09May 2018

10 Top Mobile App Development Trends to look out for in the year 2018

If you are here looking out for mobile app development trends that will dominate the mobile industry this year, let me tell you frankly, I won’t be discussing the mobile first thing.

Folks 2018 is the year to think beyond mobile first, which is the need of the hour.

Of course, it is essential that you implement the mobile first strategy but it is just not the one that you should be contemplating now.

So, let me not bore you further, as we know mobile is a part and parcel of our lives. The influence of mobile is such that I cannot refrain myself from sharing a Facebook post that was seen making rounds lately and had people laugh out madly.

There was photo post wherein there was a surgeon trying to pull out a baby from its mother’s womb and he was pleading “Sir, if you could please come out now, and the baby was seen with a mobile replying “Dude, kindly wait, let me just update the status- feeling excited!”

Looks like even new- borns are coming out of their mother’s womb with a mobile phone in their hand.

This is the influence of mobile phones and smart apps and the need to introduce the best ones to stay in business.

It is necessary that you take into account the current trends and then devise an app that will fetch the customer requirements.

The important thing to note is all people want is to access information from anywhere at anytime.

Content is king, but you need a proper device or app that will communicate your business intentions with the people outside.

They do not know who you are or what you are, but you can pamper them with experience that actually counts.

Precisely we have reached a situation where it is impossible to live without mobile and its awesome apps even for a second.

After spending some quality time discussing with Acodez’s app development team and brainstorming, I have jotted down 10 simple and quick things about the mobile app development trends that you need to strongly consider in the year 2016:

#1. Beacons and more:

Beacons and more - Top Mobile App Development Trends

Something to eat! So, when you want your people to relish on the special cuisine that you cook for them, it is important to know whether you are doing it right. As you are aware Apple’s iBeacons are making news. Now, iPhone users can utilize the awesomeness of connecting to the iBeacon network. Thanks to the beacon technology that makes this move possible.

So what is the Beacon technology and what makes it awesome?

If you are an iOS user, I would recommend you try this out and find it for yourself why did I just call it awesome.

With Beacon technology, you can get your hands on a set of services that you are looking out for in any particular geographic location.

For instance, if you are looking for a pizza delivery unit within a particular geographic location, it will bring you the results starting from the ones that are located closer to you and also provides you with other relevant related retailer information and suggestions too.

It comes as a boon for marketers focusing on localization of their business. This access point iBeacon technology helps businesses to detect where their customers are and serve them accordingly.

It is all about providing your customers with the right information at the right time.

So, in the year 2016 mobile app development would be integrating beacon technology to transform businesses into gold mines by reaching out customers nearby.

Android is following suit after Apple’s successful move to please its customers.

#2. Back-end integration:

Back-end integration - Top Mobile App Development Trends

You have some awesome content and images on your website. Ok? And, you have a shopping, payment and shipping integration system that is too easy and simple and also secure. Customers are attracted like bees to its hive.

The most important thing is there are very few people who use desktops and laptops for shopping. They find it easier to shop via mobiles and expect a similar experience via mobile devices.

All that people want is the ease of shopping from anywhere at anytime without any complications.

Previously, mobile app developers have been facing quite a few difficulties while integrating customer facing apps for mobiles.

It was a time consuming and costly affair.

But, now thanks to the technology, our mobile developers know what fits in and they ensure that the back-end integration is done to offer the customers with a great shopping experience when loading items to their cart.

#3. Big- data integration:

Big- data integration - Top Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile app development is applicable to a big enterprise industry. It is something that we do not have a control over as the list is on a rise every other day.

I believe if you are a mobile app developer you must be familiar with big data and analysis and why it is mandatory in the year 2016.

We are already familiar with the importance of big data implementation that was circulating in the year 2015 and undoubtedly mobile app developers are making it a priority.

It is mainly to track the performance of apps that helps businesses to grow and flourish in their respective areas of expertise.

You can contemplate on finding new data collection procedures or methodologies that will give you a better insight into what fits and also this will help you develop apps that are client expectation centric and performs well.

#4. User Experience Matters:

User Experience Matters - Top Mobile App Development Trends

Now do I have to elaborate this? Of course, I will be giving a brief about user experience. But, this is something that has been dominating the app industry since the day app was born.

