06Apr 2023

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your WordPress Website

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be thought of the technology with the help of which machines complete their tasks. Usually, these tasks are carried out by humans using their intelligence. Some of these include recommendation services as you can see on shopping sites as well as the self-driving cars that most of the people are addicted to these days.

AI technology has been built into systems on the basis of learning (machine learning) along with natural language processing techniques. Machines are now trained to perform tasks that were initially done manually. Thanks to the large amounts of data that are used to help these machines to recognize patterns based on which they perform their actions.

Such a learning aspect of machines is referred to as machine learning. Long before machine learning was introduced, computers used to carry out their tasks based on a set of parameters and rules that they were familiar with. But now things are changing, it is becoming easier for machines to analyze, identify and learn from data using these algorithms and AI technology, and apply these ideas to the scenarios in which they operate.

Machines learn from the data that are fed into them. So more the data you feed into machines, more the chances that these are learning better. One of the advantages of AI is that it can access any amount of data at any given time, unlike the brain that might find it difficult to rummage among the stuff. Also, it doesn’t need to eat or rest, and can refrain from making the same mistake more than once.

Now, AI is being used to improve and manage the use of WordPress websites. Let us take a look at how this works.

WordPress Plugins and AI

wordpress plugins and AI

AI is a popular technology, but still, people are hesitating to use it. Hence, when it comes to WordPress, we still have only a couple of plugins that are using AI. We will take you through some of these recent advancements that AI has been accomplishing across WordPress plugins with regard to SEO, security, and others.

Content Curation


This plugin implement AI to analyze and process human language. Once it understands the kind of content and information that people are searching for, it invests effort at improvising the content, along with enhancing the content display for search engines. A knowledge graph is used to provide SEO tips for improving content.

It has the ability to convert text into machine-understandable language, which helps it to create facts, links, images, visuals, thereby making the content further engaging. This will contribute from an SEO perspective as well because it will result in increased traffic and number of page views.

Voice Search Made Effortless

voice search and ai in wordpress

Voice search is one option that is being preferred by users worldwide. And when a voice search is helpful, people come back again and again for it. A number of apps are implementing AI in their WordPress websites with an aim to attract visitors and retain existing customers.

So with all other features that you offer your customers, try including the voice search option as well. Give them an effortless experience that will make it easier for them to talk to machines rather than having to type what they need.

Chatbots – Are They Good?

Consumers are always looking for responses that are fast. It is always great if you can respond to your consumer quickly rather than having to keep them wait for a long time. Don’t make your customer wait in the queue for a service agent. With AI technology, you can now integrate automated chatbots into websites. This will ensure that all customer queries are taken care of immediately.

When you connect with your consumer, it helps to create a positive effect on them, as they get to know when questions are asked, they will always receive responses without having to wait for a long time. Chat robots respond to all these queries quickly while also helping to increase sales via communication that brings more engagement.

Spam Comments and Getting Rid of Those


This is another interesting plugin from WordPress. You might be familiar with it if you are using WordPress. In case, if you are hearing about this plugin for the first time, it is a plugin that is pre-installed with every WordPress installation.

WordPress users and bloggers have been using Akismet for some time now. Maybe you are too, unknowingly. If you encounter those spam comments, then undoubtedly you are running your WordPress without this plugin. One of the drawbacks of the spam comments is that they cause your site to slow down, leaving you to sort the mess all by yourself, which is a tedious task.

But if you have Akismet, it will implement machine learning and AI to sort out all the clutter, including the spam comments that pop up on your site. Akismet notes the bots that hit your site while it keeps running in the background without anyone noticing.

Search Engine Optimization and AI for WordPress

seo and AI fro wordpress

With a plugin like Yoast SEO, you might be familiar how it recommends improvements to your content on the basis of what you are writing or what you have written. It comes with some of the machine learning elements, but when you use a plugin, such as WordLift, it will help to analyze the content using AI.

Automatic Translation on the Basis of the User

Some websites come with multilingual capabilities. With the help of Google language translator, you can translate WordPress. This Google translator is AI-driven. All you have to do is install the plugin into the sidebar or you can use a shortcode, which will help you to find out about your visitors and the content used on your website.

After that, it would translate your content into the language preferred by the visitor.

Sharing Relevant Content

How often have you visited a site and skimmed through it to check for related or relevant posts? We have all been there. As bloggers, we know how vital it is to have related posts on our sites to get our users to read these articles.

A number of related post plugins are available, which will help use machine learning to analyze the kind of posts related to what is being read.

Connect With Your Readers: Understand What They Feel


This WordPress plugin implements the IBM Watson AI. Most of the people reading this article have seen the Watson commercials, but do not really know how it is related to this.

It helps to evaluate how your readers feel when they go through your content. Based on certain words or phrases used in your content, it even assigns an emotional score.

Your Proficiency in the Language

It is important that you use correct spelling and grammar while writing. It is not only because you were instructed to do so, but because it plays an important role in your visitor’s perception of your site.

Websites that come with a lot of spelling and grammar errors are not considered to be trustworthy and genuine. Also, be careful about your choice of words. Avoid overusing clichés as it could annoy your readers. But look for unique and new ways to make your ideas sound more interesting. With a poor choice of words, it would make the sentences confusing, while bringing down the quality of your communication with readers.

Jetpack is one of those plugins that comes with a proofreading feature. It helps to detect typos and other style-related errors.

Personalizing User Experience Could be a Better Idea

We have always heard how personalized content helps to make your users feel better about your site. It is important that you provide relevant content, which will make it necessary for users to return to your site. So based on the relevancy of your content, the traffic of your site will improve.

Live Chat

With live chat, as we discussed earlier, in the case of Chatbot, you have the AI-powered virtual chat agent for your website. It will keep providing live chat support for your site.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera web malware scanner is capable of scanning your site with one click. It will help identify malware, worms, spyware, shells, trojans or any other threats. This plugin implements AI, along with machine learning and cloud technology to improve at identifying threats to your site. It will also help to identify JavaScript code obfuscation, malicious iframes, malicious code obfuscation, auto-generated malicious content, hidden eval code, and other redirects.

WordPress sites need a lot of maintenance support. Human help might not always be an option. In such instances, you can always depend on WordPress maintenance services. Or machine help in the form of AI and machine learning. It will help to identify and tackle several issues or concerns while improving user experience.

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