30Oct 2017

How UX Influences Website Revenue?

UX Influences Website Revenue

In today’s world of the Internet, it is quite easy to become popular and hence offers a lot of opportunities to the budding entrepreneurs to become successful. But, even then a number of people are not able to make the most out of this worldwide spread technology. When it comes to investing in designing a good website, a number of organizations do not bother to design a good website. This, in turn, results in not being able to reach a wide user base and reach out to prospective customers.

Do you already have a website that is not performing well and is not providing you the returns as expected? You may be wondering what are you missing even after great content and amazing services provided. The simple answer to this question is UX design (user experience). Even if you are planning to design a new website for your business, an important emphasis must be laid on the UX of the website. This impacts your revenue to a great deal and ensures that you can get good returns on your investment.

UX plays a very important role in helping you to reach a wide number of users and make sure that they come back again. Take for example Amazon, Google, Apple, YouTube, and many more such high performing websites. What makes these websites better performing and urges you to visit these again and again. The major thing that these websites have in common is that they provide a better user experience to its users.

What is UX?

What is ux

One of the major misconceptions of the website owners is that having a beautifully aesthetic experience ensures that the UX of the website is better. However, this is not the case. The visual look of the website is a simple component of the UX. Apart from this, there are several other features that constitute towards the UX of the website. UX comprises of visual design, user interface, and usability. A proper emphasis on all of these factors is quite necessary to ensure a good UX for the website.

How UX influences website revenue?

No matter what your business is, UX plays a quite important role in your website revenue. There are a number of ways in which the UX influences the website revenue irrespective of the fact that you are a blogger, digital marketer, seller, or an E-commerce website.

UX plays a quite important role in your website revenue

UX has proven out to influence the earnings of some of the most popular websites a lot. It is due to these reasons that with the change in time, a number of big players revamp their website from time to time.

Here are some of the ways in which the UX impacts your earnings. Make sure that you go through these and do a research on the factors that are slowing your website from achieving its full potential. You can then make appropriate changes to your website and make sure that you can better return from your website. It is also necessary to make some changes from time to time. This helps you to test the different combinations that will prove out to be useful for you.

Helps in SEO:

ux helps in SEO

The ranking of any website depends on a number of factors. The UX of the website plays a major role as it is said if people love you Google(search engines) will love you.

Search engine algorithms are regularly updated to ensure that websites providing a good user experience helps you to rank higher in the search engines. Some of the major factors that influence the website visitors the time spent on site, easy navigability, pageviews per visitor, time spent on website and bounce rate. A better UX helps in increases these parameters thereby enhancing the visibility in search engines.

One another factor that helps in SEO is the number and quality of backlinks. Websites with a better UX tend to get a large number of backlinks from high ranking quality websites. These are also mentioned on these websites.

It increases web traffic:

One of the most amazing benefits of a better UX is that it increases the web traffic. With the increase in SEO, it attracts a lot of users who are interested in availing your services. This also helps users to spend more and more time on the website and visit later. The news about a good website is also spread with the help of word of mouth which further results in gaining more and more potential clients.

Increase Authority and create brand awareness:

Every website owner intends to create a brand name for themselves. Even the existing brand names are impacted by a good UX. It is due to these reasons that many multinational companies like Apple, Amazon, etc. make changes to their website on a regular basis and spend millions of dollars on their maintenance and development. A good UX also helps you in creating a brand name for yourself.

Increase conversions:

Have you ever wondered that even with a number of visitors, why your conversion rates are quite low? One of the main reasons for the same is because of the sloppy UX. This results in the users to lose trust in the websites and opt for your competitor websites. A high authority website with a good UX provides better conversion rates as compared to sloppy design.

Increase in the returning visitors:

A dedicated user base is quite necessary for a website. The returning users contribute a great deal towards the same. UX helps to increase your returning users and thereby helps in creating a brand loyalty.

How to enhance the UX of your website?

enhance ux of website

As we have gone through the different ways in which the UX helps in increasing your website revenue, it is necessary to have an idea of the how to design a good website to meet the needs provide a good user experience to the website. Here are some of the ways in which you can improve your website.

Visually aesthetic design:

Having a visually aesthetic design serves as a major factor in enhancing the UX of the website. In doing so, it is necessary to design the website keeping in mind the latest design trends. Taking ideas from the top websites may help you to get an idea of what changes must be implemented to make your website beautiful.

Easy navigability:

Even if you have a very beautifully designed website, navigation is quite necessary to make sure that the viewers are able to access the services that are provided by you. The links must be easily accessible and it must be taken care that these are properly arranged.

Provide relevant content:

It is quite necessary to provide relevant content for the website. It impacts your website to a great deal as it attracts the users, helps create backlinks, and helps rank better in search engines. Irrespective of the fact that you provide text content, image content, or video content. The content must be easily accessible and a proper arrangement of the same is quite necessary.

Personalize the website for the users:

There has been a great change in the way the content is displayed nowadays. One of the most popular traditions nowadays is to personalize the content the web content is displayed. Nowadays the websites display the personalized content to their users. This helps the users to get the relevant content based on their preferences.

Provide the option to explore more options:

If you are proving some E-commerce services to your users, having a single product may not yield the desired conversions. In such cases, it is necessary that you provide some related goods and accessories to enhance the conversions. This can be seen on the websites like Amazon where you are shown with the products you may be interested in, similar items, and the add-on products. Many famous blogs also provide the option to browse related content. This ensures better returns, longer page duration, and better pageviews per visitor.

Provide secure and safe browsing experience:

It is necessary to provide a safe and secure browsing experience to its users. This can be done with the help of using secure versions of the website. It also increases the web authority and provides a sense of reliability amongst the users. For example, if you are providing a payment gateway on the website it is necessary that you arouse the trust of the users by providing them secure connections like HTTPS. Along with the same, it is also necessary that you do not make illegal use of the data provided.


After going through the above-mentioned benefits of UX in helping you earn better returns, it is necessary that you lay great emphasis on your website and make sure that you make appropriate changes in your website. You must also test some changes and then monitor your performance to find out the best performing combination for your website.

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