29May 2018

13 Tips for Hiring a Web Development Firm for Designing an E-Commerce Website

It is a known fact and a common practice that people look at the beauty of your website first rather than how good you are to them. Don’t you think so? Considering its aesthetics, they will judge the professionalism and reliability of an online shopping site too. Some online retailers are experts in selling their products and they will not be aware of the web development and graphics. Without knowing anything they think that even non-technical people can design an e-commerce website. If you do so, you will surely end up in seeking the help of a designer later on, which is a double work. Good designer is nothing but a designer or designing organization, who designs according to your choices, understands your company’s goals without charging more money. 

To make your website that is attractive than others, you must know some of the things for hiring a designer for designing an e-commerce website.

#1. Know your designer’s coding skills

designers coding skills

A good designer will be well known about the coding skills like CSS, HTML, XML & PHP to create pleasing and attractive website by utilizing different arenas and web tools. In some organizations, web designer and developer will be within the firm itself or they may be the same person handling with utmost care. The designer will combine all his skills to bring the best result for the customers.

#2. Portfolio says everything

Check the designer’s or designing company’s previous works. It is a solid proof that you can judge for their abilities in designing an e-commerce website. From their portfolio you can identify whether your taste matches with theirs or not. You can check out 5 clever UX tricks to increase revenue from your ecommerce site here.

#3. Reference is “A MUST”

Reference is “A MUST”.

If you were opening a brick store and you were employing a temporary worker to construct it starting from the earliest stage, you would request references. Nobody would believe a business development venture to somebody they hadn’t looked at. Do likewise for the temporary worker that will fabricate your online store. Request and catch up with no less than three references. You need to know about the designer’s quality of work, their scheduled timings, and how easily can they manage their work.

#4. Can they choose a platform?

Which platform or CMS do you indented to choose? WordPress or Drupal or Squarespace? or HubSpot? A perfect web designer can take right decisions for your organizations in choosing the right CMS or platform for your success in business by meeting your exact requirements.

#5. Try different shopping carts

different shopping carts

A shopping cart for e-commerce site the foundation of any online retail business, and it is the management of content/processing of order/reporting tool that you’ll be left with after your designer is set for different undertakings. Think about different carts. When you have scrutinized the field of shopping carts, search for designer that work in the cart you need. For the most part, keep away from any cart that cases it can have your accumulate and running in a hour or less. You won’t get success over the long time.

#6. Take challenges

The website designer you choose must be a specialist that can decipher your objectives and destinations into an element rich, client satisfying internet shopping background. If your designer has nothing to include or does not solicit a ton from testing inquiries concerning your business qualities, differentiators, and objectives, they are either not technically rich or not interested. A web designer must have an assessment and opinion on many decisions. You can hire a web designer that can change your business destinations into an effective plan, not one that just does what you say.

#7. Work statement is mandatory

Work statement is mandatory

Before you go into an agreement to undertake the work with a designer, get a statement of work. It must deal with the designer’s comprehension of your venture, spell out an expected schedule, stating the correct services the expert will give, and give a particular estimation and in addition a brief estimation on rework or extensions to the venture will be dealt with. You will need to experience a short iterative process with the expert to make certain that the statement of work precisely explains your venture and lives up to your desires. If the designer can’t portray the venture in statement of work, don’t hire them. It would resemble a group of students attending exams without a guide to teach them before exam.

#8. Experience is the best result

Website design and development is regularly an exchange of the self-trained. So while site designer with a graduate degree in art ought to positively know his stuff, don’t disregard the self-trained proficient. For example the best designer in the world doesn’t have any degree. However about 1000 organizations search him out and displays over the U.S. to refer his work. In they have judged him just by his academic certifications; you’d be missing a great opportunity for an extraordinary expert. Experience and ability is more critical than a degree. 

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#9. You must where the You must where the work will be carried out


Before hiring a designer it is your responsibility to ask whether the work will be done locally or internationally. If your designated organization for designing the website is outside your country which has different time zones, it will be an issue as there will be long time zone gap and clarifying doubts will be very difficult.

#10. Your designer may resell your work

It is a standard practice for designers to likewise be affiliates for the hosted tools they utilize. Indeed, this is something worth being thankful for since their share of permitting charges can balance forthright expenses. Some firms exchange web-hosting administrations. When helping a customer build up a site, they generally let you think about the administration to be utilized and around. They can settle on an inner voice decision which facilitating supplier to utilize. They are forthright about it. In some case, few designers keep the chance to using their affiliate connections as a secret, a practice which as a rule shows that they are attempting to cheat you. Get some information about reselling connections, if a designer was disguising them, don’t employ him/her.

