27May 2020

WordPress Trends and Best Practices to Follow

Despite the fact that it’s been a long time since its first release, each year WordPress just appears to show signs of improvement and better with staggering new and incredible features. To be clearer, Automatic, the organization behind WordPress works for its improvement every now and then. Each update of WordPress bring some new features and it is inevitable for web development and web design people not to follow the wordpress trends that are changing.

In 2018, we saw a few new WordPress web patterns, like one page themes and hamburger menus and numerous other old patterns that turned out to be more common like sidebars and sliders.

WordPress has 76 million sites and 59% Content Management System market share and thus it keeps on dominating the web.

How will the WordPress improve in 2019? What would be a good idea for you to need to know when creating another WordPress site in 2019? Let’s look deep into it.


PHP Trends

WordPress Best Practices

In this way, to get yourself and your WordPress webpage prepared for this year, we will observe forthcoming trends 2019 is probably going to present to us. Some will be common, many are a continuation of things, and still, we have picked the trendiest among many of them.

Failure Mapping & Responsive Designs for Different Ages

Being the bread and butter of UX design, travel maps and user flows give the fundamental structure for understanding client touch points over the full cycle of associations with your item or administration. There’s only one issue: they’re planned in view of the perfect client. Shouldn’t something be said about the imperfect client?

2018 has already witnessed that over majority of the population are online regardless of their age and the more number of new clients will achieve an unbalanced measure of digital novices, for example, the elderly and the Global South, who will need a specialized design. Like trip mapping, the act of failure mapping will permit UX designers to better comprehend, anticipate, and model imperfect situations, permitting us to better deal with inaccurate utilization of items and services.

The responsive designs for different ages are nothing but the adaptability to client devices to offer their needs. Such adaptations made according to the user age will be a daunting challenge but we can expect in near future. It can be made true by adapting the font sizes and spacings, using better color contrast and changing navigation menus based on visitor competency.

Video Headers

Video headers

Consistently, WordPress presents a new default theme that is consequently accessible for each client by installation of the platform. The 2019 theme – suitably named Twenty Seventeen – sports an intriguing video header highlight.

A standout amongst the most prevalent WordPress patterns for 2016 has been the utilization of recordings headers that play background. This pattern is relied upon to proceed and turn out to be best theme in WordPress patterns.

Twenty Seventeen may proclaim the start of another pattern. We’ll need to look out for WordPress video headers as the year unfolds! Adding to the way that web presence by the clients are expanding, it implies that we’ll be seeing more video headers in 2019 that is the latest trend.

Optimized Interstitial Anxiety

A typical expression among Interaction Designers, interstitial anxiety alludes to the transient condition of tension a client encounters between an activity and a reaction, i.e, between clicking a button and moving to another page. High delays and load times amongst activity and reaction can trigger this short anxiety, amid which the client is immediately left in the dark — powerless and confused — caught between creases.

If left unaddressed, this anxiety can rapidly develop to make a poor client encounter that will push the client far from your item.

Yet, wise designers are rather figuring out how to channel this tension, or uplifted condition of feeling, to their favorable position. By making transition components that suggest the following screen in the sequence, clients are allowed to immediately see, and anticipate, as opposed to stress, about what will occur next on screen. Some transition animations between slides give a consistent ordeal amongst activity and reaction.

Mobile First Themes

As per the most recent insights, mobile phones now hold 51% of the overall industry while desktop gadgets have tumbled to 49%. This makes cell phones the most gadgets to peruse the web. On account of this, hope to see more mobile first WordPress themes.

As they go up against a more important part, the design established approach will successfully be flipped around. Some time recently, designers would generally make the desktop rendition of a site first (particularly to show to customers) and after that adjust it for litter screens.

Later on, this will be precisely the different way. Website designers will begin with the mobile webpage form and afterward grow from that point. Like cell phones turning into the essential gadgets for clients, mobile sites are turning into the essential offer for distributors and organizations. Responsive design has turned into the go-to approach for various screen sizes. It is at this point the accepted standard and an ever increasing number of individuals are hopping on board.

