19Aug 2022

PPC Trends to Look Out For in 2018

The online world is dynamic and ever changing. In fact, everyday, we wake up to a news on how some of the existing paradigms have been replaced by new innovations. There have been days when we woke up to realize that our website that had been ranking at one of the top positions on the search engines has shifted behind. Such is the updates that Google and other search engines come up. A number of new trends were launched in the year 2017 – some have been carried forward to 2018, while some have started fading away. With the launch of newer and innovative trends, including machine learning, voice assistance, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, audience reach out and other marketing techniques, we will be finding new trends in place.

So as in the previous years, this year, again, we have come across some new trends that are set to change the face of online marketing over the upcoming years. Let us find out which among these are set to change the face of PPC or PPC trends are there now:

Contribution From Structured Data

Contribution from structured data

We are going to see the contribution of structured data a lot beyond SEO – structured data is becoming a vital part of ads since the beginning of 2018. Our research has taken us through some of the excerpts from experts who agree that structured data would be the next big thing after the mobile-first index strategy that rolled out. We can witness advertisers using structured data through product feeds in Merchant Center and Business data feeds in AdWords, which would be the major roll out after the structured data.

Google Manufacturer Center is considered to be one of the lazily used services, provided people’s experience with it for the past two years. But, over the coming years, it looks like manufacturers will be improvising their contributions to Google Manufacturer Center’s services. And interestingly, this feature is now available to many more countries now. The knowledge panels have been improvised further now, which means there will be further more ways in which Google will be implementing it now. In fact, now, manufacturing brands will be provided with the provision to upload data to Google Manufacturer Center as follows:

There are some information, such as descriptions, key features, product titles, YouTube videos, etc. that don’t get tracked within the Merchant Center feed. The data that enters into the Manufacturer’s w Center will be used to enhance the overall product catalog of Google. No matter whether the sale happens directly between the consumers and the brand, the manufacturer center will be accessible only to manufacturers, brand licencors and owners. And Google has already started introducing more info into ads, which has no constant nature. And this info comes from various sources, including images and schema markup, and landing page. In fact by now, you are aware that it is not only Google platform that relies on feeds and structure data sources for supporting ad campaigns, but others do.

Google And Amazon Have Been In A Competition To Innovatively Change The Search Ad Campaigns

Google and Amazon have been in a competition to innovatively change the search ad campaign

If you have been keeping an eye out on how Amazon and Google have been trying to innovate ideas on improvising their search functionalities, you might have realized there has been a competition happening between these giants. In fact, experts are of the opinion that Amazon is posing a threat to the product search business from Google. Maybe a few years from now, Amazon would transform itself into a search engine. In fact to prevent this, Google Express, Purchases on Google and Local Services by Google – the Google ad-driven programs are being launched as part of this program.

In fact, our experts say that Google Express was launched directly targeting at Amazon. Many of us have already experienced Google’s brilliance where Google in partnership with some of the popular retailers such as Costco and Walmart has been operating to steamline checkout, free delivery instantly for orders that are authentic. Google has even been experimenting with the messaging part on this service. This testing has been on with Google Assistant. With an aim to oust the services from competitors, Google has been expanding local services into a number of cities, which happened recently. This will continue to expand further into the US. Plus we will be witnessing this growth across the other service sectors.

Another unfortunate fact is that the purchases happening on Google is something that no one has much idea about, but are amazed at its success in driving consumers. The point is that the program developed at a very slow rate and has been faced with many risks. Google’s focus is to make the purchase that pops up across the mobile shopping ads as easier as the ones that we can find on Amazon’s checkout at a single click. If you are a regular follower of Amazon’s activities, you might be aware of Amazon’s amazing advertising portfolio that is specifically created for its sellers. The etiquettes comprise of search ads and overcomes the challenges that would be overcome by Google and Facebook with their video businesses that we will witness over years.

The User Behavior Before Ads Will Be Impacted By Voice And Visual Search

The user behavior before ads will be impacted by Voice and Visual search

We have been emphasizing the growing prominence of voice search in most of our previous blog posts. Now with the emergence of a complete-sentence search possibility with voice search, its popularity is increasing. You can enter your queries and receive answers, both, in full sentence formats. Querying with cameras have been made possible with visual search, e.g., Google Lens. The sale of smart speakers is increasing with the growing influence of how voice search has been helping, which is greater than that compared to visual search.  

You might be aware that both these searches are growing popular. In the year 2018, we are not expected to build any specific ad campaigns on these capabilities, it will be possible for advertisers to monitor search behaviors that happen with the improvisation in media. This also depends on the results delivered by these platforms. On the basis of whether these results will be displayed vis screen, including Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana or any type of voice assistance, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, people will witness minute changes across these ads and their sides. There is a lot of difference from what happens when you use a broad match as it becomes further stronger with the modification.

We will soon be witnessing new changes in advertising with smart speakers gaining further enhancement. A number of programs, such as local services, purchases on Google and Google Express will have new and natural entry points to create sponsored messages as well as ads to be displayed to Google Home. Both visual and voice search are in the developing state, but here is something where the paid campaigns should be concentrating to garner more profit for the branding online apart from the contributions obtained from SEO.

Our Effort and Operations Will Change A Lot And This Change Will Be For Better

Our effort and operations will change a lot and this change will be for better

With the enhancement and enrichment of technology and techniques, it is possible that the paid search managers will transfer more of the routine jobs to the engines, it has already started implementing. AI is supposed to bring about an unbelievable affect on the paid search practitioners, their teams or any other agencies. A number of changes came across in this front in the year 2017, which involved bid optimization, ad extension exhibition, ad creation and ad rotation. All these aspects are automated and experts say that the functionalities offered by automations are better than others. If your business is ready to adapt, then there is a big scope for change. PPC team is considered to be highly inquisitive, analytical, strategic, and creative, which is why it receives a number of prized traits. We are aware of the fact that AI will undertake a number of tasks – which helps in saving manual labor who focus on hunting keywords and the bid optimizations. Now, they can save all this time and effort on tasks that are more important from a PPC trends perspective. They can even contribute to machine learning and help in making it more accurate and further contributing to the welfare of the organization.

How Can We Measure Incrementals And Expanding Channels Beyond Expectation – Soon These Are Bound To Become Popular

Google and Facebook are sure to rule again in the year 2018 and over years to come. There has been a number of drawbacks that advertisers have been facing, including measurement errors, lack of transparency and objectionable ad placements. But regardless of whatever the situation, marketers have been investing in digital ads across Google and Facebook platforms. And now we find nimble search marketers searching for growth opportunities across channels and platforms. Here we can witness a bridge growing between the search and social strategies. We expect to see a lot more opportunities unwrapping with Bing joining hands with LinkedIn. Also the other social media platforms, including Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and others have their own levels of qualities. It looks like the year 2018 might be the year for re targeting. A number of companies are trying their best with technologies, including the intelligent tracking prevention.

Again audience targeting is the major objective, which is helping search analysts and markets to streamline and help customize the re-targeting messages across browsers where their people are expected to be.

Here what we are targeting is customized customer targeted marketing, which is further combined with machine learning that is capped with frequency topped targeting. All this helps in clearing the mess created by lazily designed re-targeting ideas that brings about an uneasy user experience, spoiling the campaign’s objective.

Let us keep our fingers crossed to welcome the new change that is set for the upcoming months in 2018.

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