27Oct 2017

Most Popular Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems are quite in fashion in recent years, helping organizations and entrepreneurs build their web presence. Owing to the vast array of Content Management Systems available online, it does become a difficult task selecting the right one. The best way to tackle the situation is to be sure of your requirements which should act as your guidelines in helping you make the right decisions. Take a look at some of the options available in the market so that you can proceed to take informed decisions.


Known to be one of the most popular Online Content Management Systems, WordPress is a great favorite with most users particularly beginners. The PHP based platform primarily blogging and CMS platform provides elaborate documentation which makes using it all the more convenient.

WordPress provides almost something for everybody. It provides:

1. A WYSWYG editor for users who are not equipped with HTML knowledge;
2. A simple and lucid theming language for developers;
3. A streamlined and intuitive back end layout for new users;
4. The widest array of plugins and themes to choose from for developers;

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Drupal another popular platform primarily focuses on CMS. Users can conveniently install the platform to help them create sites which has several interesting features like user blogs, forums, Open ID, profiles and many more. Drupal is equipped to offer other exciting features on installation of useful 3rd Party Modules. The most popular among these is the Taxonomy module. It helps to define the various levels and categories of different types of content.


Joomla provides advanced CMS functionalities. Like Drupal it is also focused purely on CMS alone and is aided by a quick installer which makes users feel comfortable with an easy start. The administrative interface of Joomla is intuitively built featuring drop-down menus and several other interesting features. The platform provides support for access control protocols for LDAP, OpenID and several others. Joomla has about 3200 extensions. However, all customizations in Joomla need to be paid for unlike WordPress where customizations are mostly free.


The ExpressionEngine is probably one of the few paid CMS platforms that are available online. It is however a very flexible platform which provides users ample opportunity to modify sites and blogs as required. ExpressionEngine provides an array of excellent resources for designers. Some of the essential features it provides include:

1. A Powerful Engine for creating templates
2. Custom global Variables
3. Custom SQL queries
4. An effective versioning system

The platform also provides excellent facilities for caching of Templates, query and tag that helps it to provide excellent performance.

The ExpressionEngine has won over hearts with its global search and replace functionality. This is probably the best feature which designers and developers can vouch for since it eliminates the hassle of manual search for incorporating changes by accessing individual pages.


TextPattern is a CMS with a difference. It uses a lean and minimal code base along with a textile markup in the text areas instead of a WYSWYG editor for creating HTML elements within the pages. Nevertheless, it is considered to be an excellent tool for creating well-structured and standard compliant HTML pages. With a simple front-end design and an intuitive back end layout, TextPattern is ideally suited to help new users easily navigate their way around its interface.

Simple, lean and extensible, the TextPattern platform is often a popular choice among designers.

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