08Jun 2023

How to Increase Traffic to Website? Effective Strategies to Follow

We all have witnessed the journey of the internet; it just started off from a web of text documents. But things have changed now, technology has advanced a lot; the presence of pictures, audios, and videos is now common on the internet. And this trend has affected the marketing strategies too. Even if it is a description, demonstration or for sale purpose, challenging competitions are happening within the innovative marketing field.  Huge corporate such as Microsoft and Apple to smaller organizations use animated business videos to advertise and promote their product/service.

As the production cost of an animated video is cheap (not too low), it turns to be a powerful tool in marketing now and this will be a major marketing weapon in the future. Most websites today host a video on their homepage giving visitors a clear image of their service. We believe that blending this strategy in website development is also an essential factor in order to deliver cutting edge web content. Let’s spend some time reviewing some facts regarding the importance of an Animated Business Video and the effective usage of it.

An organic increase in attracting Google Traffic to your website can be attributed to several factors. Unlike the common notion, the practice of link building, though an important ingredient in helping you draw traffic to your web page is, however, not the only option. There exists a wealth of other possibilities as exciting and as intriguing as link building which will help you to draw traffic. Here are some of the best practices for your website to increase traffic from Google.

In-Depth and Quality Content

In-Depth and Quality Content

A website is mainly about its content. After all, your audience will be visiting your site primarily to view your content. In-depth and quality articles that focus on your niche area should be the focus of your site. Research and analytics have revealed that the websites that host in-depth articles, though limited, are usually the ones which clock the highest number of footfalls. It is also a fact that once Google is able to identify your site as the destination for specific content, there will be a noticeable increase in your Google traffic. So, you should be wise in choosing a web design agency that can also deliver content for your website.

Enhanced UX

An enhanced on-site experience for users definitely goes a long way in improving the page views. With changing user perspectives, Google has designed newer updates that define the quality of websites. The duration for which your website can hold on to your viewer is analyzed and evaluated by Google search algorithms. Based on the input metrics, these updates subsequently downgrade or upgrade sites. There is no way that websites can play their old tricks for increasing their search rankings.

Web sites today should work towards streamlining their navigation, remove the unnecessary clutter and focus on essential value and provide dependable web hosting to ensure that you will have more and more satisfied users hanging around in your site helping you to increase your search ranking.

Improved Performance

Improved Performance

Happiness is delivered when you get what you want fast. A happy visitor ensures a longer stay and consequently a better ranking. Your site speed is, therefore, a factor you need to work on. It is also one of the few parameters that Google considers vital for ranking websites. In fact, the Time to First Byte (TTFB) factor or the amount of time required by the server to respond to the first request is probably more important than general page speed. It is regarded as an important parameter for consideration in ranking websites. After all, first impressions are always lasting the longest, so make sure you get to impress your viewer the first time.

Responsive Web Design

Responsiveness is a recent development but it is fast acquiring increasing relevance in the age of mobile revolution. The increasing demand for Smartphones makes it essential that your website is made compatible with these devices. The Responsive Design should make your website free of any Smartphone errors. The most common ones which should be avoided include:

  • Redirecting to the wrong mobile URL
  • Using a video format that is not compatible with the phone configurations.
  • Using Pop-ups that cannot be easily maneuvered on a mobile handset
  • Use of navigation buttons or fonts that are inconveniently small for the device

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The first and foremost thing to do prior to any marketing activity is, make sure your website is well optimized for search visibility. Follow the known guidelines and parameters to building a well-optimized website and commit to a long term strategy of link building etc. SEO is not an option but the most significant and compulsory process any website in the digital domain must follow. Search engines are the most influential sources of free traffic.


You could write a blog on your own website and also contribute as a guest blog. The former significantly enhance search visibility and rankings provided you write quality niche articles regularly and consistently, thus contributing to your traffic stats. The latter permits you to put a backlink to your website from the author resource section, which again helps drive traffic to your website. You could find high trafficked blogs of your niche that are open to guest bloggers.

Social Media

Social Media

It’s almost like a second home for internet users. People are actively looking for businesses in social media, comparable to the search activity on search engines. It is a must for businesses to be proactive and establish an authoritative presence on social media. Put up your website link, share your content, videos, promotions etc, create a natural and engaging presence, and you will be amazed at the amount of traffic flocking to your website.


Users love videos and images much over the bland textual content. Create videos using video editing apps that are useful and informative such as tutorials, demos etc depending upon the nature of your website, and make sure you have your website link shown on the video screen throughout. If you succeed to intrigue and engage enough, users will surely click through to discover your website. Similarly, for every image that you create, make sure your website URL is well appended to it. Keep in mind that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, next to Google – a fact that is self-explanatory on the importance of creating and sharing videos.



We are not talking about the boring and rather less useful content that is popularly written and circulated to shake off SEO. We are talking about writing expert, authoritative, unique and quality articles for submission to only the best article publishing websites like ezinearticles.com, etc. Depending upon how useful your article is, readers are surely inspired to click through to your website from the link displayed in the author’s resource box.