The advantage in using mobile first responsive design is that you wind up with one webpage that takes into account all client groups rather than a few sites for mobile and desktop guests.

Drag-and-Drop Content

Drag-and-drop content

Never again are WordPress clients attached to utilizing particular formats, hats off to the rising fame of modular themes like our own Uncode. Drag-and-drop content, specifically, empowers you to hold complete control over most elements of design without changing your site’s structure that is underlying. Moreover, these designers open up a universe of vast possibilities for WordPress clients without experience in web development. If you can picture it, you can create it utilizing one of these tools.

Rather than depending exclusively on predefined sidebar layouts, designers now can relax for noteworthy adaptability. This is a pattern that we expect to be much better known in 2019.


F Pattern Design

SaaS WordPress Plugins

Throughout the last couple of years, we saw a lot of new WordPress plugins being created as SaaS (Software as a Service) plugins while older independent WordPress plugins make the hop to utilizing the SaaS display.

As far as open-source software development and making WordPress plugins are quite manageable, the ascent in SaaS plugins can be a good hit to new WordPress clients. However, it gives us the chance to utilize better and more software that are advanced, for example, OptinMonster and SumoMe.

For a few clients, paying monthly charges to get advanced software with best quality is not an issue. Particularly since the majority of the independent WordPress plugins are loaded with imperfections and frequently posture security dangers.

This helped the development of SaaS-based WordPress plugin development, which will keep on rising in 2019 also. Yet, don’t stress, independent plugin developers still has an opportunity to succeed.

Virtual Reality Optimized Themes

Virtual Reality optimized themes

Virtual reality headsets, for example, Gear VR and Oculus Rift, are more than pretty much gaming. It’s the entertainment in future and it could be the gadget that we’ll soon use to enter virtual universes and yes, even to peruse the web. That future is nearer than you might suspect.

With Facebook-claimed Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR as of now in stores, more individuals are presently beginning to embrace the VR innovation. Thus of this fast development, Samsung recently discharged a Gear VR for web viewing that is web browser optimized.

Is my WordPress site theme streamlined for VR headsets? You’ll need to make that inquiry, soon.

Despite the fact that virtual reality headsets are at present being utilized for gaming and watching recordings, soon in 2019, we will utilize it for some different exercises, including posting photographs on Instagram, refreshing status on Facebook, perusing the web, and a great deal more. This will happen in 2019.

Multipurpose Themes

Everybody needs to get more use out of the things we purchase. That is the primary motivation behind why multipurpose themes are better known among WordPress clients and designers.

A multipurpose theme permits you to create any sort or style of a site with every one of the elements you need on the site. These themes are exceptionally customizable and give more flexibility and alternatives to clients to create a more customized theme for their sites. Since more organizations now consider WordPress to reasonably assemble their business sites, we can hope to see an ascent sought after for multipurpose themes in 2019.

Clearly, this will likewise make WordPress themes templates, similar to Genesis, more well-known and maybe even observe all the more new structures sooner rather than later.

Card and Grid Designs

Cards are outwardly appealing and are more than only a trend.

With 2014 denoting the first run through mobile internet usage exceeded desktop, the design of a website is currently supporting the little screen as responsive design gets to be a mandatory one. The outcome will be simple interface styles like the new flat website design and particularly cards are better known than ever before.

As said above, cards offer magnificent compatibility with responsive systems, bringing about some like Des Traynor of Intercom to call it the future of internet. The example makes an interpretation of well to cell phones for an assortment of reasons. In any case, in the meantime, we can likewise watch an improvement the other way.

Designers breaking the standard grid for some dazzling new outline and design tests. By not sticking to the exemplary request, sites can make all the more captivating visuals and open innovative potential outcomes loaded with layers and smoothness. If you plan to go ahead, make a point to dependably keep ease of use for the customers as the main aim of your site.


UX Design Trends

Customized Images

Customized images

Together with the perpetually expanding web design standardization, many destinations lose their branding.

This will definitely change in 2019. Keeping in mind the end goal to emerge from the group, many brands and organizations are presently moving toward bespoke elements for designing. This is what would we be able to anticipate.