#11. Picking a friend-“NO”

Picking a friend-“NO”

All of us know somebody that chips away at the web or is a web professional, and once in a while that relationship can save you cash with regards to building up a website. In any case, professional connections, especially contractual worker connections, can put a considerable measure of strain on personal connections.

#12. Meeting deadlines is compulsory

As said earlier, statement of work is a must and each tasks must be given particular time. Even though these are given, it is a compulsory thing to see whether they can complete overall deadline of the project. Committing a work is quite easy but meeting deadlines can only be met by professionals. So never compromise on meeting deadlines at any cost.

#13. You own the content of your website

You own the content of your website

It is an important factor to notice that you must only be the owner of your website design and content. For that is to be done, you must get sign over intellectual property rights from your indented website designer or the organization. If you didn’t get such agreements over your site and content, the problems will occur when you need to sell your website sometime later. So if the designer firm doesn’t agree to sign such rights, don’t hesitate to ignore them.

Advantages of picking the best web based business web improvement benefit

There are many organizations that offer web design and development services to online organizations. In any case, some offer preferred services over others. All things considered, you ought to search for an organization that offers the best web design and development for your online business. There are many advantages that your business will appreciate once you select the best one.

They include:

  • An easy to use, completely functional and exceedingly appealing web based business site
  • Site design improves the reach of your business
  • A site that can pull in clients through intelligent and novel ways
  • Capacity to run boundless services or item offers by means of your site
  • Increased traffic with better optimization
  • Capacity to give helpful information to customers or clients easily
  • Clients can look for items, their particular, pictures and information on your site effortlessly.
  • Easy to use highlights that incorporate shopping cart, calculators, currency support etc.

Essentially, with the correct web design and development firm, you get a web based business that is planned and created considering your business needs. This improves the operations of your business while giving your clients a superior or deal.

Don’t know how much you should pay for an e-commerce web designer and how often?

Each web design and development task has three important factors: quality, time and price. As the site owner, you get the chance to control any two of these elements, while the designer gets the chance to control the other one. In the event that you need extraordinary quality and a low cost, don’t hope to get your store at any point in the near future, since no great designer will work for modest. If you are in a rush (time) and you need an extraordinary client encounter (quality), you’ll have to pay more (cost).

Next, you should pay your temporary worker all through the project. For instance, if it will take four weeks to plan and build up your new online business store, you ought to hope to pay your outline or development worker as he hits points of reference. For instance, once the graphic design stage is finished, you may make another payment in partial. Later when the shopping cart is up, you would make another installment; lastly once the site was live, you’d complete the required funds. This is a typical practice, so expect it. As far as hourly rate, in 2017 you ought to hope to pay website designers somewhere close to $150- $250 every hour for building your web based business webpage. Try not to be astonished it takes from 20 to 200 hours relying upon unpredictability. For a developer, you ought to pay amongst $100 and $600 every hour relying upon the language and many-sided quality of the venture.

At last, you would be insightful to hold your website designer to deal with issues or roll out little improvements later on. A typical agreement would make them pay the fashioner or designer for one hour of work every month. You would aggregate unused hours for up to 12 months. So if you expected to roll out improvements after your store had been up six months (and you had been paying your retainer), you’d have six hours worth of work officially paid for and your designer would be committed to complete the work.


Organizations need to set up a rapport with their current and also prospect clients, and web based business or e-commerce is a decent medium to do as such. Internet business gives individuals a stage to associate with the organization and give live criticism about items and services gave by the organization.

Accordingly, making an online business site is one of the initial steps taken by maturing business visionaries. It is additionally critical that business people not only come up with making a web based business online interface, additionally procure the correct organization for doing as such, as a best web design organization will make sites that pull in the correct sort of crowd for the business.

As per research, online deals have now expanded by more than 25% and the numbers are just going to go up in future. In this way, it is truly essential that a forthcoming business person not just thinks of smart thoughts for the site, additionally employs the correct web-based interface improvement organization, as they are the ones who will execute the arrangements. The customers are just going to perceive what the online interface organization makes and executes.

If one remembers the above mentioned tips for hiring the best website development organization, they will clearly have the capacity to hire the right one for their e-commerce platform.

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