29Sep 2017

5 Clever UX Tricks to Increase Revenue from Your Ecommerce Site

User experience plays a very important role in the growth of any website. In eCommerce it’s more important. As in these websites we have different users with different ideologies. These sites need to provide a very good user experience. The experience of the user needs to be pleasant, so that the site can have good marketing. In e-commerce the developer need to take care of both the security and user experience. The high security should not affect the pleasant user experience. For the revenues to raise the user need to have a pleasant experience over the site. Here are some of the clever UX tricks to increase Revenue from your eCommerce site.

Automating the Order process:

The ordering process should be automated to provide the best user experience. The user feels it easy. For example, if the user selects a product like shoe, the available sizes and colors should be provided immediately either with checkboxes or in a scroll panel. So by this the user can easily choose the product. The automation is to be done throughout the ordering process. While filling the shipping address it would be more useful. For example, if the user enters the country as India then the pre tag at the phone number needs to change immediately to +91. By this the user will mostly prefer your site for the smoother experience.

Encouraging repeat Orders:

Provide the users with accounts. Once they register the basic information can be saved and whenever customers have their next order they need not enter all the information. They find it easy. Also, once a customer purchases a product on your site, then you can also contact the customer when there is a new related product. Once they purchase good for 3 to 4 times they feel it as reliable and their first preference would always be your site. This is one of the best ways to increase revenues to your site.

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Cache throughout the ordering process:

 Sometimes the customer might overlook filling some fields and clicks submit. If the information he filled is deleted since he haven’t filled one or two fields, he would surely feel frustrated. So by having a cache here these types of situations can be avoided. When these types of situations occur, it would give you an error message and asks you to fill the empty fields. The reentering work can be avoided. If you do not have a cache surely the customer may not prefer your site later on.

Responsive Web Design:

 The days of huge PC’s are vanishing. It’s the decade of Smart phones. Most of the purchase all over the world is done over smart phones. People get wind up if the images or large sized pages do not load over their smart pieces. So the designing need to be responsive, Based on the device, it need to change the screen size and etc. So find out reliable ui ux agency india for better appearance and improve the responses.

Varied task Types:

While updating the user interface try to reduce the work to be done by the user. The customer always seeks something new. So let the customer do the same task in a different and easy manner

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