16Dec 2017

12 Copywriting tips to provide an instant boost to your Brand Image

Every business needs to interact with their consumers and convey their message in the best and most comfortable way possible. It is the best businesses who communicate with the users that can be successful in their ventures. It is in this that copywriting turns out to be quite helpful. It helps you to provide an extra edge to your advertising and marketing campaigns. It also helps you in increasing the brand awareness and helps to boost your brand image quickly. This turns out to be a significant contributor to your business branding campaigns.

What is copywriting?

What is copywriting

Copywriting is an art of rearranging the words in such a way to increase your sales. It is used in almost all the forms of advertising like magazine and newspaper advertising, web advertising, billboards, brochures, sales letters, direct mail, catalogs, taglines, white papers, and several other marketing campaigns. However, some other forms of advertising like television advertising, radio advertising, video advertising, and other such forms of advertising also needs to have a written content.

Writing an excellent copy for your business is an art, and it is necessary to draft a good copy for your business. The growth in the number of websites and numerous business has increased the demand for a quality content. Now a major question arises, what constitutes a quality content and how can you write a good content to provide an instant boost to your brand image quickly. Here are some of the most important and fantastic copywriting tips that are used by the best copywriters in the industry. Make use of these tips to make sure that the content that you create can attract more and more users.

What constitutes great content?

As a copywriter, you are left with two choices. Either you can choose to create great content, or you can choose to create a poor content. Both of these require you to spend time, energy and resources. However, in the former, these can help you get good results and turn out to be best investments. In the latter case, these turn out to be a waste of your time, energy and resources. There are a few requirements for great content. To make a content great, some requirements are to be taken into consideration.

  • Original content
  • Catchy and appealing headline
  • Relevant content and engaging
  • Must be grammatically correct and must have proper spelling
  • Must answer the questions of the users
  • Provide knowledge-based content
  • Accurate information must be provided
  • Must have better images and videos
  • Remove any insignificant information in the content
  • Properly organize your writing
  • Talk about benefits rather than features
  • Include a strong call to action

After you have taken care of these factors, there are chances that you will be able to boost your brand image quickly.

Original content

The original content turns out to be quite helpful in enhancing your brand and helps you to go a long way with Google and your visitors. It is because Google lays due focus on the original content and also helps you to enhance your rankings on Google. The copied content is penalized by Google thereby resulting in the lowering of your ranks. In such a case, it is necessary that if you don’t have anything useful to say, then don’t say it at all. It will also help you to get better quality backlinks thereby helping in your SEO.

Catchy and appealing headline

Catchy and appealing headline

The headline plays the major role in arousing the interest of the people and invites the readers to visit the website and listen to what you say. It is because out of the numerous people on your website or search engines only 80% of people read your headlines and out of that only 20% of the people read the rest of your content. Hence it is important that the focus must be laid on the title to attract more and more users to read your content. A great attention must be laid for creating a headline. However, it must also be kept in mind that the title must convey the information about the content and must not act as the click bait. Although the click baits can help you get visits from users and provide small term benefits to the business, whereas in the long run, it may turn out to be quite the contrary.

Must be grammatically correct and must have correct spelling

While copywriting, it is necessary that you emphasize your grammar and spelling. A well-written content that is free from grammatical and spelling errors work better as it helps you to convey your information in a better way. It also helps you to convey a better reputation amongst your readers. A poorly written content with grammatical and spelling mistakes can turn out to be turn-offs for the users. This may also convey a negative image of your company in the minds of the people. In some cases, breaking some grammar and spelling rules are also allowed. However, it is necessary to have a clear idea of how to break the rule and when to break the rule.

Relevant and engaging content

Apart from choosing a good title that attracts the users, the content must also be engaging on the whole. In case the content is not engaging, relevant and interesting the users will leave your site, and there are chances that the users will not revisit your site. It leads to the increase in the bounce rate and leads to the decrease in the search engine rankings. Better content on the turn helps the users to visit your website again and again thereby enhancing your search engine rankings.

Must answer the questions of the users

Every user has some questions in their mind for which they need to seek the answer to. Hence it is necessary that you choose to answer these questions and also make sure that you ask the right questions that the users like to seek answers to. It must also be kept in mind that the right answers are provided. This helps you to gain the trust of the users and regard you as an authority where they can come to seek their answers and may come to seek more answers in future. It is also necessary that you provide the answers in a faster and better way with the help of proper images and videos.

Provide knowledge-based content

Sometimes users want to get knowledge about certain things. In such a case providing knowledge about the same turn out to be quite helpful. It is due to these reasons that the sites like Wikipedia are quite popular as it provides knowledge about the things you wish to know about.

Accurate information must be provided

It is necessary that you provide accurate information to your users. It is because it helps you to gain the trust of the users. Any wrong information displayed on your website can reduce your credibility and may tarnish your image. If possible, it is advised to provide the relevant links for the website from which the information is gathered. Any issues with your blog also impact how the people view your product as your blog is the reflection of your company. Inaccurate information in some cases may either make or break your business.

Must have better images and videos

better images and videos

With the advancement of the internet speed, there has been a considerable change in the way the content is presented. Nowadays there has been a massive increase in the number of images and videos that are used in the content. This helps to convey the information better and faster. It also enhances the reading experience of the users. It is also necessary that the images and the videos you use in the content must add value to your content.

Remove any insignificant information in the content

In the content, it is necessary that you display the relevant information that is to the point. Any unnecessary information must be eliminated to make sure that the information is concise. The sole focus must not be on the word count but the quality of the content. A bigger blog post does not mean that the post is better than the shorter ones. Even a short well-written blog post may turn out to be helpful to the users and help you get better returns.

Properly organize your writing

The way the content is organized is quite necessary as it helps you to make sure that the content flows in a streamlined manner and systematically conveys the information. Different formulas can be used to make sure that the content works the best and provides the best results. You can either choose attention-interest-desire-action, attention-interest-action, Problem-Agitate-Solution, or 1-2-3-4 formula. Try out with different methods and choose the ones that suit your customers and your business.

Talk about benefits rather than features

Benefits and features have quite a distinct line between them. Let’s imagine you are selling a towel and someone tells you the difference between two towels that one is made of silk and the other is made of cotton. A person who has no idea of the both needs to be provided with the benefits of both of these towels and provide answers to the questions like which towel is the softest, which towel is the best absorbent and several such questions. In the same way, the copywriter that answers these questions can get the best response on their blogs.

Include a strong call to action

At the end of every content, a strong call to action is quite necessary. This is the action call to ask a person to do something. It helps you by reminding the users again and again that you want them to carry out certain tasks. This can be any of the tasks like subscribe to the newsletter, try a product, give a call, share the content, download software, or any other task. It is necessary that you provide the users with something of value that they may require.


Writing quality content is quite an essential aspect of branding and if handled carefully can help you to reap its benefits. It is advised that you master the art of copywriting by using the techniques mentioned above. It will also ensure that you can take your business to the next level.

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