25Oct 2017

Web Design Principles in Wearable Technology

Web designing is the design process related to the front end design of a website. The web has become a major part of people’s everyday life. People are more attracted to the internet with animated graphics, background and music. Web designing includes user interfaces, the structure of the site, navigations, layouts, colors, fonts, etc. Wearable devices are redefining the world of gadgets. Wearable technology is most popularly known as fashionable technology or fashion electronics.  These fashion, electronics include clothes and accessories incorporating computer and electronic technologies. The tools used to develop differ based on the product requirements. But the principles involved in web designing mostly remain the same. Now, let us know about some of the web design principles in wearable technology.

  1. Flexible
  2. User Friendly
  3. Minimalist design
  4. Connectivity
  5. Input
  6. Interactive
  7. Font size
  8. Minimized latency
  9. Responsiveness
  10. Pop-up
  11. Intuitive design

1. Flexible:

Infusing flexibility in the devices is very important. The more flexible the device is, the more easy to use it. Flexible design allows you to stay ahead of the trend. It helps the wearer to easily make use of the device. Using a flexible design accommodates a variety of browsers, screen resolutions, operating systems and monitors.

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2. User Friendly:

The success of any technology lies in its user friendly interface. The wearer needs to experience the device in a very pleasant way. By designing the web in a user friendly way it would be easy for the user to operate the device. The designing must be in the way that the user’s work is just a click away.

3. Minimized Design:

First of all, in a wearable device the screen space is limited. The design that does not overdo is the most appealing one. While designing the web in a wearable device the designers need to think from the user’s perspective. The designer needs to impress the user not just with the style, but with the overall design of the product. Web in these fashion devices needs to take the important role. So without overwhelming it, giving the exact content is the best way to design.

4. Connectivity:

Connectivity is one of the main problems in many countries. So while designing the web, the designer need to keep all the connectivity pros and cons into consideration. The website should provide high connectivity. It should not be with limited structures and networks. The interface of these devices should be in a way that it can help the device to connect to different networks just by a click. Connectivity between the devices is a major consideration. The device communication helps the users to interact with one another.

5. Input:

The information required for the access of the devices should be at the finger tips. The users do not prefer entering lengthy texts as the main motto of a wearable device is accessible at a finger tip distant.

6. Interactive:

The user can interact with the device through entering text, touch control or voice control. The site needs to ensure the accessibility with best standards to make it a success. The more interactive site gives the better user experience. The wearable devices consist of small screens. So, the user prefers simple interactivity and short bursts of content. The main focus of the designer is to meet the needs of the target audience.

7. Font Size:

The minimum font-size is 12 PT. The font-size can also be increased based on the screen size of the device. When the information is short and important the largest possible font-size is suggested. For example, let’s consider an electronic watch with your schedule loaded in it. While you are out of schedule let it to display the message with larger font-size and small burst of content. This way the user can easily grasp the information.

8. Minimized Latency:

Instant access is the main aspect of wearable devices. This is the main point as opposed to putting the devices in your pocket. The device should enhance the user’s access to information. Strip away the flaws in the design that slow design your site. While designing has taken the user’s perspective into consideration helps to design the best site. Minimizing the latency can make the device the most preferable one. It makes a great change. Who would prefer a device with latency issues?

9. Responsiveness:

Responsive design entails designers to take a completely new approach. While developing a website keep the user’s need into consideration. Why does the user access your website from a wearable technology? The site needs to be in a way to satisfy the user’s necessity.

10. Pop-up:

There is no necessity of pop-ups in a wearable device. The user finds it difficult to close it always. Generally pop-ups have a very small, close button. The user finds it hard to deal with these pop-ups. So they are mostly avoidable in this wearable technology.

11. Intuitive design:

The web design should be in an intuitive way. Intuitive design is more important in wearable technology than other techs. The user won’t have patience to browse the website from a wearable device. So the design needs to be an intuitive way to provide a good user experience.

Extras to be considered while designing web for wearable tech:

The main reason user puts a wearable device over his/her body is because it’s either useful or solves a problem. So it should be in a useful way or helpful in solving. The device should not create new problems. The web should be designed from the human perspective, but not the machine perspective as it’s a device for user comfort. Wearable technology, design should start from a human problem. So that it would be completely from the human perspective. As the wearable device is with the user everywhere, it should honor the present moment, not distract from it. So it helps to enhance the user in the moment. It’s predicted that we might have almost 50 billion devices connected to the web in the next 10 years. Most of them might be these wearable tech. So while designing the web for these devices the designer needs to take the future problems and the needs of the user into consideration. By this the wearable tech product would not only be a success at the moment, but even in the coming years of technology. The fashion technology with these wearables is going to become the trend of the future.

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Credits: Featured Image // huffingtonpost.com

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