12Jun 2017

22 Simple Usability Tips for enhancing E-Commerce Web Design

E-commerce has caught up big time with the masses. With the widespread use of the Internet and smartphones, more and more number of people are turning towards e-commerce websites for online shopping.

However, the increasing popularity of the e-commerce has also increased the competition. Many new players have come into the arena of e-commerce, which calls for extensive measures to be taken by the online stores to stay relevant.

The most important of them is the look and feel of the website which draws the users towards them. This department is handled by the web designers and they are only responsible for creating such designs which are able to retain the users and offer them an experience which is unmatched.

Some of the must-have design elements in an Ecommerce website:

1. Replace the buy now button:

Any call to action button must not end up the process of shopping but start it. When you click on the buy now button, you are directed to the page of checkout which means, you can pay for the merchandise selected and place your order.

On the contrary, an “add to cart” button adds the product to the cart but does not change the page which allows the user to shop further and add more products in the card. Such a move will ensure that the user is allowed to shop freely which will only enhance the sale on the website which is the ultimate aim.

The button should not just be relabeled but the functionalities must also be written for the button in the right manner.

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2. No forced signup or registration process:

There should not be any forced signup or registration as it turns off the users. The users must be allowed to shop like guests without pressing them to register first. It is ok to remind the users of missing the privilege of a registered user must not at any cost make registration compulsory.

There should be an option to shop like a guest at the place where the users are asked to log in. The guest user should be allowed to track the orders and return them if required. Such steps may help in user retention, boosting the sales and also reduce the bounce rate.

After the user has shopped as a guest, he or she can be informed of the ease of shopping when the user is registered. To encourage registration, the freebies and the privileges of a registered user can be mentioned on the checkout page before the user’s complete their shopping.

3. Contact information must not be hidden:

It is one of the biggest mistakes committed by many e-commerce vendors. The consumers lose trust on such online stores who hide their contact details. The biggest doubt in the mind of the users is that in case of non-delivery of the product, whom they are going to contact.

There are a few products and locations where cash-on-delivery is not offered. In such scenarios, the users are reluctant to shop and the e-commerce company loses one consumer in the process.

The contact information must not be hidden and in fact, should be mentioned on every page or the header so that the consumers are sure about where there is investing their money.

It is important to provide clean and clear contact information. Whenever a customer faces difficulty with certain points such as the shipping or product details or price details, then, they will find it easier to contact you and speak to you directly regarding their doubts.

So, it is necessary to provide clean and clear contact information to help them.

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4. One page Checkout:

The process of checkout must not be lengthy. It should be designed to be a one page affair. This aids in making the entire process of shopping easy and convenient.

5. Easy navigation:

Navigation of the website is a very crucial factor in retaining the users on the website. Navigation of a website comprises each and every design element on it. Which link will land you on what page is covered in navigation. It has to be utterly smooth and strategically planned.

Navigation must never be confusing as such a navigation will cause high bounce rate as the consumers always have the option of going to other e-commerce website for purchasing a product or service. When there is so much of competition around, you are bound to be on your toes to come up with simplistic navigation which direct the users to the right places. Each and every link should be placed strategically and after much thought going into it.

For instance, the cart must have the option of changing the quantity of the product without having to remove them entirely from the cart. Likewise, there are several such links, buttons and features which must be present on the right spot. Hence, it is quite evident that how important is easy navigation.

This is one of the most important points that we need to consider when designing an E-commerce website. The navigation needs to be flexible to help users to move across the site with ease.

When you offer ease of navigation across your site, you need to ensure that your user can find all the information that they need with ease.

Also, this is one of the vital points from the SEO perspective.

6. Time taken to load:

Everywhere we can see one thing in common, and that is the “loading time“. Tech experts, researchers and analysts always warn that regardless of the type of online business you own, the load speed is one of the factors that determines whether you will stay or not.

Heard of the 3-second rule?

If you are an online business owner, you must take care to ensure that the load speed of your website does not exceed 3 seconds.

A page that takes more than 3 seconds to load leads to loss of customers because 40% of people leave a site that is slow to load.

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7. A detailed description of the products:

How do sales happen in a physical store?

Sales pitching!

And, who does the pitching?

Of course, the sales people, no doubt to that!

So, when you are doing business online how do you expect people to know about your products?

Who is going to pitch for you?

Your content! Do we need to explain further?

