27Oct 2017

How to Design a Blog for Maximum Readability

Writing a blog may be one of the best ways to share your deepest feelings with your friends and family. However, are you sure they are able to join in with your thoughts? In other words, is our blog designed considering the readability aspects? Take a look at a few easy ways in which you can make your blog readable for your target audience.

Make Them Read It 

To attract the desired attention on your blog, you need to make your readers get to read your blogs. The way you design your text goes a long way in determining how interested your readers will be to read your blog. The most common practice and one that has worked incredibly well in print publications, is to use Drop caps for the first letter of the introductory text. Also, increasing the size of the introductory paragraph helps to attract sufficient interest from prospective readers.   Add the following code into your theme stylesheet to implement the Drop Cap effect:

.drop_cap {color:#888; float:left; font-family:Georgia; font-size:3em; font-style:normal; text-shadow:#333 1px 1px;}

Follow this up by wrapping up your first letter of your post with the following code:

<span class=“drop_cap”>T</span>This is my first blog with the Drop Cap.

The color and font style shown in the code may be modified depending on the theme of your own blog.  However, consistency in blog design is of crucial relevance in order to create a positive experience. If you use this style for one post then make sure you follow suit in all subsequent as well as previous posts, if any. Lack of uniformity may cause you loss in valuable readership.

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Choose your Fonts Well

Fonts are the voice of your blog. Make sure you get a loud and clear one in order to make the best impression on your readers. In other words, it is very important that you choose the appropriate font type and size for your blogs. In general a font size of 14-16 px is a sufficiently good one to retain the attention of readers. Too small or too big a size may create adverse reactions. Moreover, the growing popularity of mobile devices makes it the preferred reading device where your audience may wish to access your blogs while on the move. Therefore, an inappropriate font size may lead the blog to be rendered incorrectly leaving the readers unable to read it.

Also make sure that you choose a font that is pleasing to the eye and makes the read an interesting experience.

Provide space but not too much

While it is important that you provide sufficient space around your text for the eye to wander, it is also crucial that you be cautious so that you do not lose your reader’s interest. Creating space around text elements requires you to consider two factors:

– Column Width
– Line Height

Line Height refers to the space between two consecutive lines and the column width indicates the space between two adjacent columns of text. Both create white space around the text and act as a refreshing break for the eye. However, too much of white space may cause the eye to travel a lot of distance in order to read the next block of text.

Irrespective of which technique you resort to, ensure that you follow the best practice that helps you achieve ease of reading to the optimum.

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  1. Alok Vats

    Nice tips but I would love to include something into it, point-wise presentation of the blog, as you did in this post is very crucial in increasing the readability of your blog.

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