21Sep 2022

The Right Way Of Optimizing Your Google My Business Page 2022?

Are you a small or big local business owner? If yes, then being part of the internet – the global phenomenon – is the right path to follow. But how can you do this? Worry no more!

Having an online business page on Google My Business is the right way of making this a reality. In this case, you can consider a business page to be a virtual information center that gives crucial data relating to your business.

These include the services you offer, your business location, your business hours, your phone number, your photos, your reviews, and much more. Through this, your business becomes part of the internet, hence making it more accessible and visible.

Having your company listed on Google My Business will make it easy for the customers to find you quickly. Also, taking this step allows you to boost your online reputation through the testimonials and reviews shared by your customers.

To create this business page, first, you need to register it into Google My Business tool. Through this, you will increase the chances of appearing in Google Local Pack, Local Finder, and Google Maps and even improve your organic rankings.

Google My Business remains to be a powerful tool that provides any business with the crucial digital spotlight.

So, which is the right way of optimizing Google My Business page this year? Let’s find out!

Claim Your Business


Claiming your Google My Business account is the first step to take. However, don’t make a mistake of forgetting about this account after claiming ownership.

You need to take note of Google My Business ranking factors and many more Google features to optimize your business page.

By doing this, you will benefit from Google My Business and generate more sales. Adding your business into Google My Business and ensuring it ranks high are two crucial steps to take to broaden the reach of your business.

So, how will you optimize Google My Business page for Good Ranking? Keep reading this post to get the correct answers.



The title on your Google My Business page needs to feature the keyword and your location. But how can you add keywords to your Google My Business page?

Title Tag plays a crucial role when it comes to Google Maps Business. As per Google ranking Factor, you can increase the chances of ranking high by adding the right keyword in the page title.

The title of Google My Business needs to have 100 characters. Also, it is easy to add your location and primary keyword to this title. When your location and primary keyword appears at the start of this title, you increase the chances of ranking in Google by 30%.

In some cases, you can decide to add another keyword with your primary keyword in the title. However, ensure that this keyword relates to the primary keyword. Always ensure that one keyword appears at the start of your title tag.

But where do you get the right keywords for your site? In this case, you need to use the keyword research tools to get the best keywords. You can go to a paid keyword research tool or a free keyword research tool.

However, not that free keyword research tools come with limited features. In most cases, these tolls don’t feature accurate keyword data. Therefore, it’s good to go for paid keyword research tools.

SEMrush is an excellent example of these tools. This tool allows you to see keyword competitions, keyword difficulty, search volume, SERP feature, keyword trend, and the number of sites using the keyword. With this information, it becomes easy to choose the primary keyword.



Category plays a pivotal role when it comes to Google My Business ranking factor. In this case, you need to choose the right category, suiting the objectives of your business.

Google uses your category selection to identify the profile of your business. It is likely to become impossible to rank in Google in any category if you offer services relating to digital marketing.

Google features 2395 business categories. Thus, this means that Google can find it hard to identify the profile of your business by using your business title, business description, or other details. You need to choose one of these 2395 business categories because it is not easy to create one.

There are cases where you’re not likely to find a specific category suiting the objectives of your business. When this happens, you need to add several categories as per the services your offer. Google will rank your business as spam if you add a category that does not suit the services you offer.

Try everything you can to avoid spamming because it will decrease your ranking. Also, Google will disable your Google My Business page if you spam several times.

Business Address And Location


Another crucial to note is that Google shows results depending on the location of the searcher. Therefore, you need to give the right location of your business with the ZIP code so that you can fully benefit from Google Local Marketing.

Also, if your business serves several places, you need to register into other Google My Business pages. In this case, you only need to choose several cities.

Consider setting up an Ad, listing your business with various location names in the description. By doing this, you will get an easy way of ranking high in all places and cities.

You need to give an accurate address with the city name, state name, and pin code. Also, remember to accurately drag the pin of the location on the map section.

Consider selecting the entire city or country if you’re operating an online business because Google announced the latest update of Google My Business for online businesses.

Opening And Closing Time 


Setting up business hours is another crucial thing to do. Google wants to display only accurate information to the users. Therefore, it is vital to set up accurate business hours as per your convenience and that of your customers.

After setting up the business opening and closing hours, take another step of setting up special hours and dates. Setting specific timings for a holiday is an excellent example of this case.

By doing this, you’ll inform Google that you care for your customers, something that Google loves.

Business Website


After your Google My Business page ranks in Google, some features will get displayed in SERP. These include website options, opening time, closing time, business address, directions, title, and reviews.

Consider adding the link of your business website to Google Map so that people can get redirected to your site after clicking it.  With website on-page optimization, Google gets to understand more about the services your business offers.

The on-page signals play a crucial role in boosting the ranking of Google My Business by bounds and leaps.

You have the option of adding schema code in your site HTML. Here, schema code helps a lot in improving how search engines read the content of your web page. Other than this, schema code enhances the connection of local listings with the website.

Don’t get worried if you don’t have a website since Google gives a free GMB website. For free site customization, go to the GMB dashboard and then click on the website.

Here, you will get the option of customizing the free website templates of Google as per your needs.

If you understand SEO, you can take another step of ranking the website on the search engine of Google. However, you need to keep in mind that schema codes cannot boost your ranking in search engines. The primary role of this code is to enhance your CTR.

With the schema code, you get an easy way of showing more information relating to the services and products you offer so that customers can understand your business more.



Meta description and title tag play a pivotal role when it comes to SEO. Therefore, there is a need for writing an in-depth description relating to the services and products you offer with a localized keyword.

Before writing your service or product description, consider reading the Google Description guidelines first. Through this, you will avoid any confusion and even get in-depth information on the right thing to do.

Google will guide you clearly on the things to add and the ones not to add in your meta description. Yes, you have the option of using the location severally, but take note not to include it forcefully.

Identify the LSI keyword plus the synonyms keyword as per your niche. However, don’t forget to confirm that your keywords also feature your location.

You can use paid keyword tools, free keyword tools, or keyword planner to find LSI keywords and Long Tail keywords. After getting your niche keywords, you can now proceed to write your meta description.

Ensure that the meta description is short and catchy, and it includes your keyword and business location. Keyword stuffing is not recommended, but you can write 750 characters description featuring all your keywords.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you know the right way of optimizing your Google My Business Page. Hesitate no more! It is time to stand out from your competitors and give your customers all the crucial information they need to know about your business.

Yes, optimizing a GMB profile is something that takes hard work and consumes much time, but it will pay off at the end of it. It is the right path to follow so that your customers can locate your business quickly whenever looking for your services or products.

Keep monitoring your Google My Business page to ensure your business details don’t change because of spam or competitor edits.

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