So, each product that you are selling needs a detailed description. It helps the customers to know what your product is, and the description gives them an idea of how helpful the product will be to them.

Provide a detailed description of your products and services.

Also, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration when updating product description:

Here, you can do something to make your customer happy!

You can include everything on a single page starting from the product name, images, price, product availability, a short description of the product, shipping cost, payment options, etc.

8. Breadcrumbs:

How do you think your users trace their way back to the original point from where they kicked-off or find their way out if they get lost somewhere?

And, this is where breadcrumbs come to rescue.

Breadcrumbs are a kind of secondary navigation that helps the user to find where they are and how to go back to the point from where they started it.

9. Mobile version of your site:

We are living in the mobile era and the need of the hour is to have everything customized for ease of accessibility across these handy devices.

So, whenever you are designing an E-commerce website it is necessary that you have it customized to fit into the screen resolution of the mobile devices too.

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10. Get rid of dead links:

Dead links are something that irritates customers. If they find that they are clicking on to reach a dead point, then, they will never again visit your site and also, you will be blacklisted and as you know word of mouth is powerful than any other weapon.

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11. Shine like a star, the social media will help you:

Social media has a wide influence on businesses and a number of online stores have succeeded through the magic of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. are helping businesses realize their dreams and connect with their customers who are miles and miles away from them.

12. Feedback:

It is important to have Feedbacks from customers that will help you know how well the product is functioning and the level of comfortability your customers experience when they use the product. Also, this kind of content comes free of cost and is new and fresh and something that Google is searching for.

13. Exhibit important information in the beginning:

This is one of the first and foremost things that you need to take into consideration when you are developing an E-commerce site. The content that appears on the first screen, A lot of people read only this portion and they leave. If they are impressed with what lies in here then, they will proceed and read further.

It means you need to create a powerful first impression which is not impossible but easy.

14. Club the similar products:

Customers always love to see more. If you could provide them with recommendations for similar or alternative products then you are luring them and they will be falling in love with you. We all like it when presented with similar options.

15. Promotions:

Why should they buy from you? Do you have a good reason? Don’t just say that it is because you are the best and that you are providing something that others do not!

Prove your worth!

Offer them discounts or present them with best deals. They will never have a chance to think of someone else.

16. Cart:

It is another important factor that you need to consider when designing your E-commerce website. You cannot just put in some button that is not at all visible from anywhere. A user’s purchase decision depends on the color, design and content of the button.

It should hit their eye and make them click “the add to cart” button which brings them forward to make a purchase.

17. Simple and easy process of placing an order:

When someone is placing an order, it is important that they find the process simple and easy to proceed. It should not be that they experience some difficulty with the shipping charges and the other costs as there are sites that direct people to the prices long after they have placed their order.

It is a great idea to include these in the cart.

18. Font:

This is one of the common factors that people need to take into consideration when designing content for E-commerce websites.

The font must be unique, consistent and stylish throughout the site.

If you are deviating from the font the reader will find it annoying and there are all possibilities that they drift apart.

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19. Images:

It is necessary to include images for each of the products. Unless, there is a clear image people will be doubtful of the product’s appearance and might reconsider their decision to buy the product from them.

It should look like the products are real and you can include 3D or graphics to illustrate the same.

20. Clean and clear pages:

Imagine a store that is full of dust and looks rustic. Do you think anyone would want to buy something from such a store? Honestly, no one would want to enter such a place1

So, keep your pages clean because the same rule applies to online businesses. Do not overload your pages with a lot of things.

21. Email should be used rather than username:

It is always better to have Email Ids rather than username.

People can easily relate to Email Ids, because these are rare and unique.

22. Search field:

Another most important feature is to include a search field. It helps the customers to find out whatever they need with ease.

The users of the website are least bothered about the technicalities involved in the designing the website and only expects the website to load fast and offer important links at strategic places.

The navigation and the ease of use is what appeals to the users and bind them to the website.

If the website is working very smoothly and the users do not have scuffle around the website looking for links and important information, the website is a winner hands down.

Time stands testimony to the fact that websites with minimalistic designs have proved to be quite effective with the users. If these design elements which have been discussed here are incorporated in the e commerce website, it will become way more usable and user friendly.

What is the platform that you prefer to build your E-commerce websites? Does it implement the above specified features?

Share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions with us.

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