Only if you can satisfy your customers, your app will be successful. And success comes from an exemplary user experience that is found nowhere else.

The focus is on developing in-app advertising to purchase user experience.

Here again app developers can use analytics data to track user experience and response.

#5. Internet of Things (IoT):

Internet of Things (IoT) - Top Mobile App Development Trends

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been all over the news for a lot of reasons.

The increase in people depending on multiple devices is the reason for the popularity of the Internet of Things.

The apps get established as you integrate them over a variety of connected devices.

As they mature and are being accessed via a range of devices, you can focus more on enhancing its performance to provide a better user experience.

Heard of customer engagement management platforms?

You can integrate this with the IoT with the help of Beacon technology or even using Wi-Fi. The idea behind this integration is to reach the right customers at the right time.

#6. Cloud based data driven technology:

Cloud based data driven technology - Top Mobile App Development Trends

We know people are into integrating everything over the cloud.

Cloud driven systems have been around us for a while now and as you know it has made some huge impact on the app development industry during the past year.

As you know there is an increase in people using devices and wearable ones simultaneously to access data so is the need to integrate apps over multiple devices.

With the use of cloud functionality you can build apps that will exhibit the same functionality, features and appearance across any devices.

You do not need to apply a lot of technical knowledge for developing apps that easily synch into multiple devices showcasing the same kind of content and functionality.

#7. Wearable devices:

Wearable devices - Top Mobile App Development Trends

Wearable tech Watches from Apple and other similar gadgets that are technology driven needs no introduction.

Till the year 2014 if you have observed health and fitness care devices where the ones that belonged to this genre.

But by the year 2015 a few of the Wearable devices including Smart Watches have become popular.

In a recent event, Apple even unveiled news about its robot that has been formed by disassembling iPhones and will be soon among us.

#8. Enterprise apps v/s consumer apps:

Enterprise apps v/s consumer apps - Top Mobile App Development Trends

Can you remember paying for an app lately? No?

It is what our statistics report also reveals. In general people are never willing to pay for regular consumer apps.

No matter even if the app is set on changing their lives.

For example, in a survey conducted on a diabetics checking app that helped people to analyze their sugar level every morning, 75% of people like the app, 15% do not like it, 5% consider buying it later, 3% added it to their cart but then they decided they are not paying, while only 2% brought it actually.

But this is not the situation when it comes to enterprise apps.

Businesses are willing to spend millions on any app that helps their business to succeed in their ventures.

So, it is high time you considered shifting to creating enterprise apps rather than consumer ones.

#9. How secure is your app?

How secure is your app - Top Mobile App Development Trends

The next thing is to check how secure the app that you created is.

This is one of the priorities that need to be taken into consideration while developing an app.

Along with providing your people with a great user experience, you also need to ensure that your apps are safe and secure too.

There are information gaps in every other mobile app that is being created and hackers find it pleasurable to break through into these apps and get their hands on information that is highly sensitive.

It is in your hands to ensure that your apps are highly secure and there exists no such loopholes where hackers can exercise their control and ruin everything.

#10. M-Commerce and Payments:

M-Commerce and Payments - Top Mobile App Development Trends

I don’t know whether how many of you reading this article is aware of the fact that more than 19% of the revenue comes from Smartphones and other handy devices.

As time moves, people find it easier to shop using their Smartphones just like credit cards is now a ritual.

So, it is time for you to develop mobile apps that people can use freely for automating any kind of transactions without the need for money to initiate these.

Until recently, the companies that were into mobile app development were too less. You could easily count them on your fingers.

But, now the situation is different. Many of them are hiring highly experienced and talented mobile app developers to get them work on creating apps that are outstanding.

As time passes, people will start looking for companies who can develop apps within a blink of the eye.

You do not have to storm a lot; all I am talking about is Rapid Mobile Development.

Another need of the hour is Rapid Mobile Development.

With the number of companies coming into mobile app development and providing quick and fast solutions, people are heading towards the companies that can provide them with a perfect customized app within no time.

So is your company one such? Do you think you have the caliber and resources to provide services that are the best in the industry?

How do you meet the mobile app development challenges in the year 2016?

Do you implement any new ideas or strategies apart from the ones I have brushed across in my article?

Then, share your ideas, feedback and suggestions with me.

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