16Jan 2024

Illustration Trends in Website Design for 2024

Like Illustration of the broad arena, which usually spread across many national borders and no of media, in that characteristic trends will come as a little part of a land! By illustration trends have become live on the website, the shape, size, color, etc got smudge up and make an impact in sites.

By 2018 illustration become more detailed. It still believed that illustration has mold up to many levels of improvement. It has been drag out to many themes which makes a demand for the people who purchase them properly for their purpose.

You know the importance of illustration in web design. Let us discuss the latest illustration trends that are going to dominate in 2019.

Bright colors and straightforward shapes

When finally the stigmatization get involved, the advertising and packaging the whole energetic trend in the graphical area has been more simplification and also to reduction. Hence, therefore, it is not that much got shined all along with the planet of further illustration.

With the increase of niche, start-up contender brands that area unit saw as a lot of moral, the large company brands area unit having to re-think their promoting and artistic ways to reply to the patron would like for bigger transparency. “Brands area unit removing supernumerary claims during a bid to be a lot of, at the same time creating them work a lot of effects on the shelf and in e-commerce.”

While it is not essentially mean ruling out an approach by illustrator, it will mean that wherever illustration is employed, it’s typically primarily based around daring, easy shapes and robust colors.

Italian artist Olimpia Zagnoli’s work for food whole Barilla may be a clear example, as is Illume’s revamp of Target’s fragrance aisle; the packaging for puff pastry whole a bit of beautiful Cake by Chinese agency Step Design; the edition Coke will, themed on a giant Macintosh, by Brazilian agency DPZ&T; and Meroo Seth’s packaging styles for law Marx chocolate.

By 2019 the trend has to be continued. Now trends have changed. The whole language that transforms into emotion. That made a huge connection to the latest versions. It gives another phase to the illustration.

  • Modern Mid- Century Modern

It has begun in the era of war. Its design has been treated so that’s why it is said that it began at the era age. We have seen many war-era illustrations that hits the trends. We have witnessed many small scale business companies have used such illustrations to set an image of vintage mode. It is pretty sure it will get attracted to the customer.

  • Duotones and Gradients

Duotones and gradients

The Duotones and gradient are widely spreading in ads, cover images of songs, etc. Now you may notice that in the new released Spotify app contain various images like this. They have now become the best cover images to the songs.

  • Still the Gradient Trend

Gradients are never being off from trends. Well, there are many social media with their logos with the best gradients. It was always standing its position in the illustration section. Gradients with multi-combo colors are trending now. In the year 2019, it has become something crazy among illustrators.

  • Organic and Handcrafted

While vibrant, geometric, 2nd vector art still dominates the landscape, The art of the second vector has become trendy, within the style of illustration that is organic, hand-drawn and hand stitched

In illustrations, conceptual art has become trendy. It is one of the metaphorical types of depiction to express the ideas. It is connected with reality. It can be combined with any style of illustration.

  • Quirky and Abstract

Quirky and abstract

To the dominance of bright, it has another way to get bright, by the shine 2nd vector art, that will lead to getting back the standard you wish to get back in the year of 2019!

  • Minimal Illustration

The Minimal illustration is showing the best reach in this coming generation. The Minimalism is mainly get associated with the neutral and silent scheme for colors. By the years passed it make that minimalism come out with a bang on increase. Whereas the design will still be a portion of pared-down appropriate, expecting to see many colors pops in this.

  • Organic/ Fluid Designs

Trends in illustration have been changing. Designs with straight lines are recreated with motion fluids shapes and designs. Such designs with circle, square, etc are not just a shape they are recreated with fluid designs to feel some motions.

  • Isometric Design

Isometric Design

The isometric trend is upcoming with more and more updates.  It is the 3D expression of the illustration. It has been over the years. So it will continue its updates for the upcoming years too.

  • Absence of Color and Monochromatic

It’s quite exciting that we have many colors and its shades at our tip of the finger. Just think of only one color or no color? Such an illustration are also becoming a trend today.

Illustrators draw only with a single color. So that will make a mark of their work. By having such a limitation to one color can make your work more flexible!

  • Overlapping Designs

By drawing with broken grids, lines, asymmetric, and also some overlapping can make the design to stand apart from the usual designs. By providing overlapping designs can make the site unique from being normal. It will look interesting. Even though it is a bit difficult to execute due to customers frustration and hard to understand the concept. Still, it has trendy designs altogether.

  • Micro Interaction

Micro interaction

They are animation mode small videos. That micro videos are done with illustration to get an attraction.   

  • Buxom Serifs

Buxom Serifs are mainly used to et font styles. They became a part of the illustration for years ago. Fonts that are like hand-drawn way have hit the trending record. The hand-drawn fonts are attractive. In olden times it has been just a characterless or soulless one. But now it changes those things to clean, smart, etc.


Web Icon Fonts

  • Using White Spaces in Illustration

Using white spaces while designing can feel no clashes in drawing. You can make the designs neat and through the ideas behind them through the neat illustration. You can provide a gap like a margin part to make the design attractive. By when you move to the year 2019, we started to see lots of white spaces in websites in order to set as a focal point. Whereas during olden times we will think about more white space is just a space with waste. But the trend has now become a little extra space in illustration.     

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