20Jul 2023

Pinterest Promoted Pins: Everything You Need to Know

On the face of it, it would seem that Facebook is pulling ahead of every other social media platform. While all the plaudits should deservedly go to them, there are way too many options for the coronation ceremony to happen just yet.

In this respect, Pinterest promoted pins deserve not just an honorable mention in the conversation, but also, a narrative needs to be told about their power.

With about 1.5 million brands readily willing to connect with users monthly, there are lots of opportunities for you to market your wares to a larger audience on Pinterest.

Notably, Pinterest has managed to establish itself as a forward-looking company that’s constantly engaged in refreshing and enhancing the user experience.

This has worked well in their favor as the company has gone from strength to strength through the years.

In this guide, we’ll be looking to share insights into how you can find your footing with Pinterest promoted pins and create compelling content that will have audiences ready to buy your products and/or services.

Let’s get right to it!

Why You Need Pinterest Promoted Pins


Most people tend to get Pinterest all wrong. While it’s true that it works brilliantly as a social media platform, it’s worth documenting that it also does an equally impressive job as an information repository. You know, sort of like a search engine (think Google).

The robustness of the platform makes it possible for users to connect and share content on the fly. With so much happening, Pinterest developed a nifty solution for users to keep tabs on topics they find interesting.

They did this by giving users the power to create boards that they can revisit on future dates and pin content about fascinating topics.

With this backdrop, Pinterest serves as a great platform for users to plan events and special occasions like vacations, outfits, DIY crafts, home renovations, and weddings.

This idea bodes well for your business if you’re looking to engage with users on the platform over extended periods. While you could market your offering using regular pins, it’s a safer bet to go with promoted pins.

This is because promoted pins allow you to enjoy the extra benefits like having your brand getting a mention plus a link is also available for users to click through.

Planning for Success

If you’re looking to diversify your mediums in digital marketing, then, you need not look further than Pinterest.

With proper insights about your audience, you can take on the world by storm. This is true when you consider that the platform has more than 150 million active users and is still a popular social network in many niches.

On Pinterest, you can effectively grow your base by conducting lots of product research using images and links. This social management marketing using enticing customers with picturesque graphics can work great in your favor if you’re smart about it.

In case you’re still on the fence about whether Pinterest is a worthy venture, then perhaps you will be won over by the fact that Pinterest has generated a revenue of $300 million and there are no foreseeable limits to the growth trajectory.

With promoted pins, you stand better odds of benefiting from a boost in clicks and CTR since it’s hard for users to differentiate between organic and sponsored content, thanks to the fact that Pinterest ads which stream beside the regular posts now.

Can Pinterest Promoted Pins help you Achieve Marketing Goals?


Most users on Pinterest use the platform to shop and plan.

This is music to your ears if you’re looking to use the platform to market your products since users are more receptive to the idea of making purchases.


As one statistic showed, about 87% of Pinterest customers have gone ahead to buy a product of interest after seeing it on Pinterest. Effectively, this makes Pinterest an exciting tool not just for brand awareness, but also to close a sale.

The beauty of it all is that the platform caters to different demographics and markets like fashion, furniture, lifestyle products, beauty, and a host of other product categories.

As case study presentations are a good way to explain this, I think the case study conducted by ‘Living Royal’ which is a socks company is an ideal one where they showcased just how promoted pins are able to enhance awareness. In their review, they were able to track about six times the amount of referral traffic.

Most notably, promoted pins had a better conversion rate – in fact considerably higher at 40 percent, than other advertising mediums.

The idea of using Pinterest to achieve your marketing goals is plausible when you consider that the platform also doubles up as a search engine. With the visual search capabilities on hand, users can snap photos using their mobile phones and search for them in Pinterest’s repository.

Provided that your product matches the shared photos, Pinterest can suggest them to check out your business page and contact you.

From this, it’s quite evident that Pinterest works great on several fronts. You can use the platform to launch new product lines, broaden your horizons in new markets, sell more products, and boost brand awareness.

Who Can You Target and Reach Using Pinterest Ads

The numbers show that active pinners on Pinterest have a 9 percent higher average income than non-users. This is an important metric when you consider that about 10% of Pinterest users rake in more than $125K annually.

With a targeted approach, you can influence this important demographic to buy from your shop and bump up those profit margins.

That aside, about 67 percent of Pinners are below 40 years old. This appeals to ad buyers because younger audiences are more receptive to checking out new products, a notion that’s heavily backed up by the fact that 90 percent of young adults are active on social media.

As for the rest of the audience, i.e. the 33% Pinners who are older than 40 years, you can smartly employ a targeted marketing approach to attract them to your brand as qualified traffic.

As you contemplate which approach to take with Pinterest, you must take note of the numbers shared as they’ll likely influence the key decisions you make about strategy.

Recently, 8 fit, a fitness app that’s made to appeal to both the young and the old, made use of the promoted pins feature to inspire more installs.

This proved to be a masterstroke as they were able to boost their signup rate by 5%, a figure which was 50 percent more than their other social media platforms. Remarkably, they were also able to lower their CPM up to 90 percent.

Why eCommerce Stores have a high Potential for Pinterest


As a highly visual platform, you can bank on Pinterest to enhance your conversion figures provided you post images on the regular.

To take things up a notch you can incorporate links in every content you pin, the ideas you post, and the products you collect and share.

According to reports from Pinterest, “Pinners are just as likely to purchase as users from other social channels, but spend 50 percent more on average compared to other social channels. They also spend 20 percent more than users referred from non-social channels, including search.”

This goes to show the influence that Pinterest has on buyers. On average about 72 percent of Pinners head to this platform to decide on what to purchase offline.

There’s also about 93 percent of active pinners who’ve shared the log onto the platform whenever they want to plan for a purchase.


As is evident, Pinterest is a wonderful catalyst for purchases. To succeed, you need to create a buying incentive in the hearts of customers by sharing awesome shots of your products in action.

The key to your success is how you’ll be able to utilize promoted pins. This is because users who interact with promoted pins tend to spend about 7 times more than others.

That alone is an impressive metric that is further underlined by the fact that 70% of sales from promoted pins are typically new customers.

Given that such a powerful acquisition channel exists on the web today, you simply can’t afford to slack off. As a marketer, you can attract new customers by committing yourself to invest in promoted pins for your business.

Getting the Most from Pinterest

Pinterest’s recently launched marketing campaign is aptly named “Shop the Look”.

Image Source: venturebeat.com

Given just how potent the platform is at monetizing users, it’s safe to say that if you haven’t already, now is the best time to look at how your business can help you achieve those expansion goals by reaching more customers who are suited to your enterprise. 

You can leverage Pinterest to market your business by following these best practices:

  • Always be easy – As a highly visual platform, you need to help inspire users to take action. For this, you need to present an ideal and communicate how users can achieve it easily.
  • Have a strategy for image content – you want the images you share with users to jump right off the page. Using a brand font and having the company logo watermarked (without being obnoxious about it) are some great ways to create striking, memorable impressions. 
  • Compelling images – while stock images are useful, they don’t tell half-as-much a compelling story if you were to focus on sharing influencer imagery. This is because these kind of takes are more organic and can help inspire users to listen closely to your product offering
  • Shorten the Customer Journey – as innovative as Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” feature is, it’s worth noting that it comes up head to head against TikTok’s “Shoppable Ads”, and Instagram’s “Checkout Button”. The key benefit is that Pinterest leads the park in terms of customers looking to buy products from the platform. As a brand, you can get the most out of the feature by shortening the customer’s journey from “window shopping”, to “buy now” using the feature in your posts. 

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