27Oct 2017

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design company in India

A website in today’s time is your company’s face on the web. It should be attractive and expose what you want the world to know about the company. The design of the website must manifest the goals, motto and the policies of the company. Therefore, it is imperative that the designer of the website has good experience of designing and creativity to come up with unique designs. Affordability quotient should also be considered while choosing the designer. Other parameters include the track record, previous clients, etc. Now take a look at these 10 questions to ask before hiring a web design company.

1. What are Your Needs

You need to be sure of your own needs before you can explain them to a contractor or design firm

2. Price Tag, and its Justification

The cost of the services provided is very crucial and one must ascertain few things about the designers.

– The team that will work on the project and qualification of the members
– The time spent on the project
– The cost of the project must match with the rates quoted by the designers.
– Is there a clear system of billing for extra features?

3. Track Record Of the Designers

It is important to ascertain the track record of the designers before handing over the project to them. The designers must instill confidence in you about the result of the project.

– Their clientele must be verified
– The deliverables the designers have produced
– Figures to prove the result
– Ongoing relation with the clients

Outsourcing Web Design Services to India

4. Measurement Of the Result

The purpose of the website is to market services or products of the company. The success rate of the website can be measured by the amount of revenue it helped in generating.

– Results can be measured in repeated traffic, conversion of prospects into clients.
– The result must be published and verified by the clients.

5. The Core Services Of the Designers

The designing company must be handled every nuance of the designing, i.e. from design of the website in development and marketing. Other services like mobile app development to wiring copyright contents must also be sought for.

– Designing company must be capable of providing comprehensive solutions.
– System integration, customized web projects must be delivered.
– SEO expert should be a must.
– Industry standard services should be provided.

6. Qualifications and Credentials Of the Web Designers

The qualification of the designers must be ascertained before choosing them. The designing company must be run by respected industry professionals. Their ratings may be verified by various agencies.

– The people whom the business is entrusted to must be master of their crafts and eminent in their field.
– They must be authorized to work with the government.
– The quality of the products developed by them.

7. Make a Visit to The Workplace

A physical verification of their facility must be carried out and a face to face meeting with the designers involved in the designing must be done. After verifying these details only, the work should be trusted upon them

8. The Size Of the Company

Different projects take different time to complete. The size of the company if too small may cause delays due to lack of workforce.

9. The Composition Of the Team

A dedicated department must be there to handle each task. An information architect must plan the site and a developer develops it. Likewise, internet marketing expert must take care of marketing.

10. The Company at Large

The owner of the company and its financial stability is very important.

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