20Oct 2017

Web Design Trends 2015: The Disappearing Acts & the Keep Coming Backs

Web developers today are adopting new technologies to make websites more informative, interesting and communicative. These newly developed modern websites catch a user’s attention through visually stunning graphics, animations,  videos and more. They take the help of various advanced multimedia tools in order to make these websites more interactive and interesting, unlike the traditional boring text based websites.

Web Design Ideas 2015

There is no doubt that everybody prefers a flexible, creative and communicative website. It is extremely important for businesses to adopt the most ideal design and development strategies that will enable them to flourish their business. To attract more visitors, it is necessary to understand various trends in designing & development to fulfill the requirements of a customer.

Web Design trends

Web design experts often argue on which trend is in and which ones are outdated. It is interesting to observe that whether in fashion or web design, the old trends keeps coming back in a different form. There are many such instances in web design trends, that has been a favorite of web designers & developers over the years.

Traditional ways of clicking on a webpage has been replaced by different ways of swiping, hovering, scrolling and sliding, especially due to the advent of touch screen devices. Simply clicking on a subject often was not a convenient solution. Whereas, features like that of: Swipe, scroll, slides etc. make it easy for website visitors to navigate through a site & find relevant information.

Another “once cool” trend that has faded away is flash. Once the integral multimedia tool, Adobe flash player helped web developers to create graphics, and animations to make a website a more interesting & attractive. This multimedia tool phased out for a number of reasons, including advancement of new technology and better tools in the market in addition to a closed-source development that lacked compatibility with various browsers. To end, it lacked safety & security features.

Using text formats and patterns such as sprawling texts have also become obsolete today. People prefer much more attractive websites with images & videos rather than a text based one. The “text webpage “era has almost vanished as a result and has transformed into pictures, videos, animation and graphic oriented ones. This is justifiable as why make users read long paragraphs of text when the same message could be conveyed to them within seconds through images & videos with minimum text content.

To end the list of faded trends, the old web-based irritating pop-up also parted the arena since a long time. Web designers these days prefer eliminating pop-ups while designing a website. However, some companies still today, ask for pop-ups, in order to acquire a user’s personal information, such as, name, address, email id, contact number etc. thanks to designers who make it much more convenient without affecting the user experience.

Speaking about trends becoming outdated, there are certain trends that pops out from the past all of a sudden from nowhere & goes on to become popular in a very short time.

Flat Designs

Flat Design Trend
Flat design is one of the latest trend sand tops the list in 2015. Here, designers create images with no drop shadows, textures or gradients in the web platform. Flat designs have become more popular since the emergence of info graphics in 2014. It makes a website look minimalistic and non-fussy, and have been popular among gig-posters for a long time.


Many of you might have seen pre-loaders, a small animation that pops up while the website takes time to load a webpage. It is obvious that people visiting the website will not be interested in a webpage that takes ages to load. If it takes too long, they might move to some other website. Hence, smart web developers have adopted these pre-loader animations to entertain the website visitors and to hold their attention while the website loads in the background.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are another cool option many designers love to make use of. These are nothing but transparent & empty shapes, mostly in square or rectangular shape. Bordered by a very thin line, these buttons consists of simple plain text in the middle in a suitable font.

There are many more to add to the list of trends that have disappeared & those which keep coming back. However these are some of the best & most popular ones that many designers consider worth mentioning. The web design industry is an ever changing one & designers have always found it exciting to try out new technologies to replace the old ones.

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