27Nov 2020

8 Steps To A Solid Social Media Marketing Plan

Everyone is getting on to the social media, individuals and businesses alike. Essentially, it has become an indispensible mode in day to day life. However, it may not be appropriate for businesses to randomize their social existence with little or no thoughts and plans, which could turn to be detrimental to the business. Planning is very important if you must make the most out of social media.

Here we will run through some of the elements to consider and questions to address while structuring a social media marketing plan for businesses.

  1. Goals and objectives

Your business is tied to an objective. So should your social media efforts be. Are you looking to gain brand exposure? Product promotion? Sale? Clearly define your goals and ultimate objective you are trying to achieve through social media.

  1. Audience Traits

Much of what you must do and could do will depend on your target audience. Analyse and understand the demographic and psychographic traits of your existing customers and prospective customers. Knowing whom to talk to is the most essential thing to know!

  1. Value to customers

Now that you’ve defined your goals and objectives, and analysed your target audience traits, ask yourself what value your business will provide to the crowd, what your customers/prospectives expectations could be and how you would reach out and address that.

  1. Platforms

It may not be a good idea to start off with all social media sites at once. Choose one or two that are most appropriate for you, make sure you are all ‘active’ in there, and slowly move into expansion.  By giving it time, you will come to know of what exactly the customers are looking from you, and make more informed plan on reaching out to that objective by leveraging the right social platform.

  1. Type of Content

This will depend upon the nature of your business and the social website you are engaging with. If you want to shout out on a new product launch, you might want to utilize visual platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. If you are looking to conduct an opinion poll or a survey, no better place than Facebook. If you are looking to simply converse, build relationships and vouch others’ content, go ahead on Twitter. Understand the nature of your business, if you must understand the type of content to post.

  1. Engagement Frequencies

Chart out your plan on how often you would post updates on each of the social media sites you plan to get in. Be loyal and stick to it. Make it a point to follow a moderate frequency so as to not overwhelm and frustrate your followers, and post updates at times that are more likely viewed by your network followers.

  1. Accounts Management

This is the most critical part. To implement and adhere to all that you have planned, commitment to management is very important. If you are a really small business with just a few employees, you could perhaps delegate the work to one or a couple of them, provided they are well versed with social media marketing tactics. If you think you do not have the right in-house resource, you might very well hire an agent to do this.

  1. Measurement

Any marketing activity without proper measurement heads nowhere. If you must know you are doing it right, you need to have figures to look at. Plan on how you would measure your success, and what your success metrics would be. Depending on what your overall objectives are, your measurement metrics could range from the number of likes and shares, to sales revenue. The success metrics you choose must be tied to your social media marketing objectives.

Hope this special post of social media space management was informative to you. We hope that you will try out these points on your business at your socail media accounts. If you feel to need any support on related work activities or to get more services for your business websites feel free to contact acodez today. You may tell about your ideas and more by writing to us at Acodez Customer Care.

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