16Jan 2024

10 Powerful Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Traffic in 2024 and Beyond

We are living in a tech-savvy world and over the last few decades, digital marketing has undergone tremendous transformation. For you to cope with stiff competition from your rivals, you would need to move and adjust with the changing trends.

It would be too costly for you to lag behind in terms of implementing the new technological trends currently shaping up modern digital marketing.

Why would you want to limit the reach and competitiveness of your brand?

You may be oblivious of the emerging trends that are slowly engulfing the current marketing environment but your customers and competitors may have moved with the changing times. This is why you must always implement the new changes in the current digital marketing sphere to remain relevant.

To help you get along with the innovative and emerging trends in the modern digital marketing world, we list for you these 10 powerful digital marketing concepts to boost traffic in the new age:

Direct Messaging 

Direct Messaging

Have you realized that brands have become more proactive and are engaging with their customers directly by way of direct messaging?

Quite a significant number of reputable brands are now having conversations with the customers directly by way of direct messaging. This helps to streamline customer service experience and enhances sales. In fact, direct messaging is surely one of the most feasible digital marketing trends you need to implement.

Direct messaging can work through various means including via emails, social media apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber), and private messages on twitter or Facebook web. These apps offer a perfect platform for the business to keep engagement through text with the option of even making calls.

Through direct messaging, a business is able to foster relationships with its customers. These messaging apps can address things such as; sales orders, complaints, create awareness about new product offerings, etc.

You just have to encourage your target market to send you messages if you wish to achieve success with this method. Simply provide them with your social media handles and invite them to like it or follow your business then keep them engaged.

Interactive Emails

You are mistaken to think that email marketing has lost relevance in digital marketing. It remains a viable option and in fact, the ROI is still impressive, however, the figures are somehow reducing or stunting. This is why businesses need to reinvent how they package their emails.

If you even care enough to notice, you will realize that the old plain text emails and newsletters are taking a dip for obvious reasons. Instead, there are new elegantly packaged emails that come with exciting new features that resemble and even function like website pages e.g. clickable buttons.

The added features in the emails do not just impress the customer but also foster engagement, which leads to conversions. Readers of your emails are more likely to click on your stylized buttons that have images than the old dated plain text links.

You should however not just stop at using stylized buttons on the emails but also include the use of visuals and elegant designs. These designs and visuals will greatly encourage the audience that you are targeting to click on the links that you provide in the emails that you send them.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

You definitely have used social media this year by either sharing your posts on Facebook or on twitter. How can you then enhance your social media marketing strategy to make them even better?

There are various things that you can do to make content in your social media circles to be lively to your target audience. Using tools such as Hootsuite for scheduling your posts can help you reach users that hail from different time zones. 

Always ensure that you offer an improved user experience as you market yourself on social media platforms. You can achieve this by creating a strong message that highlights your brand and influences people to take action.

Staying ahead of the competition as a brand needs a concerted effort. It means putting your voice and messages across all your social media channels. You will however have to link all your social media channels in a single handle for you to achieve impressive results.

Niche Social Media Channels Marketing

 We saw some not so good case scenarios that affected the leading social media giants as we closed 2019. Public confidence and perception in them experienced remarked dip. This brought about slowed growth of the leading social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

However, it does not mean that Twitter and Facebook are going to die today, they will still be very important but an exodus is already imminent. Fortunately, the other less known social media channels are beginning to gain popularity and are showing impressive levels of growth. 

Why not grab an early initiative now and start growing your presence on these emerging social media platforms when others are still reluctant? Your efforts will most likely pay you off in the near future as these sites keep on rising, getting popular with many people and users.

Marketers are embracing new social media platforms such as Reddit, Medium, Snapchat, and Pinterest. A trend is beginning to take shape in which the young people aged below the age of 30 are moving towards these social media platforms.

Now, taking your presence to these sites will help you effectively reach a target group that will grow tremendously in this decade.

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Optimization for the Featured Snippets

Have you ever wondered why digital marketing trends keep changing so fast?

Well, the answer to this question is simple, it is because they are hosted on platforms that are ever-changing too. If you look at Google, for instance, it keeps its search algorithms updated several times annually. In order for you not to lag behind the new trends, you also need to evolve with the search engines.

Today there are search queries that come with featured snippets that show on the first pages of search results. Interestingly, these featured snippets get more traffic than the conventional search engine results. This is why you should not ignore them in your digital marketing endeavor.

The search engines constantly work to help users get the best content. As a digital marketer, you also need to adapt to the changes and create SEO strategies that go hand in hand with the endeavors of the search engines. The creation of high-quality content that encompasses every topic will be extremely crucial in this decade for the marketers who want to achieve success.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing remains the perfect method of attaining the attraction of a targeted audience. When marketing your content, strive to make it relevant, valuable, and consistent. If you do this, it becomes striking to those who decide to read it.

In the current marketing setting, your focus should be the creation of content that solves problems for the people reading it. Also, remember to create content that remains evergreen and think about content localization too, to cater to larger markets. 

Your content marketing strategy will only pay you off if you take pragmatic initiatives like; marketing automation, influencer marketing, mobile content, etc. Moreover, there is even more reason for you to take mobile content marketing seriously. Smartphones already make about 50 percent of the entire global devices so you can imagine where the numbers are.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a type of internet marketing that involves paying ads to get your website listed on the first page results of the search engines.

You could use YouTube video ads or graphic displays for instance to enhance traffic to your website. All these are excellent methods that you can use to help get users coming your way.

Responsive Web Designs

Digital marketers now have to deal with reaching prospects by mobile. This is a trend that is here to stay with us and even perhaps after this decade is up.

To achieve success with digital marketing promotions in this decade, you must optimize your website for mobile devices.

A website that is well optimized and responsive on every device screen including mobile devices is attractive to many users, so using the right WordPress plugins is a necessity when making customizations. You can never go wrong by having a website that is all-device friendly.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

We witnessed an unprecedented surge in the popularity of video as a digital marketing tool over the last decade. Now, we have more consumers of content preferring videos to other visual mediums. As per the current statistics, over 85% of online marketers use some sort of video content.

Push Notifications on Browsers

If you have not noticed it, push notifications are rising steadily and according to statistics, more than 80% of online stores used them in 2019. Now consider the following exciting statistics:

  • More users have signed-up for push notifications on the web than with newsletters.
  • Just a small percentage of the leading email marketers actually succeed at newsletter sign-up rate that rivals what the web push does.
  • It takes a little long for a newsletter subscriber to open it compared to the short time it takes for a recipient of web push notification to click on the message.

The Bottom Line

You got them! These are the ten digital marketing ideas that will help you boost traffic in 2024 that you should not overlook. From them, you certainly have realized that you must keep up with the change to stay ahead of your competition. Keeping yourself abreast of these new and emerging technologies will definitely let you win big in this new decade.

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