16Jan 2024

8 Best Strategies for Mobile Video Ads in 2024

We’ve now got to the point where the mobile video is no longer a fad.

When it comes to media/video consumption, the stats show that 72 percent of people in the world will comfortably turn to their smartphones for internet access by 2025.  

With this background, now’s the best time to think and act.

How mobile-focused are you when developing content? Do you still have the traditional desktop in mind or are you thinking mobile?  

Why is Video the King?

There’s no denying it at this point, the pandemic really caused seismic shifts in how we do business.

However, it’s best not to dwell on that. To rebuild brand loyalty, we recommend increasing your content budget.

This way, you’ll be able to get customers interested in your brand again.   

While there’s a host of different media that you could embrace for this, none can match up to video content. This is because video is irresistible.

As a powerful and evocative medium, videos tend to live long in the memory when properly executed.

Think about it, how many jingles and slogans do you still recall from way back?   

It’s no coincidence, as research has shown 80 percent of viewers can vividly recall a video they’ve seen in the last 30 days.

In contrast, the same cannot be said about the main headline on the papers today. As visual beings, our brains seem to have evolved to efficiently take in information.   

There’s also the aspect of trust. With video, you can make your brand more credible.

As an authority figure, you’ll also find it easier to connect with a larger audience who’ll seek out your page not just as a source of information but also as an inspiration.   

Given that 64 percent of American adults average three hours daily checking out content on mobile devices, mobile video needs to be top of mind for you.

To pull this off, here are some of the eight best strategies you will need:  

Provide Value to Audience 


Value, We all seem to know what it is, right down until it gets down to the brass tacks.

While most consumers want to find the best bang for their buck, most industries are very much against it. It’s a push-and-shove thing that’s going on.

Rather than being caught up in the crosshairs and letting everybody determine what value means to them, you can do something about it.   

Providing value is not a universal term. For some people, value is about getting things for free. While this may be true to some degree, it doesn’t encompass what value is all about.

In truth, value is all about affordability. You know, making people’s lives easier. To do this properly, you need to think about educating people.

Making them feel great about themselves and how they mingle with you. You want to empower them to a point where they gravitate towards the right choices in life. It’s all about the experience.   

Now that we’ve covered the definition of terms, it’s now time to talk about implementation.

To kick things off, it’s best to always ask how your mobile ad brings value to your target audience. While closing the sale is always the priority, you need not let your clients know this.

This is because such information can make them disinterested in the pitch altogether.   

Instead, have some finesse about you. How about taking on a customer-centric approach to mobile video? As entertainers, we all want to engage, and entertain audiences.

This is largely because we understand the power of the narrative. So, how about making that narrative work for you?  

Focus on One Thing  


Oftentimes, we get lost in the sauce during campaigns. Admittedly, it’s something that’s always bound to happen if you’re so attached to the story.

However, what many people seem to forget is that the average American faces up to 10,000 ads in a day. As such, if your message isn’t value-centric, then, there’s a good chance that your message will fade into the noise.   

Uber eats pass ad  

A good example of a brand that knows all about this is UberEats. As this campaign shows, they made a point of letting their consumers know from the get-go what their value proposition was (Unlimited Free Delivery).


With the message delivered, they didn’t hesitate to add a CTA for users to sign up.

This is an effective strategy as they were able to condense everything into three sentences, “When you sign up for Uber Eats Pass, you get free food delivery”. Simple and clear. Just how we like it.   

It’s what people like about mobile video ads. They’re usually laser-focused on an idea and tend to share a single take away from them.

If you’re planning to promote your brand, then it’s best to zero down on the best features.

When you promote this information to your audience, you’ll find it easier to resonate with them.   

Have Mobile Users’ Lifestyles in Mind 


Oftentimes, mobile users tend to get more mobile ads than desktop users.

Given that most people despise mobile ads, it’s better to keep intrusiveness to a minimum so you can better connect with audiences.   

Intrusiveness is a delicate subject in most instances. This is because it’s not so easy to execute. However, that doesn’t mean you need to despair.

You can still keep intrusiveness to a minimum by sharing animated text and graphics in your videos.

Such content is usually a big hit among people in public transit vehicles as they tend to mute videos.

The same can also be said about audiences with hearing disabilities who depend on visual communication to understand the content.   

If you can’t come up with animated content, the least you can do is add captions to your videos.