Online Communities

Create a natural yet authoritative presence on the internet. One of the best ways to do this is to participate in discussions, answer to queries, provide expert advice, assist in issues etc, in a way that deals with the niche your business is in. This is all possible through online communities and forums. Another way is to also comment on other blogs (not to spam, mind you!), by providing additional info, etc. Build reputation, represent your expertise and credibility, and soon you will see the spike in traffic to your website.

Like any marketing activity, these techniques too are not expected to produce results overnight. Most important above all is an unshaken commitment to following these strategies long term.

Psychological Influence

If a user is available and has time, he/she will watch the video hosted on a website’s homepage. If the video describes the brand’s confidence and commitment to its service, this will create a psychological impact on the visitor. Researches show that when people are watching animated videos their mind will be automatically driven back to their childhood (a time when we all were receptive to all incoming information). Thus, visitors watching such an animated advertisement or product promotion videos are 85% more likely to buy that product. Also, if the visitor is a bit busy to read texts, they will surely go ahead watching the video.

So, it is as simple as that. If you run a business, create an animated video that describes the product. Choose a unique style and theme for presentation making sure that it sticks along with your business plan.

Following This Simple 3 Act Rule

While creating a video for hosting on your website homepage, be sure that you follow these simple 3 Act rules of a short film.

  • Act 1: State the problem
  • Act 2: Show how your product is the solution
  • Act 3: Call to action

This is the method followed all over the globe, if your video production team or agency is impeccable, then give them an opportunity to develop something “out of the box”.

An Animated Video Has Unlimited potential

Yes, that’s the fact. The only limit to video production is less imagination. You can even synchronize business services with a fun mood. But keeping it as brief as possible will be a better idea (ranging from 30 seconds to three minutes). Convey the message fully to your viewers without making them bored or losing interest. Remember, it is not just about the usage of hi-tech tools in video production, it is about the theme and arrangement. Also, try to use the original score rather than using stock music.

Attracts Visitors to the Site

We all love visuals and this could be one of the best ways that you can attract visitors to your site. In fact, a business starts at the stage when it is capable of holding its customers to the screen as and when they reach the site.

An animated video has got the power to attract its people and retain them for more time when a site without the video would have led them to abandon the website.

When you have visitors on your website they will probe further into the site and click through it performing the actions expected from them. But, unless you can pamper them with something interesting don’t expect miracles to happen!

Satisfying Google

Satisfying Google

It is not an easy task to satisfy Google and provide it with reasons to get your site to the top of the charts. But, if you succeed at pleasing Google, you are almost there. Once Google starts pulling you to the top of the SERPs your customers will automatically start reaching out to you.

Google loves sites that have a lot of visual content apart from the “text” content.

The search engine believes that videos are the best ways of educating and entertaining people. So, it ranks websites with videos at the top of the site.

So, whenever a related search query is entered, the sites with videos are given preference while ranking.

Mobile Users

Gone are the days when people use desktop devices to access websites. These days they prefer more of their Smartphones to access websites.

No one has the time to read content or we can say that the chances of a content impressing your website users are too little when they are viewing the site on their mobile devices. Because they feel like it is too much to read. 

Many a time, website visitors abandon the site just because they cannot find anything interesting over there.

But, an animated video on your site could save your neck! Ever thought about that? Yes, it works that way!

When your website user happens to see a video on the site, they want to watch it further and they stay there for more time and your desire is granted.

Better Explanation than Words

It is more fun to watch an animated video than reading some boring text. Agree? Yeah! That’s the obvious bet. We all love to watch it more than reading. So, when you have an animation, people might not mind setting apart some time to go through the video rather than take the pain to read the text.

So, now you know why people watch videos rather than read the text in there! It explains better than words can as there is a possibility that whatever you write might not be understandable by audiences across the globe.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

The next thing is to get a video created and circulate it as part of your Email Campaigns. Undoubtedly, you will witness a sudden spark in the response. People love to watch videos that have been sent to them through Email Campaigns.

Also, it is one of the best ways that you could utilize to let people know that yes, your business exists when you might get lost in the crowd. They will surely remember to check out your website once they have gone through your video.

Social Sharing

Social media is abuzz today with various kinds of businesses. If you are not a part of the spree then, there is something that you are not doing the right way. What could it be?

Are You Active Over Social Media?

Are you sharing the videos across these platforms? If not, then, it is high time that you worked upon these and shared it across to get the maximum number of likes and shares.

Get your videos over these sites and see how the engagement turns over with people liking and sharing your videos.

When you effectively follow these techniques, it is sure that any random visitor will like your website and explore its inner pages. Meanwhile, do not forget to highlight your “Social Media Buttons”.

Check out more details about how social media can help to boost website rankings.

Tried sharing the animated video to increase the traffic to your site?

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