07Apr 2021

Effective Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Website

Conversions are an imperative part of your online sales. How are your sales doing? Have you implemented the right marketing strategies to increase your conversion rate online?

Many times, we do everything in our power to increase conversion rates. But unfortunately, things do not fall in place. You might be doing it via the wrong channel using the wrong strategy. Think of those times when you used a social media marketing channel for increasing conversion? Not often!

So you are missing out on a larger audience in that case. Website conversion rates might be too low – sources say that on an average, it would be less than 2.5%. But when it comes to Facebook ads, it is found that the average conversion rate comes over 8%. However, these metrics change depending upon the industry.  Social media sites have a greater power of conversion when compared with other ways.

For instance, when it comes to Facebook, certain B2B ads have the power of converting at a rate greater than 9%. But this might not be a feasible method for everyone because for someone people increasing conversion rates via websites is possible. Though it is found that website conversion rates are always lagging beyond when compared with social media conversions. Before we take you through tips on improving conversion rates, it is important to understand conversion rates better.

What are Conversion Rates?

What are Conversion Rates

These rates refer to those visitors on your website, who can convert. A lot of factors can help in converting visitors. Some of these include webinar registrations, sales, lead magnets, etc. It is always possible to record what happens when a customer visits your site through the action they take before conversion. Though you cannot actually find the people who get converted, you have a ratio. It will help you to understand which people reach out to your content and the percentage of these people who would buy this product.

This helps you in understanding what ratio of your people would sign up for the email list and even take the action required of them. These metrics are really important. Marketing is totally dependent on sales conversions and nothing else matters here. Unless you have a clear idea of what elements of your website you need to work on, how are you going to improve your conversion rates? And if you are unable to improve your conversion rates, you would slip into a loss. So rather than sticking on to what you are doing without checking on what is needed, start tracking your conversion rates.

It is important to calculate the conversion rate and related metrics.

For instance, think about a scenario where you are prompting people to sign up for maybe your subscription list. From all the 5,000 people who reached your site, maybe 250 people got converted. You can calculate the conversion rate by dividing this conversion number by the total number of visitors to your site. You multiply the final result by 100.

How to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Website?

How to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Website

If you’re to increase conversion rate, it is important to know what would work and what would not work for your audiences. The preferences and expectations, and even concerns of each customer vary. Remember not everyone can be converted at their first visit. But including great content, with some interesting images and an appealing call to action could work wonders. It would help in converting your people into customers. Here are some tips to help you with this:

How many input sections would you include?

This is one of the most important points to consider when you start. For instance, when you have an email form, keep it short and simple. Do not ask for too much information. No one wants to give in a lot of information. Don’t scare them away!

What can you assure them?

When people buy something, they are always worried about refund policies. This is mainly because of a whole lot of questions that get asked. When you assure them that you won ‘t be asking too many questions, you will experience an increased sale.

What kind of language do you use with the call to action?

call to action language

When you are working on call to action, it is important to use verbs or words that are more action-oriented and would prompt them to take action.

Would you mind including some proof?

Testimonials come handy as social proof, and these can be used on landing pages of all kinds. These serve as proof.

Have you given a proper understanding of what your product or service is?

It is important that you list out the features of your product. But what is more important is to provide your customers with information on how your product will help them with their needs.

Is your headline catchy enough?

This is one of the main parts of your landing page. Make sure that you have a catchy headline. Ponder over many headlines before going with the best.

How have you placed your components?

There is a fold – and elements come in above or below the fold – but deciding on which falls above the fold and which falls below the fold is too important.

Do you have the necessary emotional elements to connect people to your brand?

A video could do the job – it will connect people to your brand. All you have to do is include one human element in the video to show that you are connected. Maybe, it could be a real person behind the brand.

How did you categorize your landing pages??

Are there any dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads? If not, it is imperative that you use AdWords or other PPC ads for your landing page.

Have you included your follower counts?

It is important that you include the proof of your follower counts, which will automatically help to increase conversions.

Do you have a data-based strategy?

Yes, this helps. You need to deploy Google Analytics or a similar tool to ensure that you have the appropriate information about your website. Once you have an idea of how your conversion is happening, you can restructure your strategies based on that.

Have you checked your funnel’s optimization rate?

Have you checked your funnel’s optimization rate?

Along with the data, it is also important to have your funnel’s optimization rate checked.

Are you offering something impressive to your people?

This is the next most important thing. If you are not offering, offer something. And make sure whatever you are offering is impressive.

These are some of the interesting tactics that you need to follow when you are strategizing for conversion rates.

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