27Oct 2017

9 Free Ebooks for Web Designers

For web designers- E-Books are a great way to hone their designing skills. Take a look at a few good ones that are free to know which suits you the best. 

1. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

The e-book on typographic style commences with a tracing of the history of typography and explores its artistic aspects. It contains a chapter on the evolution and future of digital typography thus covering the whole spectrum of the art of Typography.

2. Designing for the Web

This E-book illustrates the nuances of designing for the Web using the principles of graphic designing. It covers its instructions through five elaborate sections. The content laid out in each section helps the reader to adopt techniques and abilities that will help them create great designs. It stresses on the importance of color, layout and typography in helping designers achieve excellence in their art. The book is also available as a paid PDF version. However, the whole book is available on the Web free of cost.

3. Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

This free E-book by Jonathan Snook is designed as a style guide to help you observe and analyze your design processes. Also known as SMACCS the book provides a lucid explanation of flexibility within the rigid confines of defined structures and design framework.

Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

4. Learning Web Design

As the name suggests, Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst Robbins is a beginner’s guide to the nuances of designing for the Web. It covers the details of web site designing beginning with the basics of how web sites function and also includes advanced level information on CSS layouts and optimized graphic files.

5. HTML5 Quick Learning Guide

True to its name the HTML5 Quick learning Guide covers the essential aspects of HTML 5 and the basics to help newcomers start off on their first designing projects. The style followed in the book is lucid and simple so as to enable first time designers to grasp the contents with ease.

6. How to be Creative

Creativity genius Hugh McLeod elucidates his experiences and observations in helping readers use creativity in the business world. He elaborates with tips and techniques that have been tried and tested in order to help users generate success in their business.

7. Getting Real

37 Signals, a leading designing agency, have penned down their thoughts and ideas in the book Getting Real. The E-Book covers details on web designing right from the basic to the advanced level. The book also has a free PDF version which can be downloaded and read offline.

8. Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design

Accessibility is one factor no designer can ever ignore in his or her design principles. Shaun Henry has elaborated his thoughts and concepts on the role of accessibility in design projects in the E-Book Just Ask. The book covers details on accessibility and tips on how to deal with disabled people during the process of designing web pages.

9. Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

The Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook, written down by London based Design Studio experts Ustwo, includes everything about pixels. The book is designed to help new joiners at the studio get an insight into the wonderful world of pixels and how they can be made to work for enhancing web page designing. The book is available as a desktop, iPad as well as a PDF version. None of the versions, however, require the readers to pay to download and use the book.

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