31Jul 2018

Responsive Logo Design And Its Impact In Branding

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition of a product or brand in the eyes of a user. It also embodies the brand’s value in simple images. It may either be an abstract design or a figurative design or may simply contain the text of the company with a tagline. While in the earlier days, it used to be a combination of two or more letters joined. In the recent days, it has undergone some great changes and is synonymous with trademark and brand.

Currently, logos mainly consist of abstract logo designs, ideogram, emblems, signs or a combination of these. Various organizations, industries, and other such institutions make use of logos. Various organizations make use of different letters, colors, and additional graphic elements. It is necessary that you design a logo that is easy to distinguish from others. In globalized markets, logos with ideograms and symbols turn out to be quite effective than the one with written logos and help in cross-language marketing.

Logos also form an important area of graphic design. With the availability of different forms of communication available, it becomes necessary that you lay focus on the responsive logo design that looks better on different devices thereby making it visually aesthetic on different channels. Logos are meant to represent companies brands and corporate identities and foster immediate customer recognition. Hence it is counterproductive to redesign the logos frequently.

Nowadays logos are dynamic that can change over time. Nowadays internet has become a major channel for branding, and its wide access to different devices ranging from computers, mobiles, and other internet-enabled devices has enhanced the complexity of logo design. It needs to be formatted and re-formatted for large monitors to small hand-held devices. Hence it becomes necessary that the logo designers undertake a bold and simple approach that is a combination of different elements like lines, shapes and solid colors. This also helps to reduce the confusion when it is intermingled with other logos and scaled. To make sure that the logos are responsive, you need to have a proper idea of the responsive website design and responsive mobile app development. Responsive logo design makes sure that the responsiveness of the app and website is consistent with it. Many well-known organizations make use of responsive logo design.


Web Icon Fonts

  • Facebook when viewed on the desktop, it contains the complete facebook logo. When viewed on the apps on mobile, the logo contains a simple “f.”
  • Google logo on the website shows Google written in six different colors. Google apps logo contain the “G” in four different colors.

In the earlier days altering the logos was considered as taboo. But now having different types of logos for different devices is necessary. It can be used in different sizes ranging from huge billboards to the smartphones. However, instant change may turn out to cause an undesirable effect on the business by impacting the brand image. This article intends to help you to design or redesign your logo thereby helping you in the brand development.

There are various ways in which the responsive logo can quite easily choose to responsive logo design keeping in mind that it doesn’t impact your brand identity and also that you do not lose the brand personality and carry the essence of the company. These also make sure that your logo looks good and conveys your message on different platforms with ease.

You can get an idea of how different websites implement the responsive logos design on the website Responsive Logos. As you resize the website, you can get an idea of how the different logos Coca-Cola, Chanel, Nike, MTV, Walt Disney, Kodak, etc. are displayed in different screen sizes.

Implement Simplicity In Your Design:

Implement Simplicity in your Design

One of the first and foremost requirements of the responsive logo design is that it must be simple. It is because the complexity of the logo introduces complexity and hinders in its responsiveness as it embodies many intricate details which cannot be easily recognized in the smaller forms. Apart from these, it also makes it harder to fit in a range of locations. Hence it is necessary that you implement simplicity in your design. A simple logo does not implement the trending forms of glows, illustrations, color gradients, drop-shadows, and other such elements that enhance the complexity of the logo. In this, you are provided with aesthetic, replacing superfluous decoration with simple colors smooth lines and simple shapes. These are easier and faster to load thereby providing maximum impact to the brand. The decrease in the details of the logo enhances the legibility at small sizes.


  Flat Website Designs

It’s not necessary to render the enti1e logo on a smaller screen, but you can choose the option to include only the essential elements of the existing logo. These also provide some additional benefits as it loads quickly and scales elegantly. This has been implemented by many well-known organizations like Facebook, Twitter, MasterCard, LinkedIn, Google, Coca-Cola, and other many more such organizations. These logo redesigns prove the statement “Less is more.”

Introduce Versatility in Your Design:

It is necessary to make sure that the designs stand the test of time. The logos must be designed in such a way that as the popularity and familiarity of the brand increases, it must be easily identified even when it is minimized. These can be done by making sure that the designs are versatile. To make sure that the design is versatile, it must be of good quality, legit, and be compliant with the design. In this case, the design needs to be properly planned by making sure that logos, when minimized, maintain their brand identity and is unique.

It is evident from certain well-known examples like “G” of Google, “a” for Amazon “D” of Disney, and other such examples.


In many cases, the details in the logo of the company need to be shed. It makes the logo responsive and straightforward. It also ensures that unnecessary details of the logo must be shed in such a way that the smaller logo is consistent with the normal logo. This ensures that the logo is clearly visible on smaller screens.

Vertical Stacking:

Vertical Stacking


Stacking the logo vertically in a number of cases can help in creating a responsive logo design, thereby maintaining its identity. The side-by-side logo works best for bigger devices and vertically stacked logo requires much less space on small screen devices and quite easily displays all the necessary elements of the logo.

Ditching Wordmark:

In a number of smaller devices, major websites choose to ditch their watermark and instead use a simple icon. This helps the user to concentrate on the content thereby reducing the distractions and provide a better user experience.

Incremental Reduction:

Incremental Reduction

Drastic changes in the logo in different resolutions may turn out to be a bit irritating. In order to tackle this problem, different organizations choose the method of incremental reduction. In this small alterations are made to the logo when the browser window is narrowed down. In this, different versions of the website lose different elements of detail and become more and more abstract gradually.

These are a number of ways in which you can design and redesign your logo thereby making sure that your logo looks best on different layouts. In order to make sure that the logo design is compliant with the website, app, and other such elements. These also ensure that the logo is also visually aesthetic and engaging on large billboards and other mediums as well. In order to make sure that the logo is able to achieve its desired aim, you need to avail the services of the best branding agency. This will also help ensure that your logo is easily distinguishable and is able to reach the desired heights.

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