14Feb 2024

SEO Opportunities for the Coming Years

The world of SEO like all other aspects of the web has no constant – it changes everyday. This makes it tedious to keep up the changes and ensure that the website stays on the top always. Forget the black hat SEO techniques, not even the white hat SEO techniques can take you to the top unless you ensure that all the latest trends are being incorporate in your SEO strategy.

There have been those times when we wake up in the morning and to our dismay, we realize that the one technique that was acquiring us all the search engine traffic is no longer valid now. It is always the best way to stay updated and keep track on what is happening in the SEO world out there. In the year 2018, if you are still following the SEO techniques that were trending in the year 2017, it is high time that you started checking your search engine traffic and getting those tactics set up.

We will take you across some of the ideas that you need to keep in mind as these would soon come up as the trend setters over the coming years.

Link Building is Something That Has Been Around

Link building is something that has been around

When we talk about link building, the truth is that it has been around us for a while and it will continue to stay. Though SEOs are of the opinion that link building has faded, there are still SEOs that are on the pursuit to find ways to acquire more links. The main objective is to gain quality links and then direct traffic to the site. Of course, even today, the analysts and web masters are of the opinion that backlinks are still one of the best strategies to acquire search engine traffic. Only point you need to keep in mind is that you do not use any unethical means to gain backlinks and manipulate Google in believing your false methodologies as this is a grave mistake from the Google’s perspective and you will end up being blacklisted.

You can always do a backlink profile clean up to check whether there are any illegitimate links involved in your list. This could seem to be a burden, but unless you do regular checks, you would end up getting blacklisted. We have some tips for you – forget all spammy ideas and grey-hat techniques, use natural linking strategies, create excellent content that would automatically garner links, choose trustworthy and authentic sites for links and finally you can always depend on paid techniques.  

Going Mobile

This should be on our list now. Since the year 2015, Google has been compelling us to ensure that our sites are mobile responsive. So in the year 2018, this should be an impeccable part of your SEO strategy. We know that mobile search has ousted even the desktop searches since a few years. Now it is the time to actually get our sites optimized for mobile if we haven’t done it yet. One of the aspects that might be affecting user experience could be nothing but the load speed. This load speed affects a number of factors, such as the user experience and finally impact the performance of pages within the SERPs. This further affects the way the users interact and whether they will get converted or not. Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google’s tactic to stop a paradigm shift from mobile to app. This will actually help in loading the pages multiple times faster than it happens normally, finally improving the user experience – in fact, AMP has been taking care of the CTRs and bounce rates. Many experts say that AMP is actually a contributing factor to ranking.

Voice Search and its Increasing Demand

Voice Search and its increasing demand

Siri and Cortana have already won our hearts with their awesomeness. This has led to the development of many similar apps in the recent times. In fact, voice recognition tools are even used as a safety measure within devices. The main objective behind the introduction of these apps are to help people go hands free. The voice recognition or voice search has been gaining popularity with the improvisation that it is acquiring. This growing accuracy will lead to further introduction of similar apps sooner. The voice search is considered to be unique and acquires better results than text searches. People say that here they have an opportunity to come up with results that match their queries accurately rather than finding approximately similar answers for your queries.

Some tips for you to help you with voice search optimization include implementing long tail keywords, use of natural conversation tones, adding FAQs page and ensuring that your strategy answers the What, Why, Where and When of the people’s queries.

Progressive Web Apps are Here to Stay

With progressive web apps, the mobile web becomes more faster and offers a great user experience. It will combine the goodness of native apps and mobile web apps to ensure that there are no weak points unaddressed. With Progressive Web Apps, it is possible to ensure that the performance ability is being adjusted to fit into the device needs, ensuring that you are offering a great user experience.

It comes with better strategies to create an enhanced engagement and conversion rates. Some of the app’s functionalities are unlike and indifferent from that of the native apps. The offline accessibility, payment apps integration and push notifications are some of the features that are interesting. A number of businesses around the world are adopting progressive web apps. Just like any other app, the website developers or owners can easily start using it by following the instructions or the guide on how to get it started. Now is the time to get it as there is less consumption, but over time, the demand will grow and more people will start adopting it and the uniqueness will not remain the same forever.

Structured Data And its Importance

Structured data and its importance

Though many of the SEOs believe that structured data mark might not be an important SEO strategy, there are others that believe and have found that structured data mark-up has been contributing a lot to the SEO. The one thing that people are trying to do is to get your site to be user or visitor friendly. Until recently, Google has been introducing a number of different ways to display or exhibit data within the SERP and these include featuring relevant answers that fit the query entered, introducing nuances, visual layers and adding context. Provided all these factors depend the data being organized clearly and logically. User experience as always is the core of any program and structured data mark up again serves the same purpose. Since the recently released search experiences are strategized to get your sites on top of the search engines, there is no chance that you will lose traffic or appear way far above the horizontal listings. Some of these markers comprise contact details, ratings, operating hours, etc.

Deciding the Crawl Budget

SEO revolves around user experience. Crawl budget optimization focuses on ensuring that your site appears impressive to the search engines. This might actually be in conflict with your idea about the pages that are browsed or visited, indexed and get updated in time.

You should ensure that your website is clean and will be available to anyone searching for the related results. This will help you save on the crawl budget, leading Google to crawl your site regularly.

More Content is Always Less

More content is always less

Content is something that will be evergreen and stay here always. How can we forget to not include content on to our sites? Content optimization is not just the keywords that are being optimized but beyond that.

Keep updating your content. Make sure that your site always has content that people are searching for. Keep your content precise and up to the point. The length of the content never matters as long as you are offering meaningful and interesting words to read. All that matters is how you present your content. Ensure that you give your writers a clear idea of what your products and services are. And take care to see that you are not stuffing these with a lot of keywords.

Of course keywords are an integral part of website content. But, when overdone, Google considers it as an illegitimate technique and you would end up being blacklisted.

Images and videos are also taking a good position when presenting content.

Try using images and videos to convey your message instead of mere text.

See how the magic works this time.

We have tried it and a number of clients are also depending on it. So we are recommending it for you.

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