21Oct 2017

Why and How to Incorporate Flat Design into Your Website

When you are hearing about “flat design” for the very first time, then you will be surely impressed by it and the flat design has become a new web design trend in the recent days. The flat design is completely based upon two-dimensional aesthetic. In a flat design, the buttons will never look like a 3D made one and it will be a simple layout with some graphics added to them. The following are some of the reasons why you should use a flat design for your website.

Benefits of a Flat Design

Flat designed websites can load faster when compared to the ones that have complex graphics and animations on them. The flat designed websites can easily adjust to the screen sizes in which the website loads with. As the mobile device usage has been increased in the recent years, the flat design is the best way to insert many web browsing tools in your website, so that your visitors can make your them by browsing your website through their mobile phones. The flat design is a user-friendly one and it can be easily designed.

How to make use of flat design in your Web Page

flat design Web Page

Using a flat design in your webpage can make your visitors feel comfortable while browsing through your web page. The following are some of the things that you must do while making use of a flat design for your website.

Design it for your visitors

Who is it that you are designing your website or flat design site for? Of course, undoubtedly, it is your visitors! If they cannot understand it, then, what’s the point?

Flat designs are considered to be the simplest form of designs. Most of the designers designing flat designs try to keep it simple. The problem is though the design is simple and there are no complexities involved, it is not necessary that the people will find their way through the website and take the expected action.

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You will have not just one kind of visitor but many of them, but recognizing their desires and then, offering them with the best is where you need to show your smartness and efficiency as a designer. It is possible for anyone to design an absolutely aesthetic design, but designing a website that your user can understand and move across is what makes your flat design functional too.

This is possible only if you plan your flat design strategy based on the interests and the point is in designing a website that is useful to the end users.

What’s the trend?

Is there actually a trend or is there any parameters based on which you design your website?

Yes, sometimes we have parameters that are set based on our client business requirements and expectations. There are those designers that take a page from the book of other designers and go ahead with designing their flat designs.

But, when you go about designing for the web, the usual tendency is to abandon all the existing trends and embrace one of them. But, wait, why do you want to do that and give a boring appearance to your site? Why, can’t you collect bits from everywhere and incorporate these onto your site? It is understandable if you like flat designs but do not want to make your design totally flat. Chill! It happens and the best way to go about a flat web design is to collaborate a few different styles together and then, present it to the user.

How well do you deal with white spaces?

White spaces are the most important gradient of any web design. Leave flat designs it is needed everywhere. Imagine how boring it would be if you have all your design decked up with text, buttons and colors. You do not need that! As the user’s eyes scrolls across these designs, ensure that they are able to relax and do not find it difficult to gaze across and fix the thing that they wanted most.

When everything is crowded without white spaces, chances are that people will miss out what is important.

Font matters

We do not need to tell you this. How important is your font in flat web designs? You know that very well! Font has an important role to play in attracting people to the websites.

Do you know what the highlight of flat designs is? It is minimalism. Flat designs focuses more on providing content that is necessary for people rather than those images that create nuisance.

Your design looks more attractive and beautiful if it has great font on it.

Transforming from online to offline

When we think of flat designs, we are all concerned with websites. But, designs and people are everywhere.

Don’t you think it would be a wonderful idea if we could bring this idea of design across everything that is connected to our business, for instance, our flyers, business cards, brochures, and even the stationery.

You use the same logo and colors, then, why can’t you use the same design?

Ever thought?

But, it is time to think and implement the same!

User friendly

There used to be a time when flat design was not considered user friendly. Actually, a lot of people still hold that belief. But that doesn’t have to be true. Make sure that users know where to click. How? By telling them click here. Use words, or animation, to trigger engagement.

Don’t forget the ghost buttons

What do you think is one of the most amazing and surprising part of your flat design? It is nothing but those transparent buttons otherwise known as ghost buttons that come with a solid core for border.

You can leave it colorless. There is no rule that says you need to keep colorful or colorless buttons for your flat designs. It is your choice and the appearance of your site that matters when designing ghost buttons.

Can you make your users click?

This is the first question when you start designing! Do you think your users will click through your design! Can they understand what you are trying to convey.

Unless they can follow the flow of the design, they are never going to take the desired action and your business will suffer with such a website.

You need to create an intuitive flow for your web design so that your people know where it is going and what they can find where.

One of the highlights is that the solid colors attract the attention of people to the site.

Choose a simple background

Never use a loud image or the brick-wall patterns for your website. Make use of a plain background with smooth colors on them. The color palette should be a subtle one so that your visitors can stay on your website. The color palette should not disturb the human eyes.

Say no to effects

Say no to effects

Never make any kind of bevels, gradients and animated transitions in your website. A flat design will never have such effects on it. Flat design portrays the depth and a live emotion towards your website.

Take out the icons

A flat designed website would have icons that provide a streamlined user experience to the visitors. Make sure to design your icons simple and clear so that it can be easily noticed without adding any kind of effects to them.

Play with the shapes

Play with the shapes

Squares, circles and lines are the most used shapes in a flat designed website. Create a clear vision of your content and make them visible by dividing your flat design with the common shapes.

Go for the bright colors

The color palette of a flat design must be a fresh, cheerful and a light one. Make use of bright pinks, greens, blues and yellow colors. These colors can easily attract a human eye and it can make the visitors to stay on your web page and read all your contents.

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Create the basic navigating methods

navigating methods

The navigation menus and all the links on your website must be simple. Remove all the effects on the navigation menu so that you can view only the navigation menu with text on them. Make use of simple boxes to create a navigation menu. Never create any kind of shadows or highlights on the navigation menus on your website.

Have you implemented flat designs for your site?

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