01Feb 2018

SEO trends to watch Out in 2018

Search engine optimization is an inseparable part of digital marketing. You have to be really competitive, observant and innovatively impeccable to make your mark while doing SEO. Only the best ones do survive and the rest fade away. If your SEO is poor, then undoubtedly, no one can guarantee that your business will persist for long. And, the exciting part of SEO is that in order to provide people with the best experience, search engines are refining the strategies at regular intervals.

As an SEO person, you need to be really fast at learning and introducing innovative tactics to stay ahead in the competition, and ensuring that your business appears on the first page of the search engines is not as easy a job as it might seem. The algorithm updates, techniques and technologies need to be blended in well to ensure that the business is at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). In the year 2017, we have come across a variety of new and unique trends in SEO. The algorithm updates from search engines, including Google happens every fortnight.

So, let us find out what new SEO trends in 2018 is bound to mark history.

Image and video searches will be an added feature


Visual interaction has become a new cool in the online world. The social media platforms that encourage visual content, users love for images and videos as well as the improved speed of internet have given rise t0 the advancement in visual content online. So, very soon, search engines, such as Google, would be bringing about new updates on how images and videos will be viewed online. Visually driven content is changing the way businesses are interacting with users and hence we need more of these. A number of businesses, including start-ups, have been utilizing the visual content to improve their interaction with customers. With visual content being emphasized as an important part of SEO strategy, we will soon see an improvement in the search results too, which will be further in line with the user’s queries.

Knowledge graph will have an important role to play

Featured snippets have been an important part of Google’s search strategy for ranking on search engines for quite a while now. The advantage of featured snippets is that they provide users precisely with the exact answer for the search queries. Though there have been speculations that the frequency of these featured snippets is experiencing a decline since recently, it would still be an important part of Google’s search strategy. The decline was because these have been replaced with equivalent answers that are showcased with the Knowledge Graph boxes. But, experts believe that very soon, Knowledge graph would be taking up the position initially occupied by featured snippets. Let’s keep our fingers closed and watch out.

Smart speaker sales all set to trigger the impact of voice search.

Heard of a smart speaker? Of course, in the year 2018, there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of the smart speaker. In the year 2017, it is reported that the Smart Speaker sales, for Google home and Amazon Echo, had spiked spontaneously. In the year 2018, let us wait for newer models of these to unveil. Users have started to love the way this 0perate by voice, providing search results in voice – which gives them a feeling of being closely connected. Moreover, they are saved of the effort to having the type and see – all they have to do is speak and listen. We can expect to see improvisation across the queries across the SERPs very soon.

Ranking frequency determination will be changed through individual customization.

Personalized search results

All the while, Google has been emphasizing the importance of personalizing search results. In the past, we have seen individual search histories, browser cookies, and other details were used to provide a personalized result to the searchers. As we have already discussed the introduction of smart speakers, we can soon hope to see further improvisation in the personalization ingredient that would be applied in the year 2018, changing the way your businesses rank over the SERPs.

Traditional search algorithm updates will be soon ousted and replaced by machine learning.

Google has been maintaining a stand on the implementation of machine learning across the various sectors – though, we could find that there are considerable changes across the search algorithms, which has been affected invariably. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been seen investing unduly into artificial intelligence and machine learning. You might be wondering that since Google hasn’t made any official announcements on how and when it is planning to apply machine learning to its algorithms and unveil it, then, how do we confidently discuss the implementation? Very slowly, you would find the algorithm updates disappearing, while paving the way to iterative, continuous and automated algorithm process influenced by machine learning, as Google is already working on the same. We can expect it soon.

Google will not be the final SEO ambassador

Google, Bing, and Yahoo have been among those popular search engines that were preferred for making SEO decisions by professionals. But, recently, there has been a change to this trend as businesses have been thinking of a picture beyond these. Though there is no doubt to the fact that Google still ranks first among the search engines and is the most preferred platform, there are still a number of search engines, including the Yelp and Amazon (and digital assistant, Siri) that have been taking up the place of search engines. In order to ensure that your business stays in trend, you need to be thinking of a scenario of search engines outside of Google.

Localization will find more food.

Local SEO

The hyperlocal marketing was one of the genres that were expecting a great improvisation in the year 2017. As predicted, local SEO and local search made an impact in the past year, though the online world hasn’t fully embraced the new cool introduced by hyper-localization. Hyperlocal is nothing, but depending on the physical closeness (which could be less than a block radius), search results are customized for the users. For improvising SEO with hyper-localization, webmasters will have to focus on hyperlocal keywords, which have to be optimized for local search results. This should be customized by taking into account the increased use of mobile devices, and the virtual and augmented reality, which is the next big thing.

These are some of our predictions in SEO for the year 2018. If you think there are more, please feel free to share those with us.

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