20Oct 2017

The Importance Of Web Optimization & How Can It Be Achieved

Just getting a website designed for your business does not out an end to all your online woes. The website must be optimized for the best result. There are many aspects to website optimization all of them must be given attention so that the overall performance of the website may be optimized. When you optimize your website, you not only save a lot of resources, but also increase traffic in an unprecedented manner. The advantages that you can reap by optimizing your websites are increase in speed, faster loading, lesser down time and many more.

We’ve previously discussed about how to enhance the loading speed of a website by perfect optimization on our blog. Now we would like to share you the three basic aspects or fronts on which the web optimization is categorized. The three aspects of the web optimization are server-side optimization, asset optimization and platform optimization. As web optimization is a crucial part of web development and maintenance, it must never be ignored.

Server Side Optimization

Server side optimization can be achieved through a collective effort of various processes which include choosing the web host for hosting all your assets separately. Each process has been elaborated here:

  • Selecting the web host: Although, the web host has no direct influence on the web optimization, it has been observed that your web host is responsible for the security, stability and accessibility of your website and you must feel that you are in safe hands.
  • Hosting important assets separately: The images and the static scripts which are not processed on the server come under assets. CSS, Java scripts, images and the graphics are included in these assets and must be hosted separately if you wish to achieve server stability especially when the server is experiencing heavy traffic.

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Asset Optimization

As mentioned earlier, assets comprise of CSS files, Java scripts and the images. These assets also need to be optimized so that the website is light weight and loads faster keeping the users hooked.

  • JavaScript merging: You can merge the multiple java scripts file into one to reduce the execution time. You separate the JavaScript URLs by comma to merge them.
  • Compress CSS and Java Script files: There are certain apps like Minify which can combine the CSS and Java Script files and compress them reducing their size. The compression is achieved by doing away with the white spaces and HTTP encoding.
  • Expiry header: Using a customized expiry header, you can skip the unnecessary calling of assets for the page reload request by the user. It saves the bandwidth and reduces the load time of the webpage.

Platform Optimization

If you are using Word Press for web development, you must also optimize it. You may have noticed your blog being slow at times, which is a clear indication that you need to overhaul the Word Press platform. You can do so by caching your Word Press blog which will make your website faster and more responsive. Other ways of Word Press optimization is deactivating unused plug-ins and removing all the PHP tags which are no longer needed. All these optimizations will make sure that your website is in the pink of health.

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