Illustrations are adaptable, friendly and can be utilized anywhere. Organizations and sites have heaps of various style choices to convey a vibe of genuineness, identity, and character, which can truly assist interface with their group of onlookers.

Large fonts that come under custom imagery is nothing but increased screen sizes and larger fonts that will be mark a better trend in 2019.

Customized photography will, obviously, keep assuming a part in 2019. In any case, rather than utilizing some other individual’s vision, designers move towards making their own.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are ideal for introducing a decent look and feel in movement. These rich subjects can be actualized snappier furthermore posture insignificant, up-to-date and a popular outline which is really a scarcely discernible difference.

Typography Aptitude

Long ago, consolidating wonderful text styles and typefaces appeared to be lavish for utilizing it on the sites. Typography abilities have now turned moderate and give out more adaptability for planners to use in their web configuration table. This Typography expertise permits WordPress subject creators to turn out with a reputable outline.

Substantial, Lovely Foundation Pictures

Substantial, lovely foundation pictures and features provide an embellishment to your site. These components can be consolidated for a bigger configuration style/rationality as it backings giving out a respectable search and feel for the site.

Scrolling Procedure

Scrolling procedure

As Scrolling has a tendency to be more portable amicable than clicking, this gimmick involves the better pace in all inevitable innovation overhauls. It additionally chops down the heap times and improves more dynamic communication between the client and the area.


It is said that words generally can’t do a picture justice; henceforth you would most likely see that in the promising New Year. Substantial pictures would be seen on the landing page of the sites. Then again, to appropriately pull it off, the picture ought to stop at the break, regarding resolutions and pixels, of the screen.

Once the client starts to explore, they ought not keep on seeing the picture, yet rather see the substance underneath it. There are numerous individuals who feel distinctive when they are on Windows 8 and 8.1 as opposed to the more seasoned variance. “Flat outline” is the promising new peculiarity which is utilized for making the present day client interface.

A decent sample of this can be seen in the tablet screen on any Windows 8 machine. These outlines are going hand in hand with and purchased to life through eye- getting shades that pull in a client to the site. Best of all, these are speedy with respect to stacking time.

Different Gimmicks

Card outline, micro connections, and customized user experience design are the other potential peculiarities that give architects extraordinary similarity to work in different stages. A card encourages modifying segments and serves to recover on a complete insight of the host area.

Then again micro collaborations give an abundant space to making an open door for advancing collaboration that plan make clients to get joined to the online source.

Push Notifications

Push notifications

Website notifications mostly work very much similar to mobile notification and even SMS – the only difference being the messages getting delivered to the visitors’ desktops whenever they opt in. Though push notifications might not beat email marketing and pop-ups, it is a tool that is capable of reaching out in real time and this is one of the WordPress trends that we need to look out for in 2019.


Adding animations to websites was never a tedious task with the large number of options available. With the help of CSS tools, you can easily create subtle elemental animations – also you can now use WordPress plugins for creating animations. We will see this trend taking animations to a completely new level in the year 2019.

Sticky Elements

The era of obtrusive pop-ups is fading away and designs are moving to an entirely different level. People hate pop-ups and definitely prefer to ignore these whenever they happen to see them. It would be great if you could adopt less obtrusive pop-ups that have been annoying people and warding them off from websites.

Designers have also started taking this hint and are getting rid of the obtrusive pop-ups that made design annoying for users. So if you want to include pop-ups, you can still do it – but use out-of-the-way pop-ups, which would be one of the trends that we would see in the year 2019.

E-commerce Would Expand Further

One of the driving force behind the growth of e-commerce websites is WordPress. With the growing array of sophisticated plugins and themes that have been developed for specific industries, this trend of using WordPress to set up more e-commerce stores would continue in 2019.

Landing Page Styles

Landing page styles

Minimalistic style is derived from the concept of streamlining and keeping the designs simple and moreover, this is what defines one-page sites. So this style of landing page would be sought out more often in the year 2019. This is the best option for sites that have fewer pages and requires to grab user attention quick. So in the year 2019, minimal number of pages and buttons in WordPress would be a trend.

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