20Oct 2017

What Would Be The Digital Marketing Trends In 2015?

Gone are the days when television and print media were the prime source of advertising, the trend is dramatically changing in recent years with the influence of the internet.

Yes, it is digital marketing that is making the entire business world to change from its traditional or standard method of advertising and growing business.

With enormous benefits enjoyed by the digital marketers, the trend now emphasizes on every business, be it small or large to establish them online. Every industry is now turning its focus to digital marketing, which is creating a great opportunity for them to directly rich infinitive numbers of customers, without any geographical barriers.

Digital Marketing of 2014

Here are a few factors that brought changes in digital marketing in 2014.

1. Content Marketing:

Content marketing, which is an effective source of business communication acts as a wonderful tool. Most of the marketing companies are now allowing their customers and clients to write blogs about their product and services, which gives a better idea about the company to the new visitors. Besides, such blogs also keep their customers and regular visitors up to date about their services.

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2. Social Media:

As we all know, Facebook and Twitter are playing their crucial role in digital marketing. These social networking portals have attracted millions of people to not just become a member to share and like, but also to participate in active digital marketing, directly or indirectly. This has encouraged the businesses to promote their product and service in social media. This trend of digital marketing in social media is experiencing tremendous growth and welcome in 2014, which is said to increase even more in 2015.

3. Mobile Marketing:

Undoubtedly, mobile marketing will be a major shift from computers and laptops. The feasibility of Smartphone, which enables the users to smartly bring the world into their small display have changed the world of digital marketing in 204. This trend is believed to grow tremendously, as it gives many benefits and comforts to the users. Moreover, the development of responsive websites for e-commerce has further encouraged the growth of mobile marketing by the digital marketers.

Trends of Digital Marketing in 2015:

Despite of knowing the trend and changes of digital marketing in 2014, here are a few elements that are going to bring incredible changes in the digital world:

  • Dominance of mobile phones would increase over 93% of the overall world’s population. Undoubtedly, this would be the fact, as there is no life without mobile phones, which are playing vital role in our day  to day activities.
  • Mobile devices, in addition to smartphone are another influencing element to increase digital marketing in 2015. Gadgets like tablets, phablets, and portable laptops with WI-Fi and 3G / 4G plans are expected to increase the trend of digital marketing.
  • To encourage mobile device users, the micro contents like small images and infographics have also taken the vital role in the growth of digital marketing. This further increases the importance of having mobile friendly websites for digital marketing in 2015.
  • Marketers may focus more on blogging and writing new contents in 2015, which is expected to increase the need for more fresh contents. This helps them to push sales in an effective but effortless manner. However, quality does matter for a good SEO in 2015.

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Vipin Nayar

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