20Oct 2017

Web Design vs. SEO vs. Social Media

Web design, SEO and Social Media are the three major factors that can take a website to reach with a wide range of visitors from all over the world. Depending upon your own need, you can invest more on any one of them, yet, every single thing must be noted and taken care while creating a website. The following are the differences that you can relate to your website.

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Web Design

If you are running an e-Commerce website with many products, then you definitely need a good web design that can make the visitors to easily get attracted to the products and purchase them regularly.  If your focus is only on the graphic design section of your web site, then you will surely have the most beautiful website on the internet. A good web design must follow the most popular Flat design that has simple icons and color pallets of them that can bring more customers to your website every day. The shapes and sizes of the navigation menu in your website can be made simple by following the flat design method. The color palette in which the website looks for the visitors must be calm and an eye-catchy one.

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If you want your content on your website to reach with many people, then definitely you should go for the SEO as it brings many new customers from all over the world. If your focus is on the search engine optimization, then your website will be a user-friendly one to the most needed web robots that can bring many new visitors to your website through famous search engines like Google and Yahoo. If your content has the most searched words on the internet, then your website will reach places without promoting it anywhere. The famous search engines like Google and Yahoo has the search engine optimized words that many people search for on the internet. Make sure to learn about such words and use them appropriately to bring more traffic to your website.

Social Media

A word-of-mouth can bring anyone turn into a star overnight. If you want your website turn popular, then make sure to use the social media as it is the best way to promote your website to everyone in this world. The viral marketing campaigns in the social media can help your website reach with every single person in this world. The present generation has a strong relationship with the social media and everyone has been using social networking sites in their day to day life. If your website has attractive contents on them, then you can promote them through social networks like Facebook, that has a paid social media campaign on them. You can pay for it to reach your website with people from all over the world.

Although there are many ways to create and promote a website, yet, one should make the best web design for their website with SEO words on the content and promote them through Social media to quickly reach with a wider audience.

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Vipin Nayar

Vipin Nayar

Vipin Nayar is the Digital Marketing Head at Acodez. As a Social Media, SEO & SEM expert with over 8 years' experience in online marketing, he uses his keen insight into customer behaviour to formulate innovative strategies that helps clients enhance their online presence & open up new business avenues.

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