27Oct 2017

Tips for Web Design Outsourcing in India

Market Globalization has given a huge impetus to inflow of outsourcing work in Asian countries particularly India. Outsourcing therefore is the industry that has gained sufficient ground, particularly in the field of software development and web design. Let us take a look at a few tips that might come handy while searching for the appropriate Web Design Company in India for outsourcing.

Extensive Research to Gauge Experience

As designing websites is not only about creating layouts and positioning text and graphic elements, therefore it is very crucial that before you decide on whom you wish to outsource your web design projects too, you gauge their level of experience. This can only be achieved through extensive research. Browse through the company or individual’s online profile, customer feedback or any other form of information you can lay your hands on to understand the level of experience they might bring to the table. Research will help to reveal the following information about the company:

1. Company portfolio
2. Client Testimonials
3. Work Samples
4. SEO practices adopted

Gauge the Infrastructure

If you have narrowed down on a few companies who you feel may provide you with their relevant services, make sure that you gauge their software and network infrastructure. This is what they will provide you with while delivering your project. There should be separate departments defined for each activity, namely an art department for developing designs, a customer service department for troubleshooting issues, a communication department for publicizing your product and so on.

So far as network infrastructure is concerned, it is always ideal to opt for a firm who provides round-the-clock broadband connection.

Technology infrastructure would include the company being adept in PHP, MySQL, VB, C++, Linux, HTML 5, and Windows and so on.

Outsourcing Web Design Services to India

Know the Team

Opt for a company which has a well-established team of specialized resources who are equipped with the specific skill sets to deliver your project successfully.

The team should ideally include the following functional profiles:

1. Visualizers
2. Designers
3. Developers
4. SEO copywriters
5. Software engineers
6. Search Engine Optimizers

The individual belonging to each profile should hold relevant expertise to be able to comprehend and execute your requirements.

Pricing Estimates

Avail the cost estimates from the outsourcing vendor and make sure that they stick to the terms mentioned in the contract. It is very crucial that vendors do not deviate much from what has been agreed upon in the contract. There should be no hidden costs attached.

Also, do not opt for a company that quotes much lower than the approved Industry standards. Low costing may often result in poor quality output.

Time Estimates

Time is a very crucial factor. Owing to globalization offices today are located across geographies. Therefore, consider the time zone differences and make sure that your vendor’s service hours are aligned with your business hours. Opt for a company that offers this provision. Also make sure that the design team works in tandem with your business hours in order to make modifications or revisions possible.

To Conclude

As Outsourcing is the practice of getting work done between two or more companies across various locations it is therefore very crucial to analyse and gauge the exact quality of the vendor to whom work is being outsourced. Consider these factors mentioned to select the appropriate location where you can outsource your work.

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