09Oct 2017

Essential Tips for UX Designers

As a UX designer you may have worked on numerous designs. However, you still feel that there is something more for you to contribute. So let’s get down to the basics and start to see what you may have missed out on. Take a look at some of the attributes that should be part of the skill portfolio of every UX Designer.

Be the User

As a UX designer, you have to deal with the user perspectives. It is these which need to be built into your designs in order to make yourself useful as well as usable. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand your users and are able to read their mind. Researching about the prospective user base and creating a user persona based on that research always helps to be prepared to read their minds and listen to their needs. Also empathizing with your users helps you to step into their shoes and study the situation from their perspective.

It is also a common mistake to confuse the business stakeholders with the users. Learn to differentiate between the two in order to avoid misrepresentation of ideas and end up serving users with a botched up user experience.

Identify the Problem, NOT the Method

As you interact with users try and identify the real problem from a user’s perspective and not from that of a designer. In other words, do not focus on how an element needs to be designed rather try and comprehend the reason why that element is required in the first place. For example, if there is a requirement for a menu, evaluate the reasons for the user requiring that menu rather than how that menu needs to be designed. The reason once analyzed will help you to identify the ideal way to design it. This will ensure users with a better experience rather than what would have been gained by the use of a specific color for the menu.

Sketch Your Thoughts

At each of your project meetings, think visually. Sketch your ideas and communicate to express your thoughts better. Moreover, research has revealed that sketching while talking helps to activate the brain cells better. It helps to release the creative juices more freely and lets you become more innovative.

Another very helpful utility of sketches is the emotional aspect. Images have always been associated with something we hold close to our hearts. It helps to trigger the emotional factor and helps you to retain the concepts far longer than verbal conversation would have been able to.

Organize Content for Higher Accessibility

Content is important but should not be made static. Make sure that your users are able to navigate around it if required. There are other content which may be more important and if the user is unable to get past one block of content to reach the other then it results in poor user experience. Your job is to abet and not impede their experience so make sure you organize your content effectively in order to bring in the best results.

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