27Oct 2017

10 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Your website, if designed effectively, can emerge as one of your biggest marketing tool. It is crucial, therefore, that you work towards implementing the most functional improvements in your website. Given below are some helpful tips to enable you to achieve your objective.

1. Free Your Website of Clutter

The first thing that attracts or repels visitors is the cleanliness of your site. Make sure that you eliminate all redundant elements that do not add value to your website. Smart content, design, intelligent use of graphics, clean scripts and simple navigation are some of the additions you can think of including.

2. Build Spacious Designs

Add sufficient space between your content elements to enable your visitors to be better able to absorb and comprehend the messaging.

3. Simple and Intuitive navigation

Navigation is one of the reasons that visitors may wish to stay on in your website. A complicated navigation may cause your visitors to leave. The navigation should be simple and innovative to enable them to find information.

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4. Use Professional Images

Make sure that all images used on your website are of excellent professional quality. Visitors judge your professional credibility through the quality of your content and images are one of the most important aspects of your content. It is always advisable to avail the services of a professional photographer or purchase from various photo sites available online.

5. Be Color Smart

While colorful websites attract visitors, you should, however, be smart about what color you use and how much you use. This helps to avoid getting your visitors confused. Also a choice of neutral shades helps your websites, create a clean, professional and contemporary appearance.

Moreover, a strategic way of using colors would be to use the shades that complements your corporate branding and reinforces it in public memory.

6. Use a Professional logo

Your corporate logo is also a crucial aspect of your brand. Get a professional designer to design your logo and position it strategically on your website. Also use this as a useful navigation tool by linking it back to your home page. This is an obvious way to help people remember your brand.

7. Align with Company Branding

Although colors and logo form a significant part of your brand, it is however not its sole aspect. The content messaging forms a large part. It is the perfect blend of all three woven into your site which helps to establish your complete brand. Make sure that your website is able to create this chemistry.

8. Make it Responsive

Owing to the growing predominance of mobile devices, making your sites responsive is an absolute necessity. Make sure that you are able to optimize your site appropriately so that it can be accessed and read on different kinds of devices.
More of its important features are explained at our Responsive Web Design – Features.

9. Install Direction Widget

A unique way to entice viewers would be to introduce a direction showing the widget. Such Widgets are easily available online and helps to show customers directions to your shop.

10. Choose fonts intelligently

Fonts are the next most important factor that should be considered, particularly if you are building a responsive design. Use universal fonts that can be read on any device.

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  1. Priya

    Website design tips are helpful for us. It is really good tips because I have created a new website using your incredible and simple tips to make my website very impressive and stunning.

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