While it needs little effort to implement, it’s incredibly effective at retaining the interest of viewers who may not have given your videos a second look.  

Get creative with simplicity


It’s normal. When you hear about mobile ads or ads in general, the first thing you’re likely going to think about is the cost implication.

Then again, when you think about it, some of the top brands in the world like Nike and Coca-Cola tend to make waves in the market by engaging their consumers with simple, yet brilliantly executed concepts.  

There’s a lot to learn from their approach. Simplicity is attractive. Regardless of your budget, it’s best to be straightforward in your approach.

To execute a great mobile video ad, you need to think about more than the scalability of the budget. By this, it’s not just about saving costs on a shoot, but also in the kind of typography you choose.

If you’re unsure of how to kick things off, you need to first understand what your brand’s key message is about.  

Showcase the Brand  


Audiences are fickle. For them to watch your mobile ad video for more than a couple of seconds, you need to offer something unique.

For a good impression, you need to not just inform, but also have your brand front and center from the very first shot.   

Ideally, you want specific brand elements like a brand logo or key products to leave a good taste in the mouth of consumers from the word go.

After the first three seconds, consumers usually choose whether to abandon a video or see it through to the end.

As such, you must be able to incorporate visuals, sound, and text that relate to your brand.  

Have a Clear Call-to-Action  


Engagement is supposed to be meaningful. By this, we mean that your engagements should prompt customers to further take on some action that enhances the relationship between the two of you.

When this can happen regularly, then, the odds are you’ll be able to see a marked improvement on your bottom line.   

To ensure that this is always the case, we recommend being proactive about your approach.

By this, we mean featuring at least one elaborate CTA or call-to-action in your mobile videos. While CTAs can be introduced at different points, the best three ones are:

  • Pre-roll CTA: encourages audiences to follow upon something even before the video starts  
  • Mid-roll CTA: this is best inserted in the highlights section of your video. Since this can be anywhere, there’s a lot more freedom involvement  
  • Post-roll CTA: if you’re confident that your content is usually read/followed through to the end, the post-roll CTA represents one of the best ways to have audiences engaging with your product.

Having shared these insights, according to market research, the mid-roll CTA tends to give business owners the best results.   

Short and Sweet  

Conciseness has its joys. However, in a world where there’s so much information to tap into, it’s not always easy to find an angle of approach that summarizes your customers’ pain points.   

As such, you may be tempted to exhaust the full 120-240 second length that most platforms support. While this works in some situations, in most instances, it’s not the best approach.

This is because anything more than 15 seconds is highly likely to negatively impact your engagement levels.

As popular social networking platform Facebook shares, keeping the mobile video ad length short not only streamlines your production costs but also allows you to reutilize the video on multiple platforms.   

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Say you want to strategically position your brand in the market.

For this, you want to take on a different approach than you would take if you were all about luring in new business.

To showcase your brand story and create a connection with audiences, a video spanning more than 30 seconds works best. This is because it doesn’t rush anything and the story can build up to a crescendo.   

Develop Organic Content


It’s hard to find brands who can “keep it real”. This is true when you consider that almost every brand out there is trying to best the next one.

For many caught in this rat race, it doesn’t matter which methods they use to achieve this.

Most brands are okay with using “fake” approaches just to gain a couple of likes and see a spike in engagements.   

While such strategies tend to work in the short term, you need something more solid to build your foundation upon.

To ensure your content is more universal, you need to figure out a formula that makes your mobile videos blend organically into feeds.   

By this, we don’t mean that you have to come up with generic content. Not at all. Instead, we suggest going a little bit left field.

While you may be creating a mobile ad, you don’t have to be overly brash about it.

For best results, it’s ideal if you can make it less advertising-like and unobtrusive than what you would expect to expect in a typical ad.


Mobile video marketing is the way to go. This is because smartphone and tablet use is increasingly on the rise. As such, irrespective of the nature of your business, developing a creating mobile campaign is imperative.   

With mobile video marketing, you can actively engage your audience and enhance your brand’s presence at buying time.

As an important cog in the wheel of your marketing, you need to understand that video marketing continually evolves as social media keeps playing an important role in transforming the future of video marketing.   

In the here and now, you have the perfect chance to test out and analyze what your audience likes the most. By making use of a couple of tools and by integrating your brand uniqueness, it’s possible to get the very best of results.

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