22Sep 2021

Quora Marketing – How To Promote Your Blog Posts On Quora

Reading is a great way to relax. Once you get into the flow state, you become immersed in your own realm, and time seems to stand still.

Psychologists have linked this state to happiness. Without having to worry about the external problems or having to listen to the little voice in your head, the literary world is nothing but bliss.

While reading remains an art, the world around us is all too noisy for conducive reading.

You would imagine that with the advent of the web, there would be millions of repositories facilitating favorable information uptake. In truth, few websites are capable of doing this. Most are either littered with pop-up notifications, have a poor layout, or contain lots of filler content.

Quora just happens to be an exception to the rule.

Other than engaging the senses and teleporting readers into a stress-free and happy zone, it’s also the perfect platform to gain and disseminate information.  With this background, it’s evident that the Quora can wonderfully market a brand.

If you’re looking to grow your wings, you can effectively do this by simply answering people’s questions on Quora.

Since there’s some finesse involved, we’ll be sharing pointers on how you can promote your blog posts on Quora and connect with the millions of avid readers who can’t help but happily keep scrolling once they get started on a thread.

Let’s roll!

Why Quora Stands Out?

There’s a sea of knowledge to be found on Quora. As a user, you can find great answers to some of your topics of interest.

By design, the platform is structured to make it easy to click through and read in-depth blog articles linked to some of the Quora answers.

What makes the platform so revolutionary is the fact that it doesn’t embrace the “in your face” marketing tactics employed by many.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that Google Analytics loves reporting on referral traffic. Since Quora is an excellent source of this, it’s worth diversifying your exploits into the platform.

Better Than Link-building

While link-building can help enhance your website’s SEO value, this doesn’t always equate to more traffic.

With Quora, you can go beyond link-building and focus on getting better traffic. For this, you need the content you share to be informative and pique the interest of readers right from the word go.

By keeping the post brief and sharing a link to your blog towards the end, there’s a good chance lots of people will check out the link and follow through on whatever call-to-action you’d shared.

Quora Is Friendly Traffic


As opposed to most conventional marketing strategies, Quora has plenty of friendly traffic.

This term perhaps best describes the transaction because visitors to your site can do so out of their own volition. By striking the right cords, you can impress and intrigue audiences so that they are curious enough to find out what more you have to say on a subject matter.

This is a great way to make friends and create a following. Since they’ve shown an interest in you, the odds are that they want to know about the services you offer.

The highlighted pointers should give you the gist of what Quora is all about. To effectively market your ways on the platform, the next section will be more focused

How To Promote Your Blog Posts On Quora


Work On Your Profile

As you begin your Quora marketing journey, you need to pay special attention to your profile page. With the right kind of detailing, the profile section can enhance your portfolio. Visitors to your page will likely get encouraged to keep following if the knowledge you share in posts agrees with the profile you’ve created.

Succinctness in the bio is important because you need to express yourself in about 80 characters. Ideally, you want this “headline” section that lies below your display name to go straight for the jugular.

As such, preparedness is key. Take out your notebook and jot down which topics you want to focus on. Once this is decided, you can concentrate your efforts on that one thing and work towards becoming a thought leader in that industry.

Given just how important first impressions are, you want your profile to give visitors the lowdown on your essence from the get-go.

On its own, your profile summary needs to serve as a way to introduce yourself to prospects.

Important as it is, this section is usually behind closed doors except to users who’ve taken an interest in your full profile. Knowing that people have taken a sense of initiative to know more about you, it’s best to make full use of the extra formatting options on hand. You can italicize, bold texts, use lists, insert block quotes, and underline.

Your profile also serves as the perfect spot to place a link to your website or blog. Since you’re working within character constraints, try to see if it’s possible to shorten the URL so you have more time to share more about your persona.


With the profile section all wrapped up, it’s time to start surveying for possible questions to answer. The accuracy of the information you share is going to play a big role in influencing the following you’re able to build up.

To gain a better perspective of which answers suit you, navigate towards the search field, and have a go at different topics in your niche. From here, allow the results you get from your search history to influence how you format your responses to questions.

Taking inspiration from the best posts, you can align your key talking points and develop bulleted points on what to cover.

Importantly, you want to pay special attention to the topics that have a large following. This is because providing informative quips on such topics is likely going to see you garner impressive view counts and upvotes from other users.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, Quora has a search field that allows you to save questions to respond to later. You simply have to click on the “three dots” icon section and select the “Answer Later” option. By saving different kinds of responses, you can come up with a comprehensive outline of best responses to questions and even prioritize which ones need to take precedence.

This kind of organization allows you to populate your content to different queries raised. With little time searching for new posts to respond to, we’re confident you’ll find this approach time-saving.

As you go about your business, it’s important to remember that Quora is very much a social media networking platform like any other. In light of this, strive to ensure that as you sort through which responses to share, you start with the popular questions.

Tell A Narrative With The Answers


Everyone does Quora marketing differently. It’s of no use trying to ape what some other brand did verbatim. Instead, try to take inspiration from the highest-rated posts and try to connect dots as you will.

Using your mastery in a particular skill set, try to see how you can find your own voice and tell your own stories.

If you scan a majority of Quora posts, you’ll notice that a good chunk of marketers love to infuse stories into the mix. This tends to work brilliantly because humans innately love good storytellers. As anthropologists will have you believe, the art of storytelling stretches back to the Neanderthal age.

You can cleverly use this information as part of your arsenal to formulate posts that engage the hearts and minds of a targeted audience. You can choose to tell a tragedy, a story of perseverance, or share inspiring quips from your life journey.

Given the fact that a good number of people have access to smartphones, it wouldn’t hurt your campaign to incorporate images as part of your marketing strategy.  As shown by a Buzzsumo study, Quora posts that feature an image after every hundred words tend to notch better upvote numbers than those that don’t.

While apps like Instagram and Pinterest are considered image havens, Quora is not that far off behind. Who said information dissemination needs to be bland?

Stay On Your Toes

Preparedness is the name of the game. While content is going to influence how the masses tide in your favor, you don’t have to be a wordsmith to impress.

Sure, you can develop your skills further down the path, but as you start, you need to get the basics right. A quick study of conversion numbers will inform you plenty about which time tends to register great engagement numbers.

During these peak hours, you need to tailor your content to align with the day’s trending topics. Not only does this guarantee you maximum visibility, but it also shows you’re in tune with the times and know just what you’re talking about.

That said, you mustn’t court controversy all the time. A little tongue in cheek every once in a while is okay, but take caution that your entire reputation is not built on this single trait. Have some dynamism about you.


Quora is the perfect medium to promote your blog content. While most bloggers aren’t salespersons by nature, you can let your words do the talking by using the platform.

The pointers shared here should enable you to make light work of discussions on the forum and steer the conversation to suit you.

What do you make of Quora marketing? Is it something you can embrace in your pipeline?

Let us know in the comments below!

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