27Oct 2017

A Sneak Peak into the Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition

The Mozilla Firefox browser is quite popular among the internet users and the developers alike. The browser has several add-ons for helping the web developers test their code on the browser, but with the launch of Mozilla Firefox developer’s edition around the time of its 10th anniversary, it has become all the more easy for the developers to test the output as they code. This makes this edition of the Firefox especially for the web developers as most of the tools in it is intended to help them with their job. These tools related to the web development have an application built-in for different development purpose and also speed up the workflow of the developer. When you use this edition of Mozilla Firefox browser is used, you are spared the pain of installing any extra tools or plug-ins for the purpose of debugging the desktop or mobile apps.

With Mozilla Firefox developer edition, you can focus on development without worrying about installing any add-on as everything is already setup for you.

An inside look into Firefox Developer edition

An inside look into the browser reveals some quite interesting features which is indeed could be very helpful for the developers to improve their workflow and do various things at the same time.

The theme of the browser: The theme of the new edition has got nothing new or exciting except the fact that you are welcomed with a dark theme with square shaped tabs instead of curved ones.

Default tools: Upon launching, there are 6 default tools that are presented before you including web developer tools and download manager etc.

Settings: The setting tab offers functions like copy, cut, paste, new window and private window, history etc.

free tools for testing your website’s speed and performance

Web developer tools

All common web development tools are already built-in to the browser. The list of the web developer tools has been given below.

View for Responsive design: Lets you resize the screen to give you a view of the screen on devices with smaller screens.

Page Inspector: Helps you see the HTML and CSS code of the webpage.

Console: The feature helps you see the logged on information on the webpage and interact with it.

JS Debugger: Lets you see the Java Script, test, debug and customize it.

Network Monitor: You can view the network request information to easily track every request that comes to the browser.

Style Editor: You can edit the style sheet of the website using this feature.

Web Audio Editor: Useful while making HTML5 games where you need to use audio files.

Valence: It is a new feature of the Firefox developer edition which allows you to develop and debug cross platform application.

WebIDE: Great feature which helps you develop apps on Firefox OS or the browser editor and also run it on the simulator provided.

Comparison with Google Chrome developer tool

If we compare the Mozilla Firefox Developer edition with that of Google developer tool, Google has slightly better features. Many developers are also of the view that Firefox still does not have all that is required for the development, but considering the fact that Mozilla is an open source product, there is always some scope for betterment.

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