the presentation layer.


Mobile App Security 

Collaborating With the Design Team to Understand Your Business

The most important thing is to decide how to design an app that is free from bugs and responsive as well. But, first of all, it is very much important to design an awesome app. We have all kinds of apps around us – some of these apps, we happen to start getting addicted to these more and more, while there are those apps to which we do not feel any attraction. In fact, there are some apps that never fit into our minds. The more the intuitive an app is, the more the user starts to fall in love with it. Design should be the highest priority, no matter whether you are developing the app for a business or for game. Or how do you expect the user to feel attracted? It is obvious that both businesses and games have different techniques in getting the design up in such a manner that it attracts the users. A business website should be more professional in nature – always a clean and simple look is more appealing that a lot of junky works. But, a game app on the other hand looks attractive when it has lot of fun and flashy elements incorporated within.

Now the next step is to ensure that you create an attractive UI, which will help in bridging the gap that usually stops the users from using the app. This UI is what will attract your users to you and your app. So another most important thing to keep in mind when using Android apps is that you should be developing for Android or iOS. The platform differs and this difference matters a lot. You will have to proceed with your design bearing this in mind.


UX Design Trends

Now, the Android Development

Android Development

This is the most important step of all. Now you have a great design team and you know that you are going to design your app for the Android version alone. You will have to take into consideration a few things like the tools, such as the continuous integration and delivery platforms, and version control, and finally a smooth flow during logging and crash reporting.

Now that we have developed an Android app, the next important step is to test the app. Unless you get a serious audience to test the app, how can you analyze whether the people out there will like it or not. Ensure that your app will be accepted by people. Only if people will like your app, it means that it solves their concerns.

So, if the testers are happy, then the end users will also be.

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