26Mar 2018

Things To Consider When Rebranding A Business

Branding is a continuous process and requires you to remain updated with the latest technological trends. In certain cases, you need to take a giant leap of rebranding. When you rebrand your business, the conversations that you have with your brand changes. It can help you to streamline your message, visuals and the ways in which it appeals to your audience. This can be in the form of name, logo, site design and voice. Apart from the same, you can also incorporate language, graphics, websites, products, social media, and overall personality. A proper rebranding can also help you to appeal your target audience with precision. The need for rebranding may arise due to a number of reasons:

  • Logo has become quite old and is not consistent with the latest trends
  • Internationalization of the brand
  • Change of the market
  • Launch of a new product
  • Merger or demerger of the business with another business to show the best aspects of both companies
  • Change in the mission of your company
  • While acquiring a new business
  • In case of management changes
  • If your business is not getting enough sales or is negatively impacted
  • Logo is not able to reach a large number of users
  • You have achieved your desired aim with which you started the company
  • Your customer’s need has changed
  • Battle with the negative PR
  • In order to stand out from your competitors

Rebranding is a slippery slope and hence it is necessary that you properly tackle this. Improper rebranding may turn out to be quite problematic and may turn out to be disastrous in certain cases. Rebranding is not only confined to redesigning the logo or renaming your brand name but you also need to take into account some other aspects of branding as well. Before rebranding, it is necessary that you do a proper research on whether you should rebrand your business or not. In case of the changing target audience, it becomes necessary that you change along with them. Rebranding apart from external facing changes require you to also change the strategies.

For example: In case of the Website design in the earlier days, the logos, website layout, and other elements were designed keeping in view the laptops and desktops display. With the widespread use of mobile devices, the web development has now been focussed to make the website mobile friendly as well.

While rebranding it is necessary that you keep certain things in mind. Some of the most factors that you need to keep in mind while rebranding are:

Choose a proper brand name:

The brand name plays a major role in your branding process. Before progressing into rebranding, it is necessary that you choose a proper brand name that is consistent with your brand and is legal. It must not be the same or similar to other brands. In this case, you need to get suggestions from various people of different disciplines. You must also keep in mind that in the redesign process, you do not break any copyright laws or other such laws. Apart from that, it is necessary that you choose a unique brand name for your organization that is not misleading or looks like a copycat of some other brand.

Be unique:

be unique

While rebranding, it is necessary that you make your brand unique and make your customers feel that they are special to you. Hence it becomes necessary that you focus on the unique aspects rather than focusing on the big picture. This makes your brand indistinguishable from other players in their market.

Understand the reason for rebranding:

It is necessary that you have a proper idea of the reason for which you are rebranding your business. Unless you have a pretty good reason for why you are rebranding you will not be able to properly redesign your brand. Based on your requirement, you can undertake a proper planning for your rebranding.

Know your users:

It is also necessary that you get a proper idea of who your audience is. In this case, you need to identify certain aspects of the audience like their demographics, age, sex, interests, aspirations, motivation, etc. This can be done by asking some questions about your audience before you get down for rebranding. You also need to understand your requirement that whether you are looking for a new audience or trying to engage with your existing customers. This helps you to properly understand your audience and create a brand that appeals to them.

Choose a proper logo:

Having a proper logo is a necessity and while rebranding you must keep in mind that your logo is visually pleasing, unique, and must attract the attention of the users. It must also be consistent with the latest design trends and also be responsive. There are some other aspects which must be taken into account when you choose a proper logo that can be easily reproduced for different sizes.

Focus on enhancing the user experience:

Out of all the aspects of the branding, the user experience plays a major role in influencing the users. Apart from the logo, brand name, advertising and other aspects, it is necessary that you get a proper idea about users, what problems they face, how they perceive the brand and other such aspects of the business. The knowledge garnered over the course of time with the help of older data, your interaction with the users, their suggestions, positives and negatives of your brand, what worked in the past, etc. can help you in rebranding.

Avoid any drastic change:

Changes are necessary for the development and hence must be implemented properly with the changing times. There are certain options that are necessary that needs to be changed from time to time that can turn out to be helpful in branding and make it a success. It is because the people do not appreciate the drastic changes and tend to fight change.

Inform your users:

inform your users

You must not tend to surprise customers and make them get the information about you and your business. You must also answer the questions that your users face and your brand must be able to answer these questions. It is necessary that you announce your project in advance which can help you to get a proper idea of the minds of the users and also make sure that you can get the best suggestions from the users.

Inform your employees

Apart from informing the users about your brand, it is necessary that you inform your employees about your brand and why you are choosing for rebranding. This helps you a great deal as only after your employees gain the proper knowledge, the rebranding can turn out to be successful. In this process, it is necessary that they are equipped with correct slogans, images, and training so that they are able to speak about their company whenever needed. It can then help each of your employees to get on board and help you to achieve a common goal and purpose.

Ask for help:

ask for help

Rebranding being a complex process must be taken care of quite carefully. Improper rebranding may turn out to be harmful to the users and affect the reputation of your brand. Hence in such a case, it becomes necessary that you seek the help of a good branding agency that can help you to achieve this dream. A proper branding agency can help you to make sure that your rebranding plan is a success. There are various ways in which you can choose a proper branding agency that can help you in your rebranding endeavor. Here are some of the ways in which you can choose a proper branding agency:

  • Get an idea of their experience in this field
  • Have an idea of their past projects and the success
  • Get to know whether they have experience of the project that is similar to you
  • Know if the brand agency is a good fit for your company or not
  • Know if they are paying attention to you or not

In order to choose a good branding agency, it is necessary that you get an idea from your inner circles. You can also look at your competitors and know what organization has worked in the branding of the agency. Apart from this, you can also look for some of the best branding agencies by searching them on search engines and social media.

Stay true to you:

In this internet driven world, it is necessary that you speak out in the form of blogs, and social media platforms. Hence it is necessary that you remain true to your word be consistent with the same. It is because the users can easily identify the brands that are inauthentic and tend to move away from the same.


There are certain ways in which you can rebrand your business. While doing so, it is necessary that you have a proper idea on why should you rebrand and how you can rebrand so as to make sure that your business may grow by leaps and bounds. With some of these tips mentioned above, you can rest assured that your brand will reach great heights.


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