01Feb 2022

13 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Value

Every website has value, but many website owners don’t know how to increase website value. It’s important for website owners to understand what increases website value and how sites are evaluated in order to get the best value out of their site.

There are many factors that increase website value. These include:

  • Website traffic – Good website traffic will exponentially increase your site’s value because it proves that people view the site regularly.
  • Website content – Many websites carry links to other sites in their content, which is why good quality relevant content can also increase a website’s value.
  • Website age – Older websites are generally more valuable because they have had time to accumulate good data about their audience.
  • Website usability – Since search engines judge web pages on how well they are designed for user interaction, any functionality that improves the ease of access provides an upside for SEO value.

The following are excellent methods you can employ to increase the value of your website:

Get A Premium Domain Name

Domain names are website addresses, and website owners want to choose short, memorable website names that can easily be associated with what the website provides.

Because premium domain names are shorter than other website names, they’re easier to remember. Short website addresses also enable website owners to include more content on the page without worrying about running into page limits.

Premium domains usually have high value because they can rank quickly in search results pages due to their marketability; since companies like to purchase domain names that match their business name or product line, it creates a second stream of revenue for website owners.

A good method for choosing a premium domain is by using keyword research tools like Market Samurai or WordTracker. These tools will provide you with information on what keywords people are searching for that will help you determine the value of a website.

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Link building with high authority websites

Another way website value can be increased is by doing link building with high authority websites in your industry. There are many tactics for gaining links, but one way which used to work well was to offer to write guest blog posts for websites in return for a link back to your website.

This made a website appear more authoritative and provided value to website visitors looking for information related to the website’s topic area.

Since Google started cracking down on website owners using guest blogging for link building, we’ve seen an increase in website owners opting for press release distribution services instead because they noticed increased website rankings after distribution.

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Increase organic traffic with SEO

One of the best ways website value can be increased is by increasing organic traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are many different strategies that can be used to rank websites well in search engines, but one strategy that works well is to create content, which provides value to website visitors and then distribute this content across relevant high authority websites. It’s worth keeping in mind that localization can also positively affect your SEO and organic results since you are effectively reaching out to more markets.

Content marketing makes an excellent website strategy because website visitors are more likely to trust your website if they’ve received valuable information from it, which in turn will increase website value by increasing the website’s organic traffic.

Improve website usability with site optimization services

One thing website owners often overlook is how well their website is designed for website visitor interaction. Google evaluates web pages based on user experience metrics, so any functionality that makes a website easier to use will provide an upside when it comes to SEO value.

It’s important to realize that having well-designed website navigation and high-quality content doesn’t mean anything if your website visitors can’t easily access or interact with these elements of your website design.

This is why many website owners are turning to site optimization services like SiteHelp. These website services provide website owners with an expert website analysis and website optimization report that recommends website changes that improve website usability.

Although website value can be increased by adding more content or links, these website design changes increase website value in a way, which is faster and less risky than other methods of increasing website value.

Diversify Sources of Website Traffic and Income

One website strategy that will increase website value by diversifying website income sources is to publish content on other website platforms, like Medium.

If the same website owner publishes all of their valuable information on their own website it creates a bottleneck effect where so many website visitors are coming to your website for valuable information that you can’t provide them fast enough.

Publishing your blog posts and website articles on other website platforms allows you to reach more people who need valuable information without taking away from your existing audience, which provides an upside when it comes to SEO value.

Creating social media accounts for your business or blog

Another way website value can be increased is by creating social media accounts for your website because the more popular you are online the better Google likes your website.

Popular website pages tend to rank higher in search engine results because more website visitors are interacting with those website pages, which provides website value as Google evaluates website popularity based on website interactions and website social media signals.

Creating social sharing buttons for your existing website content is one way to increase the amount of traffic you receive from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter and can help improve organic traffic and SEO value over time.

Making ongoing investments in website design updates and website advertising services

Keeping website design fresh so that it continues to attract new visitors also increases website value by making it easier for search engines to crawl your website’s webpages, which helps improve backlinks and overall SEO health over time.

Although this method isn’t as effective as website design and website optimization services in terms of website value, website design changes can be helpful in improving website conversion rates which helps increase website value in a way that isn’t related to SEO value.

Target the Right Keywords

When website owners create website content they need to make sure that website visitors can find it through organic search.

So when website owners add new website content they should target the keywords and key phrases which will attract the most website traffic, which helps increase website value by improving website SEO effectiveness.

Long-tail website keyword phrases tend to be more specific and targeted than short-tailed keywords and provide a better return on investment in terms of website value because there is less competition for these lucrative web pages, which improves backlinks and overall SEO health over time.

Because so many people use Google’s search engine to find what they are looking for all types of online businesses have started reaping the benefits of adding website content, which targets website keywords and website key phrases, not just website owners who use website SEO services.

Deliver Your Content Through a CDN

Another website value-increasing website strategy is to make sure website content is delivered quickly, which can help improve website traffic by avoiding website downtime caused by slow website loading speeds.

To improve website loading times website owners who use WordPress should implement a CDN (content delivery network) in order to deliver website content through data centers around the world instead of just one, which helps increase website value in terms of website speed and overall SEO health.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Another way to increase website value is to make your website mobile-friendly because Google now provides search engine rankings based on how optimized a webpage is for mobile devices.


In many cases, it’s not enough to have a responsive web design if you want to see an increase in organic website value because your website’s rankings will be determined by how well smartphone or tablet website visitors are able to interact with your website content.

Increase Website Worth Through Testimonials and Star Ratings

When website visitors see website testimonials or website star ratings they feel more comfortable making online purchases so website owners who want to increase website value in terms of website conversions should add these types of website features.


The best way to go about this is by using a plugin or website extension which can be added to your website’s contact form through your WordPress admin panel, which will make it easier for website visitors to submit feedback and provide you with information that can help improve existing websites and learn more about what website visitors are looking for in the future.

Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site

Another website value-increasing website strategy website owners should consider is to invite other website owners to write guest posts for your website because when you do, you can connect with them over social media if their website content attracts your website visitors.


When website guests write quality content for your website it helps increase the overall value of your website in terms of backlinks and overall SEO health, which also increases the value of their websites by providing them with more exposure through yours.

Interview Industry Thought Leaders

Another website value-increasing website strategy website owners should consider is to interview industry thought leaders because when you do, you can share it through social media links in your website content.


Website interviews are great for website owners who want to increase website value in terms of website traffic and overall SEO health because they provide unique website content that will attract visitors.

So when website visitors see the latest posts on your website, which includes a link to an interview with someone they have heard about before, their interest level will increase significantly, which improves backlinks and overall SEO health over time.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to increasing website value so business owners should test different website strategies and see how their website responds.

When your website is initially launched, it might take considerable investment to develop in value. The key is consistency and keeping your ultimate goal in mind.

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